20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

In Fate Grand Order, strategy is crucial when choosing between damage-boosting buster attacks, critical-boosting fast strikes, or Noble Phantasm-unlocking arts.

You may do tasks and get benefits by logging in regularly.

But in the end, you need the best heroic spirits by your side if you want to truly succeed, and with over 400 to choose from, it can be difficult.

These are the top ten Fate/Grand Order servants to help you assemble your ideal team!

20. Mashing Kyrielight

Mashing Kyrielight 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Category: Shielder

Lord Camelot is a noble phantasm.

Mash differs from other servants because of a number of unusual circumstances.

She may be acquired right away in story mode, making her far more accessible for levelling than other servants available right now.

She is the only servant in the game to cost 0 points to include in your formation, allowing you to allocate your limited points to other servants and improvements.

She also possesses the rare shielder class, making her neutral in every matchup.

Therefore, her use is justified more by her circumstances than by her personal qualities, but she is still a valuable ally.

Heracles and other berserkers can be kept alive long enough to cause damage because of her excellent defensive upgrades, despite her lacklustre attacking abilities.

19. Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huang 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Type: Ruler

Noble Phantasm: The Start of Domination

Ruler class members often have strong endurance, but Qin stands out among them in a large part to his superb Noble Phantasm.

It increases his critical rate and damage, renders him invulnerable for one turn, and concentrates opposing fire on him.

Qin gives an amazing wall that deals reasonable damage when combined with his strong Eternal Reign skill, which raises his NP gauge, expunges debuffs, and repairs HP.

Since his effects primarily benefit him, you might choose to replace other allies that die with him as a sub-member since he excels on his own.

18. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

the Assassin class

Maria the Ripper is a noble phantasm.

Assassins don’t produce as much damage as other classes, but they have other advantages. For Jack, it’s her unmatched critical-star accumulation, which is unquestionably the best in the game.

Quick chains with her can amass over 40 of these, effectively ensuring criticals for your squad the following turn.

Jack is a useful boss killer despite favouring rapid strikes over artistic skills since she quickly builds up her NP metre.

This is especially true of female servants, who are subject to additional damage from her NP Maria; hence, depending on the gender of your target, you might wish to switch in and out Jack as a servant.

17. Achilles

Achilles 1 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Type: Rider

Troias Tragidia is a noble phantasm.

Achilles has an early advantage due to his naturally strong base stats because he is both a powerhouse and a tank.

He excels at making quick attacks, and since he hits several times, his Diatrekhn Astr Lonkh skill quickly fills his NP gauge.

This enables him to use Troias, a brutal ultimate that blasts all adversaries, quickly and repeatedly.

On defence, Achilles uses Andreos Amárantos, a weapon that grants him momentary invincibility and then improves defence.

The Greek hero doesn’t have many limitations; like other horsemen, he is weaker versus archers (as befits his infamous Achilles’ heel) but strong against casters, which we’ll see a lot of in the near future.

16. Nero Claudius (Bride)

Nero Claudius 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Type: Saber

Fax Caelestis, a noble phantasm

Nero Bride, which should not be confused with her other forms, functions as both a valuable support group and a terrifying damage-dealer.

Her abilities are useful buffs that improve NP gain, crit stat drops, attack, and defence, but only one ally is affected by them.

She can swiftly access her impressive Caelestis ultimate, which deals enormous damage to one adversary while also dealing burn, lowered defence, and decreased crit rate if she decides to increase her own NP gauge.

She can blend in effectively with almost any squad thanks to her adaptability, like Achilles.

15. Altria Pendragon(Archer)

Altria Pendragon 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Type: Archer

Noble Phantasm: Viviane Excalibur

Fans may scoff at the concept of servant types dressed in beachwear, but Altria’s archer form demonstrates that they may be just as proficient, if not more so. Altria, like Nero, excels at being both a support and a damage dealer.

This is especially true given her amazing capacity to recycle her Noble Phantasm, which hits a single enemy, lowers their NP gauge, and, if supercharged, partially refills her own.

She is also a good team player because of her talents, which boost everyone else’s attack, defence, and artistic effectiveness and increase her NP earnings.

My only quibble is that Beach House Protection, the healing talent she uses, lowers her NP gauge, but it is a minor criticism of an otherwise excellent unit.

14. Tamamo-no-Mae

TAMAMO. 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Type: Lancer

Noble Phantasm: Amaterasu’s Eightfold Blessing

Tamamo is thinking specifically about the arts-based teams that will enable her to consistently use her Noble Phantasm.

When overcharged, it offers significant team-wide healing benefits, shorter skill cooldowns, and higher NP metres. You can quickly unleash and employ the Noble Phantasms of your trio when combined with her Fox Blessing skill, which for three turns improved an ally’s arts efficacy.

On buster and rapid groups, Tamamo is less beneficial, but when she’s in her element, she’s unquestionably one of the best heroic spirits in the game.

13. Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II)

Zhuge Liang. El Melloi II 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Type: Caster

Unreturning Formation: A Noble Phantasm

This powerful servant, whose adaptable buffs energize any team, is assumed by Waver Velvet.

His two talents increased defense, attack, and NP meter have an impact on the entire team.

Additionally, Zhuge’s own NP is quite great; it does not provide direct damage but instead inflicts damage over time via a curse, lowers defense, reduces enemy NP charge, and has a chance to stun for a turn.

The only thing that Zhuge lacks is healing, but as long as an ally is able to supply it, he makes great support for lengthy matches.

12. Scathach-Skadi

Scathach Skad 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Type: Caster

Gate of Skye, a noble phantasm

Scathach doesn’t do much damage alone, but she makes up for it with incredible support focused on rapid strikes and NP boosting.

Her Primordial Rune talent greatly improves the rapid strength and critical damage of allies, increasing their offensive output.

While Allfather’s Wisdom significantly increases the NP gauge of any ally, Shivering Blizzard sharply reduces enemy crit rate and defence.

This can be used on Scathach herself to activate Gate of Skye rapidly.

Although it does no actual damage, it grants the entire team critical strength, evades, and death immunity, which makes it very dangerous.

11. Magnus

Magnus 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Type: Caster

Garden of Avalon: A Noble Phantasm

The renowned tutor of King Arthur lives up to his reputation and then some, offering incredible assists, particularly to teams that focus on busters.

His first two skills provide friends temporary invincibility as well as increased attack, critical rate, critical damage, NP refills, and critical rate—everything an aggressive unit could want.

10. Hajime Saito

Saber.Saitou.Hajime.full .3360891 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

In Fate/Grand Order, Saito Hajime has a 4-star sabre. He is a legendary swordsman who can do the most damage.

Formlessness, a lovely phantom of Hajime, is undoubtedly potent.

It is just there to set up his big criticals, which are his main source of harm. Freely Drawn Sword, Hajime’s first skill, and Invincible Sword, his third talent, set up massive arts criticals that can take out any boss.


VAN GOGH 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

In addition to being a fantastic artist in real life, Vincent Van Gogh also appears in FGO as a young trickster and enigmatic 5-star foreigner.

Van Gogh’s majestic phantasm, “Starry Night,” serves as a strong foundation for them.

Van Gogh is the ideal support for Hokusai or Guifei since Starry Night not only buffs critical damage for friends and buffs critical damage for foes, but it also improves the critical damage of champions with “Existence Outside the Domain.”

8. Spring Kiara

Spring Kiara 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

One of the most anticipated elements of the impending summer event is Summer Kiara, along with Sigfried’s beach attire and Bryndhilde’s summer shape.

Kiara’s biggest selling point is her talent “Mermaid’s Flesh,” which builds stacks that make her other skills more effective.

This indicates that Kiara becomes stronger after a few turns of building up, and her improved “Clam Palace” skill’s “Clam Mandala” noble phantasm causes enormous damage to foes who have been boosted.

7. Gong Tai Wang

Rider.Taigong.Wang .full .3547709 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Famous Chinese tactician Tai Gong Wang had a high level of intelligence. He is a five-star rider in FGO who prefers to play with quick cards.

Due to his playstyle, Gong Wang can serve as a secondary DPS and secondary support for Rapid teams that don’t want to utilise two Skadi, or he can serve as the primary DPS in a typical Skadi team because of his respectable noble phantasm and his active and passive quick buffs.

6. Himiko

Himiko.600.70117 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

One of the best Buster-card supports and bursts in the entire game is the 5-star Ruler, who is mastered by Himiko in a unique form of magic called Kido.

Himiko’s third ability, Oracle’s Brilliance, enables her to use her Buster cards to cause a single brave chain of terrible damage with her noble phantasm.

Players typically prefer another harmful character to accompany Himiko’s Buster-buffing noble phantasm after the initial brave chain burst.

5. Morgan

Morgan 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

The king of the other Avalon that Mash and his crew visit in the main tale are Morgan le Fae, one of Artoria’s principal adversaries in both FGO and the original mythology.

After the release of Avalon in FGO English, players should think about summoning Morgan because she is precisely the kind of antagonist the heroes would want to cooperate with.

Because of her virtuous phantasm “Roadless Camelot,” Morgan is a secondary DPS with support skills who can help slay bosses and mobs alike.

4. Doman

CasterAshiyaDoumanStage1 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

One of the key adversaries of the “Cosmos in the Lostbelt” narrative is Ashiya Doman, a 5-star Alter Ego. His deck is support-focused and compatible with many kinds of cards.

Doman is a wonderful video game antagonist with a kit that, combined with his abilities “Dark Karma” and “Curse of Doman,” grants servants of Chaotic Evil generally respectable benefits. Doman, another theme-related support, is one of the game’s most effective boss-killing teams when combined with characters like Kama and Vlad III.

3. Oberon

Pretender.Oberon.full .3412322 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

One of the strongest Buster-themed characters in the game is the 5-star impostor Oberon from Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

End of a Dream, Oberon’s most famous move, is maybe the strongest offensive support move in the entire game.

Oberon can handle both boss and mob engagements by himself with the help of a significant Buster and noble phantasm buff, turning even a subpar carry into an absolute monster with just one skill.

2. Muramasa

Muramasa 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Muramasa is a 5-star Saber and a master swordsman who ranks among the best in the entire game.

Shirou Emiya, the protagonist of the Fate/ series and the mentor of one of the best swordsmen in anime, Artoria, is reimagined as Muramasa.

Muramasa surpasses his previous heroic spirit owing to “Baseless Blade Works,” a very overpowered AoE noble phantasm that, unfortunately, when combined with Caster Artoria, makes him perhaps the best AoE DPS in the game.

1. Artoria Caster

Artoria Caster 20 Best-Star Servants In Fate Grand Order

Saber, one of the best female anime characters, is changed into Castoria, a witch instead of a knight. Everyone agrees that the 5-star Caster is the best support in the game.

Castoria’s first two skills are immensely potent batteries for her allies’ noble phantasms, but her third skill’s Arts-card buff is what makes her money.

She is the best support for facilitating farming and boss kills equally because “Holy Sword Creation” grants 1-turn invincibility while boosting Arts effectiveness by 50% for a staggering 3 turns.

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