5 of the best armored vehicles in GTA Online

You can get out of certain tricky situations in Grand Theft Auto Online with the assistance of armored cars.

all about how to play gta 5 online in 2021 5 of the best armored vehicles in GTA Online

The presence of an armored vehicle will significantly improve your chances of survival, regardless of whether you are being pursued by law enforcement or by other players in the game.

Players of Grand Theft Auto Online have access to a large number of armored cars; however, it is not well recognized that there are in reality a variety of distinct forms of vehicle armor.

There are three different degrees of armor that may be found on vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online. Using only firearms, it is possible for regular automobiles to catch fire with relative ease.

The second category consists of armored vehicles that are effective against bullets but will be destroyed as soon as a missile is fired at them. Due to the fact that these vehicles are able to withstand numerous missile hits before exploding, the last type is the one that you would like to get in the game.

Pros and drawbacks are associated with every vehicle. Some are quite effective against missiles but not very effective against bullets, some are incapable of dealing with missiles, and some are able to take damage but are not very quick.

There is always another vehicle that may be used to counter the one that players favor, so it is important for players to make an informed decision about whatever vehicle they choose. In addition, in order to assist you in making that choice, we have selected 5 armored vehicles that you should investigate.

5. The barrage

barrage gta 5 of the best armored vehicles in GTA Online

Two turrets are included in this all-terrain vehicle, which is also quick and highly durable. It may not be one of the most well-protected vehicles in the game, but it is one of the most enjoyable to operate. It has the ability to accommodate four players at a time.

Despite the fact that it is incapable of withstanding missiles, it offers adequate protection against gunfire.

Due to the fact that the front of the car does not have adequate protection, the driver is the most susceptible to injury. The Warstock Cache & Carry is offering it for sale at a price of $2,121,350, which is equivalent to $1,595,000 (Trade price).

4. Insurgent Pick-Up Custom

Insurgent Pick Up Custom 5 of the best armored vehicles in GTA Online

This nine-person vehicle is arguably one of the greatest ways to travel for a large group of people all at once. Despite the fact that it has a huge body, this vehicle is reasonably quick; nonetheless, it is not very comfortable when it comes to making tight corners.

Even after undergoing a comprehensive overhaul, the vehicle is capable of withstanding up to 26 homing missiles or 8 RPGs. Keep in mind that the huge windows on the vehicle are not bulletproof, so you should use caution if you are being pursued by gunners.

Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with a machine gun, which can be used to defend itself against motorcycles and other lighter vehicles.

After The Humane Labs Raid, players have the opportunity to purchase the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up from Warstock Cache & Carry for a price of $1,795,000 and $1,350,000 respectively. After that, it can be transformed into the Pick-Up Custom at the Mobile Operations Center or the Avenger workshop for a price of $202,500 for the conversion.

3. Brickade 6×6

Brickade 6×6 gta 5 of the best armored vehicles in GTA Online

In Grand Theft Auto Online, this armored mobile laboratory is a modified version of the Brickade that is utilized as an Acid Lab. However, this automobile is not particularly useful for making hasty escapes.

In order to keep other players from destroying the city, it is a good idea to have the ability to avoid them.

The vehicle is equipped with an exceptionally high durability factor, which enables it to withstand 47 homing missiles. The only thing that it is unable to endure is the Orbital Cannon, but then again, who can blame it?

The vehicle does not have any direct weapons added to it; nevertheless, it does have a significant amount of ramming strength, which allows it to force big cars out of the way while driving around Los Santos.

2. Armored Imani Tech Cars

Armored Imani Tech Cars 5 of the best armored vehicles in GTA Online

The Armored Imani Tech Cars, which are similar to civilian vehicles but have been updated with armor plate, provide a defense system that is concealable while yet being quite effective.

As a result of their capacity to carry up to twelve homing missiles, these vehicles are the most advanced and fastest vehicles that are equipped with missile protection.

The one-of-a-kind Imani improvements, such as the homing missile lock-on jam, further enhance their defensive capabilities. As a result, conventional homing rockets are rendered worthless when used against these enhanced civilian vehicles.

1. Mobile Operation Center (MOC)

Mobile Operation Center MOC gta 5 of the best armored vehicles in GTA Online

There is a modular semi-trailer known as the Pegasus Mobile Operations Center that can be purchased at the Warstock Cache & Carry for the price of $1,225,000 and the trade price of $2,790,000 respectively.

Due to the fact that it is capable of carrying 68 homing missiles or 22 RPG rockets, this armored vehicle is the most powerful one in the game.

When equipped with three cannon turrets, which may be attached to the front wall of the trailer, as well as two smaller turrets on the top rear quarters of the body, this vehicle is capable of being employed tactically for offensive purposes.


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