Do Marinette And Adrien Get Together?

Warning: It contains spoilers to season 3 of Miraculous Ladybug for Chat Blanc and the following episodes. 

However, don’t worry! 

This article will provide an explanation of what’s to come for Marinette as well as Adrien. 

At the very least, major theories have been circulating since the beginning of the show and have been confirmed by the show’s creators.

I decided to re-watch every episode I had not seen and thoroughly was enjoying them until I realized spoilers of Chat Blanc, as well as Feliz, were out. 

When I saw that there was an English dub I jumped at the chance and devoured the episode before breaking into tears. 

Before I dive into the details and the reasons why this series has made me cry as well as Marinette or Adrien’s fate I thought it would be nice to briefly mention some things I liked in this particular episode (Chat Blanc).


“It’s bigger on the inside.” Thank you for the Doctor Who reference.

Now, on to the anger…

To begin, I’d prefer to see the Gorilla be Adrien’s Father rather than Gabriel in this article since I’m still angry from the show Chat Blanc. 

He was so concerned for Adrien that he let her pursue Marinette and a number of occasions throughout the show have allowed Adrien to go out with his friends.

There’s also more frustration. Since our precious sunshine kid hasn’t been able to live an easy time. We always wanted to know why the kid didn’t become a supervillain, and this time we could observe his character as such.

I’m talking about, Plagg being the Kawami of destruction. But dang…I’m happy that he’s not our Adrien.

As Chat Blanc was in the room, he was wary to use his power on Marinette/Ladybug.

Take a look at a screenshot idea from the episode below. Credit goes to familyagrestefanblog for putting together this first. They’ve put it well.

The first thing to note is that I hate Gabriel Agreste. My solution to their timeline to ensure that Marinette and Adrien can be together would be to murder the guy. 

Perhaps throw him in space along with trash, similar to what the Mayor attempted to in an earlier episode. But not with garbage, Gabriel.

In “The Gorilla”, when the character threw Adrien off the roof and threw Adrien into the air, he was shown as being at least worried, fervently hoping that his son would turn to Chat Noir (which was merely an idea in the moment, which is why he decided to try the theory out).

However, what happens when He discovers that his son actually is Chat Noir, however, not only does he utilize to gain his own advantage, however, he also appears as a cold-blooded villain his child who was born. He profiteers from his discoveries. It’s pure evil.

Should Marinette and Adrien End Up Together?

Marinette And Adrien 1 Do Marinette And Adrien Get Together?

“I would wish to fix everything so we can be in love again!” Do you think that the hashtag #chatblanc is a canonical Yandere

Well, yeah. After all the things it went through, it’s enough to cause anyone to become one.

Okay, I’m all for being together. The show’s creators have confirmed they are in the canon and that they will be together by the conclusion of the show(whether it’s Season 5 or season 6 we’re not certain). 

In the most recent episode of Chat Blanc, viewers were shown one possible scenario of what might occur in the event that Adrien discovered the truth first. 

It almost destroyed the timeline. Because of the stupid Gabriel Agreste. 

Seriously, shouldn’t they take him out?

Okay, so murder isn’t right. I’m all for leaving him in jail, however, I’d like them to take action before Adrien will be get hurt again. 

In one episode the actor was evicted and found out that his mother lived in the home as well as his father of who was Hawkmoth. This is why he was broken.

He deserves a happy conclusion!

I’m talking about, look at the way he looked at Marinette. MARINETTE Not just Ladybug. They were perfect. They were everything we wanted for them to be. Hawkmoth was forced to leave and completely ruin it. 

Nathalie isn’t completely clear as well. She’s the person who told Gabriel to tell him that his son is Chat Noir. She could be great in martial arts, but she’s a turd who must be left Adrien to her own devices.

It’s a good thing that this is only Season 3. Season 5 is confirmed, and there was even the possibility of a Season six. That means they’ll have plenty of time to unite naturally. 

Thomas Astruc has confirmed that Marinette and Adrien will become one ( without any obvious incident) at when the final episode of the series and we’ll need to trust this. 

We’re sure there will be a surprise that doesn’t make us cry. While waiting I’m crying and reading fanfiction to ease the sadness.

Two confirmed sources show Adrien Marinette and Adrien Marinette will meet and will be at the end of the game.

Have you seen this show? What do you think? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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