GTA Online: A Guide to Hao’s Special Works

A fresh new Auto Shop that goes by the name Hao’s Special Works was featured in the GTA Online releases for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. These video game consoles were released in the year 2015.

These publications were made accessible to the general public for consumption. With the assistance of this Auto Shop, which is located within the LS Car Meet, you will be able to enhance the performance of specific automobiles by making additional improvements to their performance.

At the moment, there are only a handful of automobiles that are capable of meeting the conditions that are essential in order to be eligible for these modifications.

The following page will provide you with a list of the High-Speed Vehicles and Cars that are accessible in Grand Theft Auto Online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X.

GTA how work GTA Online: A Guide to Hao's Special Works

These vehicles and cars can be found in the game. It is generally agreed that these automobiles and vehicles are the most technologically advanced and the quickest of their kind.

According to the Top Speed that they are able to achieve as a direct result of the HSW enhancements that have been implemented, the list is organized in a manner that is decreasing in order. This is done in accordance with the previous sentence.

The addition of a second bar to the acceleration metric happened as a direct consequence of the performance improvements that were made. The addition of these upgrades also makes it possible for automobiles to achieve top speeds that are nothing short of ludicrous.

It has been updated to include all of the qualified HSW vehicles that have been launched up to this point at this point in time, and this list of the fastest HSW Cars in GTA Online has been updated till April 2024.

At the same time, the list has been revised to include the months of April 2024. If further automobiles gain these kinds of one-of-a-kind advancements on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, we will continue to keep this list up to date.

This is something that we will continue to do.

The highest speed that a vehicle is capable of reaching is not the only component that should be taken into consideration when evaluating the overall performance of a vehicle. This is something that is obvious and should be taken into consideration.

By selecting any of the HSW automobiles that are presented in the following list, you will be able to have access to all of the information and data that is associated with that particular vehicle for that particular automobile.

It is also important for you to be aware that the host has the option to prevent HSW mods from being downloaded while competitions are taking place. Due to the fact that it is critically important, this is something that ought to be brought to your attention.

We have successfully carried out an accurate test, and successfully tested the vehicles in order to identify the maximum speeds of the automobiles that are owned by Hao’s Special Works. our test was successful. Throughout the course of the evaluation, the autos were put through a series of significant modifications.

The examination was carried out in a manner that followed a long and straight route. In order to acquire all of the information that is accessible concerning his performances, it is strongly suggested that you take a look at the detailed description of the process that was used to obtain the Top Speed data.

How To Unlock Hao’s Special Works in GTA Online:

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Once the Auto Shop has been unlocked, then and only then will you be able to access the improvements that are available for Hao’s Special Works.

To do this, this is a necessary condition. Only the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S editions of Grand Theft Auto Online have the Auto Shop as a feature.

This is because the Auto Shop is exclusive to those two versions of the game. You will not be able to purchase either of these editions from any other website save the one that contains the game itself.

In the event that you are taking part in Grand Theft Auto Online, you will be contacted by Hao via telephone. This phone call is going to be placed to you. It is strongly suggested that you go to his garage and take part in a Time Trial using one of his HSW customized autos.

This will allow him to evaluate your performance and provide feedback. This is something that he will strongly encourage you to undertake.

You will have a large bit of freedom to complete the Time Trial because it is one of the more fundamental challenges. This will allow you to complete it in a comfortable manner.

When you have completed the Time Trial, you should make it a top priority to sign up for an LS Car Meet membership if you have not done so in the past.

This is especially important if you have not done so in the past. In the event that you have not done so in the past, this is of utmost crucial importance. In the event that you have not done so in the past, you will be able to acquire this item from Mimi directly within the LS Car Meet.

This presents the opportunity to get the object in question.

Hao’s Auto Shop will assume control of the Modding Area of the LS Car Meet once you have successfully completed all of these stages with success.

On the condition that you have successfully completed these procedures, this will take place. As a result of this, you will have the ability to obtain access to further HSW advancements for the Engine, Transmission, Turbo, Brakes, and Suspension, in addition to other upgrades.

This opens up a lot of possibilities for you.

In the case that you are a returning player from PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, it is of the highest significance to bear in mind that you will be provided with a Karin S95 that has been completely upgraded at no additional cost. This is something that you should keep in mind. It is essential that you direct your focus to this particular facet of the situation.

What is the Fastest HSW Vehicle in GTA Online?

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Following the implementation of the “San Andreas Mercenaries” Update, the Italian GTO Stinger TT has been elevated to the position of being the highest-speed vehicle (HSW) in Grand Theft Auto Online. Following the implementation of the update, this accomplishment was accomplished.

A staggering top speed of 168.50 miles per hour is also within its capabilities, making it an impressive vehicle.

The Stinger TT, which is based on a real-life Ferrari Roma, may be purchased from Legendary Motorsport for a price of $2,380,000; however, in order to make it compatible with HSW modifications, you will be forced to pay an additional $1,418,000. The Stinger TT is a model that is based on the Ferrari Roma.

There is a motorcycle that comes in second place when it comes to performance after the Stinger TT. As a result of the proprietary HSW upgrades, the Hakuchou Drag Bike is able to achieve a top speed of 157.50 miles per hour (253.47 kilometers per hour). This achievement is possible because of the bike’s abilities. For a motorcycle, this is the maximum speed that it is capable of reaching.


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