Genshin Impact: Best Rosaria Build

Using Rosaria as a physical damage dealer and all of her skills in Genshin Impact, here’s how you give out divine vengeance as her.

Is it possible to find the optimum build for the Genshin Impact Rosaria? Genshin Impact 1.4 added this character to the roster, a four-star Cryo-based character who specializes in chilly DPS.

Rosaria has been a playable character in Genshin Impact for a long time.

So, what’s the best Genshin Impact Rosaria build to go with this weapon right now?

In Mondstadt, the large village with enormous windmills that you first come across in Genshin Impact, she is a member of the Church of Favonius.

In addition, she appears to be self-centered and refuses to participate in choir practice because she finds it tedious.

That being said, this pale nun has some impressive fighting abilities and is capable of dealing all the Cryo-based Genshin Impact element damage you’ll need.

While she may not be the finest DPS, Rosaria will be a terrific addition to any squad in need of some extra Cryo damage, so we’ve put up the best Genshin Impact Rosaria build for you to make use of her cold abilities.

Best Genshin Impact Rosaria build

It would be stupid not to mention Rosaria’s iconic weapon, the Dragonspine Spear when discussing the finest Rosaria build.

Since her base attack and physical damage bonus are both high, she’s capable of dealing out some serious punishment when she uses this weapon.

Once a normal or charged attack is made by Rosaria, the Frost Burial perk will drop an Everfrost Icicle on top of the enemy.

If Rosaria’s attack stat is 80 percent, this normally hits. If, on the other hand, the enemy is under the influence of the Cryo element, Rosaria’s assault will do 200 percent more damage.

As long as you use Cyro-based strikes before the effect happens, you can get the most damage out of it.

The Skyward Spine is an excellent choice as well. In order to increase her critical rate, she can utilize her elemental talent a lot more frequently with this spear.

In addition, its secondary action increases the critical rate by a minimum of 8% and up to 16%.

When she unleashes a charged attack, it also generates an AoE effect. If she’s going to be using her charged attack a lot, this is a huge help.

Instead of the Dragonspine Spear, there are more affordable options like the Halberd. An additional 160% to 3200% normal attack damage is dealt with every 10 seconds as a result of this.

Crescent Pike is another option for increased physical damage, as every elemental ball or particle she picks up increases regular and charged attack damage by 20% for five seconds.

To maximize the attack bonuses from the Staff of Homa, you must be at or below 50% health in order to employ it to its best potential.

The four-piece Berserker set is a good choice for Rosaria, who relies on critical hits. It increases her critical hit rate by 12 percent and an additional 24 percent when her health is below 70%.

As a polearm user, she benefits from the Gladiator’s Destiny set, which boosts her attack and damage by 18% and 35%, respectively.

This set can be used as a combination with the Martial Artist for increased normal and charged attack power, or as a four-piece set for an additional 25 percent boost to these strikes when she performs an elemental skill for eight seconds.

The Bloodstained Chivalry two-piece set and the Gladiator’s Destiny two-piece set are good options if you like a physical attacker.

Genshin Impact Rosaria abilities

Genshin ImpactBestRosaria Build Genshin Impact: Best Rosaria Build

Normal attack – Spear of Worship

  1. Using a polearm, the character can strike up to five times in a row.
  2. Inflict damage on any adversaries in your path with a lunging charge attack. Stamina has used up.
  3. When Rosaria hits the ground, she inflicts wide-ranging damage. Even her enemies will suffer as a result of her attacks.

Elemental Skill: Ravaging Confession

Attacks with her polearm, inflicting Cryo damage on the target as she moves behind them. It is only effective against adversaries that are the same size or smaller as Rosaria.

Elemental Burst: Rites of Termination

Rosaria attacks using her polearm and an ice lance to cut the enemies in her path. Cryo damage is dealt with by both attacks. This Cryo-damaging blast of icy air can be used when the ice lance is active.

Rosaria Constellations

  1. Rosaria’s normal attack damage and attack speed are both increased by 10% for the next four seconds when she scores a critical hit by the monstrous revelation.
  2. The Ice Lance generated by Rites of Termination can now be used for an additional four seconds in Land Without Promise.
  3. The Sacrament of Penance: The level of Ravaging Confession is increased by three (to a maximum of 15).
  4. Amazing Disgrace: Rosaria’s energy is replenished five times by critical hits from Ravaging Confession. Ravaging Confession can only be activated once per user.
  5. The Rites of Termination are raised by three levels in this state of extreme unction (to a maximum of 15).
  6. A divine vengeance, the attack of Rites of Termination reduces the physical resistance of opponents by 20% for 10 seconds.

Rosaria passive talents

  1. In the darkness, the movement speed of the party members increased by 10%. (18:00-6:00). Not compatible with Domains, Trounce Domains, Spiral Abyss, or any other passive talent that has the same effect.
  2. For five seconds, Rosaria’s critical hit rate rises by 12% when she strikes an adversary from behind with Ravaging Confession.
  3. Using Rites of Termination: The Shadow Samaritan For 10 seconds, everyone in the group save Rosaria has their critical hit rate increased by 15% of Rosaria’s critical hit rate. There is a limit to the critical hit rate boost that can be acquired in this manner.

That concludes our look at the greatest Rosaria Genshin Impact builds. Check out our Genshin Impact tier list if you’re curious about which characters are the most powerful.

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