Genshin Impact: Elements Guide

Find out about all of the elemental reactions and resonance bonuses you can use to inflict maximum harm on your enemies.

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No matter how long you’ve been playing Genshin Impact or how much you’ve fallen in love with the gorgeous world of Teyvat, there are a few important battle elements that you’ll want to keep in mind when embarking on your journey.

According to the legend, Genshin Impact has seven gods, each of whom presides over a different elemental domain.

There are seven elements in Genshin Impact: Pyro, Geo, Dendro, Cryo, Electro, and Anemo (wind and lightning) (water).

The Traveler, on the other hand, can employ Anemo, Geo, or Electro depending on the situation.

You can unleash devastating elemental reactions on your opponents by combining Genshin Impact components in battle.

When putting together your Genshin Impact team, it’s crucial to think about how these pieces will work together.

Your team’s elemental affinities combine to create Elemental Resonance bonuses, which can provide a variety of benefits depending on how many characters of the same type you have in your party.

Genshin Impact’s elements and the elemental combos they allow you to create are detailed below.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions

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For example, when two or more elemental statuses combine, either by switching between characters and attacking with complementing elemental damage or by exploiting the surroundings to your advantage.

The use of Electro attacks to electrocute foes in water is one such example.

You can improve your character’s Elemental Mastery attribute by wearing Genshin Impact artifacts or some Genshin Impact weapons, which increase the damage from elemental reactions.

High-level characters should be used to trigger these reactions, as their character level has an impact on their damage and duration.

The following are the elements’ reactions to Genshin Impact:

  1. Anemo + Cryogenic, Hydro, Electro, or Pyrotechnic Swirl
  2. In the event that an Anemo assault hits one of these components, the Swirl will be created, which will distribute the element over a greater region and do area damage.
  3. Geo + Cryo, Electro, Hydro, or Pyro all work to crystallise.
  4. If you use a Geo attack on one of these elements it will drop a Crystal, which may be picked up and used as a shield that protects against that element’s damage.
  5. Pyro-Electric “Overload”
  6. A massive AoE explosion of Pyro damage is created by combining Electro and Pyro damage in any combination.
  7. Electro-Cryogenic Superconductivity
  8. Electro and Cryo strikes can be combined in any order to deal area-of-effect Cryo damage to foes and weaken their physical defense by 50%.
  9. Electro-Charge is a combination of electromagnetism and hydrodynamics.
  10. Electro damage is dealt twice to the target when these two elements combine before bouncing across all characters who are wet in an AoE.
  11. With pyrotechnics and cryogenics, melt
  12. When Pyro is attacked with a Cryo attack, the Melt effect deals 1.5x more Cryo damage; when Cryo is attacked with a Pyro attack, Melt deals 2x more Pyro damage.
  13. Pyro + Hydrogen
  14. Vaporise deals 1.5 times as much Pyro damage to Hydro if one is used against it.
  15. Vaporise does twice as much damage if Hydro is cast on Pyro.
  16. A combination of cryo and hydro
  17. Hydro’s Cryo can freeze targets, preventing them from moving or attacking.
  18. Claymore attacks on frozen enemies do 20% more physical damage as a result of Freeze’s level-dependent duration and the character who activated the effect.
  19. With Dendro and Pyro
  20. Dendro’s Burning effect is activated when a Pyro attack is cast on it, and foes absorb 2.5x the Pyro attack’s damage over time as damage.

Genshin Impact elemental resonance

Resonance benefits for Genshin Impact elements are as follows:

  1. Flames of Fury – Pyro + Pyro Reduces Cryo’s duration by 40% and increases attack power by 25%.
  2. Hydro + Hydro = a soothing water
  3. Lessened by Pyro’s effects by 40% Increases the amount of healing that comes in by 30%.
  4. Anemo + Anemo’s Impetuous Winds
  5. It uses 15 percent less Stamina than before.
  6. Increases movement speed by 10% and reduces skill cooldown time by 5%.
  7. High Voltage – Electro + Electro Affected by Hydro for 40% shorter time than normal voltage.. An Electro Elemental Particle can be generated by any of the following conditions: Superconduct, Overloaded, or Electro-Charged (with a five-second cooldown).
  8. Increases resilience to interruption with Enduring Rock (Geo + Geo) technology.
  9. Increases attack damage by 15% when shielded by a shield.
  10. Any four distinct elements can serve as a protective canopy.
  11. Resistance to all elements, as well as physical resistance, was boosted by 15%.

If you’ve mastered the Genshin Impact aspects, it’s possible that you’ll want to reorganize your party.

While our list of the finest Genshin Impact starting character builds will help you get the most out of your team’s first lineup, our Genshin Impact tier list will assist you to decide which characters to field.

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