GTA 5: How to register as a VIP or CEO in Grand Theft Auto Online

Players in Grand Theft Auto Online have access to a wide range of criminal jobs, however most of the time, in order to establish a criminal organization and do those different responsibilities, you’ll need to be a CEO or MC President.

VIP GTA 5 GTA 5: How to register as a VIP or CEO in Grand Theft Auto Online

In GTA Online, for instance, a CEO or MC President may buy other companies, which opens up new tasks, cars, and eventually more methods to generate money. To buy or modify Clubhouses, Bunkers, Hangars, Facilities, Nightclubs, Arcades, and Auto Shops, you must be a CEO or MC President.

However, you’ll require a sizable sum of money to advance to the position of CEO or MC President in GTA Online. Fortunately, you may always choose to register as a VIP instead if you don’t have that much money. However, what distinguishes a CEO from a VIP in Grand Theft Auto Online, and how much does being a VIP cost?

Before you sign up as a VIP in GTA Online, we’ll go over everything you need to know in this article.

How To Join GTA Online‘s VIP Program

You need to have $50,000 in your bank account in order to sign up as a VIP in GTA Online. Once you get the money, do the following:

  • Launch the Interaction Menu for the game.
  • After swiping down, choose “SecuroServ.”
  • Choose “Become a VIP Member.”
  • Now type the name of your organization into the menu. The name can have up to 15 characters, with “an organization” serving as the default.
  • Press Enter to create a VIP account.

Once you have successfully enrolled as a VIP, SecuroServ will send you the following message:

We appreciate you signing up as a VIP with SecuroServ. Enlist your Protection Detail right now to enjoy the advantages of always having a group of armed bodyguards at your disposal. But what happens now? Naturally, getting an office on will help you grow your business! As a CEO, you’ll get access to a variety of privileges, including special vehicle work, vehicle cargo, and special cargo.

How Much Time Does GTA Online’s VIP Status Last?

A player’s VIP status will endure for four (real time) hours after they obtain it. Your VIP timer is not decreased by time spent on jobs or heists.

There is a 12-hour cooling-off time once your four hours are over before you may sign up for GTA Online as a VIP once more.

Why Am I Unable to Set Up My GTA Online VIP Account?

You might not be able to sign up for GTA Online’s VIP registration for a few different reasons.

The most obvious explanation for your inability to register as a VIP is that your bank account does not contain the necessary $50,000.

Alternatively, it’s possible that you need to wait a little while longer because the 12-hour cool-down time hasn’t ended.

The last option is that there are already too many VIPs in your freemode session. A session may only have a maximum of 10 VIPs at any given time.


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