Where to find M16 Parts in GTA Online?

The Grand Theft Auto Online Service Carbine, which bears the appearance of a traditional M16 rifle, has become a weapon that is considered to be quite desirable within the game.

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This is in part due to the challenging treasure hunt that you initially had to complete in order to obtain it. The treasure hunt required you to search for randomly spawning GTA Online Crime Scene locations, which then needed to be investigated in order to find sections of the M16.

After that, the M16 could be pieced together into the finished gun. Although that procedure can still be performed, there is now a far simpler way to quickly purchase the M16 rifle without having to jump through hoops.

Therefore, if you want to add the GTA Online Service Carbine to your armory, then we have both of these options described below for you to choose from.

During the time that you are searching for the M16 Service Carbine that is included in the update for GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises, why don’t you take a moment to look at the other new weapons that we have available for you to play with in GTA Online?

One of these new weapons is a brand new Precision Rifle.

How to get the Carbine in the Grand Theft Auto Online

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Unlocking the Grand Theft Auto Online Service Carbine can be accomplished in two distinct ways.

The first method involves going on a treasure hunt to locate five Service Carbine pieces that are dispersed over the area at various crime scenes.

This method is very similar to the manner that you obtained the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online. This is because WildBrick142 was the one who collected the information that was initially datamined from the Grand Theft Auto update files.

Although this approach is free, it does require a significant amount of work and a lot of luck in order to be finished.

The second method of acquiring the Grand Theft Auto Online Service Carbine is, thankfully, far less complicated.

Following an initial period of exclusivity through the treasure hunt, it is now available for purchase directly from Ammu-Nation or the armory at your Agency, if you have that business up and operating.

It comes with the typical accessory options, which include an Extended Clip, Flashlight, Suppressor (which is fitted as standard), Grip, and a variety of Tints.

The original price of this pistol is $370,000, although it may be decreased if you have discounts available.

Carbine parts locations in the GTA Online Service service

GTA online crime scene locations m16 service rifle unlockable 1022x1024 1 Where to find M16 Parts in GTA Online?

In Grand Theft Auto Online, there are a total of ten different crime scenes that you can visit in order to acquire GTA Online Service Carbine parts. These parts will appear at random locations across the island, and they are highlighted on the map as follows:

  • Paleto Bay
  • Grapeseed
  • Alamo Sea
  • Ron Alternatives Wind Farm
  • Chumash
  • West Vinewood
  • La Mesa
  • Del Perro Beach
  • Strawberry
  • Elysian Island

You will be able to tell when you are close to an active GTA Online Service Carbine part location because it will show up on your map as a small blue blip that expands into a circle as you get closer.

This is similar to the random collectibles that you can find in the GTA Online Solomon movie props hunt, as well as the non-player characters that you can meet and interact with. It will be necessary for you to locate five of these crime scenes in order to retrieve all of the Service Carbine components that are available:

  • Barrel
  • Magazine
  • Receiver
  • Scope
  • Sights

Unfortuitously, it appears like this is a matter of trial and error at the moment, which involves going to the various crime sites until they randomly spawn in as active.

It is conceivable to take a helicopter and travel between all of the probable places in a short amount of time; however, there is no assurance that any of these destinations will really emerge.

While some players assert that you must be online for twenty minutes before they begin to spawn, others have stated that they discovered one practically immediately after joining a game.

Additionally, they are known to emerge in sessions that are only accessible to those who have been invited.

Product of the GTA Online LD Organics

It is possible to locate all one hundred of the GTA Online LD Organics Product bags.

An additional method involves selecting a personal Spawn Location that is situated in close proximity to one or more of the prospective crime scenes, initiating a session, and then immediately visiting the location(s) in the vicinity.

If nothing appears, then locate a new session through the Online menu and attempt to play the game once more.

On the other hand, if the wait time of twenty minutes or more before they begin to spawn is accurate, you would be better off remaining in the same lobby for a long so that you may continue to check the various spots at regular intervals.

Remember that if you would rather not go through this process, you may now purchase the Grand Theft Auto Online Service Carbine from Ammu-Nation stores or the armory at your Agency if you already own one.


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