Passive Mode in GTA Online: A Guide

When it comes to expressing the obvious, the fact that Grand Theft Auto Online has had an issue with griefers for a considerable amount of time is comparable to declaring that water is the same as water.

PASSIVE MODE GTA 5 Passive Mode in GTA Online: A Guide

Rockstar is aware of this, and as a result, they plan to implement a significant nerf on the Oppressor MK II flying bike, which is a favorite among griefers, in the Grand Theft Auto Online Summer Update, which is named GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises.

If, on the other hand, you would rather relax and take pleasure in the game without engaging in any kind of fighting, you always have the option to play Grand Theft Auto Online with the Passive Mode off.

If this is something you have never heard of before or if you have only recently begun playing the game, then continue reading because we will explain all you need to know about Passive Mode.

In GTA Online, what exactly is the Passive Mode?

Playing the game in Passive Mode is simply a means to enjoy the game without engaging in any player against player (PVP) related aggressiveness. This includes the numerous objectives and other aspects of the game. In Grand Theft Auto Online, it is presented to new players for the very first time when they die.

As soon as you activate the passive mode, players will be unable to make use of any weapons. In the same vein, it is not feasible to fire at another player when the game is in passive mode.

Any weapons that deliver area damage are unable to harm or kill passive players. Additionally, any weapons that have a lock-on ability, such as the GTA Online Homing Launcher and a variety of Vehicle-Mounted Missiles, are unable to target passive people.

In the event that a player is in passive mode, they will be perceived by all other players as a ghost that is partially translucent. Additionally, when they enter a vehicle, this ghost mode will also be applied to the vehicle.

A Guide to Activating the Passive Mode

PASSIVE MODE GTA Passive Mode in GTA Online: A Guide

The following is a guide that will show you how to activate passive mode in Grand Theft Auto Online if you have had enough of getting murdered and want to enjoy the game without conflict:

  • Launch the menu for your interactions. This menu may be accessed by hitting the M button on a personal computer, by holding down the touch pad on a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, or by holding down the View button on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.
  • The option to “kill yourself” can be found immediately below the “Enable Passive Mode” menu option. Scroll down until you find it.
  • It is also possible for players of Grand Theft Auto Online to activate passive mode by going to the Pause Menu and selecting “Online > Options > Enable Passive Mode.” This is in addition to the Interaction Menu.

Tutorial on How to Disable Passive Mode

It is as simple as following the same procedures that you used when you enabled passive mode in Grand Theft Auto Online to disable passive mode.

  • Open the menu for your interactions.
  • Disable Passive Mode may be found by scrolling down.
  • This is something that can also be done from the GTA Online Pause, to reiterate.
  • “Online > Options > Disable Passive Mode” is the menu that you may access by following this path.

GTA Online Not Functioning in Passive Mode?

There could be a very straightforward explanation for why you are experiencing difficulties with the Passive Mode in Grand Theft Auto Online.

If you kill any other players, the choice to use Passive Mode will be unavailable for the following two minutes. This is the first of the two consequences that will occur.

Similar to the last example, players who manually disable Passive Mode are subject to a cooldown that lasts for five minutes. You can’t keep coming in and going out of the room.

When you are in passive mode, the game has the ability to disable passive mode if you join specific vehicles. This is something that should be taken into consideration.

After a delay of thirty seconds, for example, entering an armed vehicle like the Rhino Tank or the Terrorbyte will cause passive mode to be disabled. It is also not possible for the players to utilize the vehicle guns during this thirty second period.

In a similar manner, certain aircraft, such as the SuperVolito Carbon, Luxor Deluxe, and others, will immediately stop Passive Mode as soon as you step inside the aircraft.

Last but not least, when players are in passive mode, they will not be allowed to participate in Freemode Events or Business Battles. If you attempt to enable it during these events, you will be removed from the event in question.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, that is all the information you want on the Passive Mode.

The links that are provided below will provide you with further useful tips, tactics, and explainers if you are seeking for additional Grand Theft Auto guidelines.


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