GTA Online: What does a Mobile Operations Center do?

GTA Online continues to try to be the open-world game that allows players to live out their cinematic villain fantasies. It allows players to manage a variety of illicit companies and even go full Bond bad guy at times.

gta 5 moc GTA Online: What does a Mobile Operations Center do?

Players are also able to invest in a Mobile Operations Center, sometimes known as a MOC for short.

There are a lot of people who are confused about what a MOC truly accomplishes in the game, which is a problem because having access to the MOC is excellent because it allows players of GTA Online to wreak havoc in ways that were possible in prior Grand Theft Auto games. Please do not be concerned; we are right here to assist you.

How Does a MOC Function in GTA Online?

With a GTA Online MOC, players have access to a variety of cars that may be modified with weaponry. This offers you the opportunity to go full Twisted Metal or Mad Max on the road, and if you so choose, you can even compete against other players.

The MOC in Grand Theft Auto Online is equipped with a variety of helpful features, and the following is a list of some of the functionalities that players may utilize after they have obtained it:

  • Obtain the Mobile Operations Center’s request.
  • Make sure the mechanic delivers the MOC (at the location that is closest to you).
  • Go back to the storage area.Brings the MOC back to the Bunker.
  • Request a Vehicle for Your Own Use
  • In the event that the trailer is fitted with a car Storage Unit, you should request that the mechanic bring the personal car that is now being kept within the garage. The bay
  • Players should be prevented from entering the Cab Empty Cab.
  • Forcibly remove other players from the cab and the empty trailer. Forcibly remove other players from the trailer.
  • The radio station that will be played in the trailer should be set.

Not only do you have access to all of those instructions, but you also get the opportunity to participate in special MOC tasks, just like you would in any other commercial enterprise in GTA Online.

Be sure that you have been putting money aside because Grand Theft Auto Online demands you to purchase a Bunker before investing in a Military Operations Center, both of which are not exactly inexpensive.


moc gta GTA Online: What does a Mobile Operations Center do?

There are two stands located towards the front of the Mobile Operations Center, side expanded walls with marker lights on the upper side, and side storage bins.

The trailer is represented as having two axles and being of a substantial size. The rear guard rail, side ladders, and tail lights are all derived from the standard Mule, however the ramp door is really derived from the ramp variation of the vehicle that was previously discussed. Nevertheless, in contrast to the Mule, the license plate is situated in the middle of the vehicle.

It is possible to paint the trailer with two different colors, with the primary color being applied to the full body of the trailer and the secondary color being applied to the trim and outlines of the actual box (the portion that does not include the side extensions).

Industrial wheels, which are drawn from the majority of industrial vehicles, such as the Benson and Phantom, are integrated into it.

There are three cannon turrets that may be installed on the trailer. The first turret is a massive frontal one that is located on the front wall of the trailer. The other two turrets are located on the upper rear quarters of the body.

The following automobiles are capable of pulling this trailer:

There is a Barracks Semi-Docktug Hauler Packer Phantom.
A phantom inside of a Wedge Phantom Custom Hauler that is custom-made

The inside of the MOC’s cargo hold is rather spacious, and it has elements like as living quarters, a touch screen, and other assets that the player may acquire. These elements are distributed over three distinct bays. There is a safe entrance located at the front, as well as a ramp door located at the back for exiting. When the ramp door is completely motionless, a blue corona will develop in front of it.

Although the trailer has the ability to accommodate a limited number of players (depending on the assets that are put in the bays), it also has the potential to accommodate standing players across the whole lobby (based on the accessibility rights that the owner has been granted).

Affective capacity

The MOC is added to the player’s Interaction Menu, and it has the ability to be summoned to near* wherever the player is placed. Additionally, it may be sent back to bunker storage whenever the player specifically requests it.

A touch-screen wall-mounted display can be found within the Command Center module. This display provides the player with access to eight Mobile Operations tasks, which may be used to obtain lower rates on Warstock Cache & Carry vehicles or other vehicles.

There are sofas, beds, and chairs available for any player to sit on in the Living Quarters, which are solely designated as entertainment places. It is also possible to change clothing in a wardrobe, which functions in the same manner as the majority of normal property wardrobes. Bay 1 is the only location where it is offered by default; however, Bays 2 and 3 provide additional Living Quarters that can be selected.

There are three control terminals for the turrets that are included in the Command Center option for Bay 1. The front turret is controlled by the terminal on the left side of the vehicle, which is already included with the Command Center option.

The two terminals on the right side of the vehicle control the rear turrets, which are a modification that must be acquired at the Bunker workshop in order to be used with the Man-in-the-Center.


The Weapon Workshop Blips-GTAO-567-GrWUpgrade option for Bay 2 gives the player the ability to upgrade some weapons into Mk II variants and personalize them with a variety of features that are unmatched by other options.

It also comes with a Gun Locker that functions in a manner that is comparable to the one that is found in Offices.

Through the use of the Personal Vehicle Storage option for Bay 3, the player is able to keep a single Personal Vehicle of any kind. Another option is to make a request for the same car through the Interaction Menu, specifically under the “MOC services” heading.

The Weapon & Vehicle Workshop option is located in Bays 2 and 3, and it gives the player access to the same services as the Weapon Workshop option for Bay 2.

Additionally, it gives them the opportunity to modify Weaponized Vehicles, which is not possible with Los Santos Customs or Beeker’s Garage. It is important to note that although the car can be left parked there, it does not function as a save point and will be reverted to its original garage once the player switches sessions or exits the game.

As is the case with the Brickade 6×6, the Terrorbyte, and a number of other vehicles, entering a MOC will immediately rid the player of their desired level, regardless of the number of law enforcement officers present.

It is now possible to play Grand Theft Auto Online on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and personal computers.

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