GTA Online Collectibles: Full list of Collectibles in the game

In Grand Theft Auto Online, collecting collectibles is a fun way to pass the time, and it can also reward players with in-game stuff that is either entertaining or lucrative, such as real-world currency, RP, and other items like apparel.

image GTA Online Collectibles: Full list of Collectibles in the game

Although they have been present in the game for as long as we can recall, the quantity of collectibles available in Grand Theft Auto Online has only increased since the game was first released.

The collectibles are entirely voluntary, which means that you are not required to acquire them; yet, they can be an excellent source of replayability for players who have reached the conclusion of the game.

We have compiled a list of all the collectibles that are available in Grand Theft Auto Online in this post.

Each of the collectible guide articles can be accessed through this article, which acts as a doorway to our specialized guides to the collectibles. This allows you to gather the collectibles.

Dealing with Cards

The Diamond Casino & Resort update included the addition of a special deck of cards known as the Playing Card collectible.

This specialized deck of cards was included in the game. There are 54 playing cards dispersed across the entire area, and if you gather all of them, you will be able to unlock a High Roller costume designed specifically for you.

Action Figures

An additional collection, the Impotent Rage Action Figures, was included after the Diamond Casino & Resort was made available to the public.

There are one hundred action figurines dispersed over the area, and if you gather all one hundred of them, you will be able to unlock a unique superhero outfit that is humorous. For collecting the action figures, you will also receive RP and cash, respectively.

Jammers for Signals

One of the new types of collectibles that was included as part of the Casino Heist update is called Signal Jammers. You are tasked with destroying fifty signal jammers that are located across the city.

If you are successful in destroying all fifty jammers, you will be able to recruit Avi Schwartzman as a new member of the heist crew. Given that Avi is a hacker of expert level, it is likely that he is one of the most skilled hackers.

Peyote bush plants

Not only are these infamous hallucinogens accessible in the game’s story mode, but they have also made their way into Grand Theft Auto Online.

Consuming one of these strange Peyote Plants, which can be found all throughout Los Santos and Blaine County, will allow you to play as a Dog or possibly a Cat. If you have ever desired to achieve this, you can do it by consuming one of these plants.

In comparison to the 27 Peyote Plants that can be found in the narrative mode, there are 76 Peyote Plants in GTA Online.

Props for the Movies in GTA

image 2 GTA Online Collectibles: Full list of Collectibles in the game

As part of the Los Santos Summer update, which included a number of new pieces of content, including an Alien costume, the Movie Props collection was included in the update.

On the other hand, in order to acquire the new costume, you will need to gather a total of ten movie props that are dispersed over the city of Los Santos. As a reward for collecting the props, you will also receive bonus cash and reward points.

Treasure Chests from Shipwrecks

image 1 GTA Online Collectibles: Full list of Collectibles in the game

You can uncover treasure chests in a variety of locations across the globe, and you can find them near to shipwrecks whenever you are exploring the map.

One chest will only appear once every twenty-four hours, which is the catch. To be able to acquire a unique costume known as The Frontier costume, you will need to gather seven chests over the course of seven consecutive days.

On a daily basis, the chest can appear in any one of the thirty different possible spawn spots within the game. Additionally, you will receive RP and cash for each and every chest that you gather.

Antenna Sites

There are eleven antennas that can be found dispersed over the different areas of Los Santos. Collecting all ten of the Antenna collectibles will allow you to access a new radio station that is named Still Slipping Los Santos.

This makes the Antenna collectibles highly interesting. As it pertains to this scenario, the “collection” consists of mending the antennae. When the Cayo Perico Heist upgrade was being implemented, this collectible was included.

Gold Chests on Cayo Perico Island

On the island of Cayo Perico, the scope-out task offers the opportunity to discover two treasure chests on a regular basis.

Although the chests will always appear in the same locations, the order in which they appear each day is absolutely unpredictable. It is possible to acquire these chests on a daily basis for a total of GTA$15,000 and 1,000 RP each chest.

We have a total of 19 spawn places, ten of which are on land and nine of which are underwater.

Media Sticks for Los Santos Tuners

There are a total of four media sticks and one mystery media stick, all of which were included in the update that was released for Los Santos Tuners. Unlocking CircoLoco’s EPs requires collecting all four of them. This means that each EP is connected to a single media stick.

In addition to gaining access to the EPs, you will also receive an additional 1,000 RP for each stick. After you have gathered all of the media sticks, you will be rewarded with a CircoLoco Tee that is unique to you.

As part of the downloadable content for The Contract, Rockstar has included three new media sticks for you to discover and collect. These sticks are similar to the Los Santos Tuners Media Sticks. It is possible to access a new song through the interaction menu of your media player with each media stick that you purchase.

Along with the songs, you will also receive a brand new hoodie that is personal to you.

The LD Organics Product

image 5 GTA Online Collectibles: Full list of Collectibles in the game

An additional collector item, known as LD Organics Product, was introduced with the release of the Criminal Enterprise update. There is a total of one hundred packets dispersed across the entire map.

Following the collection of each parcel, you will receive a reward of $1,000 and 1,000 RP.

A total of $100,000 and 100,000 RP will be awarded to you if you are successful in collecting all 100 packages. This is a fantastic method for gaining levels early on and in the middle of the game.

After delivering all one hundred parcels to Lamar, you will receive a bonus of fifty thousand dollars, a hat, and a t-shirt in addition to the one hundred thousand dollars in cash that you will receive for collecting all one hundred deliveries.


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