21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is undoubtedly the first game that springs to mind when discussing those who construct cities.

It’s now the greatest in the genre, according to the vast majority of critics.

Colossal Order has succeeded in making a game that is unequaled in scale, with the primary goal of being able to mimic a metropolis with a million individual residents.

With so many tools at your disposal, it’s difficult to resist using your imagination to plan and run your own city.

The developers even went a step further by allowing compatibility for modding.

As might be expected, the community has been working hard and has produced hundreds and thousands of mods, essentially enabling anything with Cities: Skylines.

Where do you even begin, then?

Well, I’ve already looked through what’s available to give you my list of the top 50, in my opinion.

Look around, I’m confident you’ll discover something you like.

21. Building anarchy

45 building anarchy mod 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

You should install Building Anarchy if you want to have more influence over where buildings are placed.

Having a predetermined set of conditions before being able to place structures is rather typical among city builders.

Some structures must be located close to highways or are designed to be situated by bodies of water.

Structure Anarchy lets you modify the prerequisites for every building, giving you total freedom over placement modes.

A football stadium in the middle of a lake sounds appealing.

Yes, of course.

20. Locate It!

44 find it mod 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

Finding things in the community is another thing to be on the lookout for.

It can be challenging to locate specific items quickly in a big metropolis crowded with people, structures, cars, and even decorations.

Fortunately, Find It!

A straightforward mod that enhances the game’s search capabilities and adds functionality.

The mod begins by scanning each asset in your city and assigning tags based on the asset’s title, description, and other crucial information.

In order to make things easier to track, it then creates a database of all current assets.

Useful, I assume?

19. Watch It!

43 watch it mod 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

Another excellent quality-of-life mod is Watch It!, which allows you to quickly view important statistics.

It provides you with a kind of taskbar where you can get quick summaries of critical management statistics like water, power, education, and rubbish.

It not only displays the information in a menu, but also provides a color-coded visual depiction of each statistic’s current situation.

Accounting employee Ted would adore this.

Additionally, after installation, this mod is actually incredibly simple to use.

For fast macro glimpses at how your city is doing, it will undoubtedly be useful.

18. Bulldoze It!

42 bulldoze it mod cities skyline 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

You will undoubtedly experience natural calamities during the course of your city’s existence. When it occurs, everything is possible.

Additionally, if a structure is destroyed, it could eventually become outdated and be abandoned.

This can be a headache since, for starters, they still take up space even though they can no longer be used.

Other than that, they really don’t do anything to improve the appearance of your city.

You can have abandoned or demolished buildings automatically removed from your city using Bulldoze It!

You can even specify which buildings are eliminated, how regularly, and whether or not historical buildings should be saved with the mod’s customizable options.

Automation is the way to go.

17. Longer Public Transport UI

41 extended traffic mod 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

Public transit undoubtedly plays a significant part in your community, no matter where you live in the world.

Public transportation is a crucial function that a city must offer in order for its residents to get around, and Cities: Skylines is no exception.

With a streamlined layout, you can much more easily manage bus and train lines within your city.

With just one click, you can quickly access passenger and vehicle details for any chosen route.

16. Additional Gardening Tools

40 extra landscaping tools 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

The Extra Landscaping Tools mod is a must-have if you’re looking for more methods to alter the appearance and feel of your city.

You can alter trees, water, topography, and other natural resources with the help of this mod.

With the addition of size and strength settings, brush tools now let you choose both the size of the impacted area and its level of impact.

This makes it much easier to complete tasks quickly and to precisely design the terrain.

The capability to undo actions is another fantastic feature this brings.

You can’t help but click somewhere occasionally without meaning to.

To address this, there ought to be a quick undo button, but shockingly, the default game does not provide you with that choice.

15. Surface Painter

39 surface painter mod cities skylines 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

With the Surface Painter plugin, the Extra Landscaping Tools mod can be improved even more.

Including a painter, it gives you more control over the landscaping.

It lets you paint over terrain to create pavement, gravel, fields, or ruins, and it’s really easy to use.

You can completely design your land by using the painter in conjunction with all of the Extra Landscaping Tools’ settings and brushes.

14. Classic Daylight

38 daylight mod cities skylines 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

Daylight Classic, the lone graphics mod on the list, doesn’t do much, but in my opinion, it significantly improves the game’s overall aesthetic.

Does anyone else find the default game’s warm, yellow-tinted sunlight annoying?

It nearly seems like sunset time is constant.

Simply by removing the yellow hue from sunlight, this hack makes the game appear cooler overall.

It looks significantly more realistic and is also less obtrusive.

13. Fine Road Anarchy

37 fine road anarchy mod 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

Let’s not overlook highways when customizing buildings and the landscape.

Since people need roads to travel, it is evident that they are crucial to the growth of your city.

Building roads is so much simpler with the Fine Road Anarchy tool, which is a must-have.

When linking roads, you could run across limitations, but you can get around them by using the Fine Road Anarchy options.

To construct your roads nearly anywhere, you can connect roads that weren’t previously permitted and alter settings for bending, snapping, and collisions.

12. Additional Beautification

36 more beautification mod 1 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

For those who really want to spark their creative juices, here is something.

With the choices under the More Beautification mode, you may essentially decorate your city any way you like.

You are able to place little objects that aren’t normally available in the original game.

Props are tiny decorative accessories like bushes, chairs, and lights that typically accompany buildings.

This should be your initial installation if you want to pay attention to the small things.

11. 81 Tiles

35 tiles 81 count cities skylines 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

The game eventually wanted to be made even bigger, as if it wasn’t enormous enough already.

There are 81 tiles in the game, so why did the developers decide to limit player access to only 25 of them?

Gamers will always want to unlock everything.

Because of this straightforward tweak, all 81 tiles are now available to you.

With the option to activate each tile separately or all at once, you can more than triple the size of your towns.

10. Prop & Tree Anarchy

25 props and trees mod cities skylines 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

The Prop & Tree Anarchy mod, which is related to trees, lets you control both trees and other objects.

Trees can now be planted in buildings, on roads, and even underwater.

You are entirely in charge.

Go for it if you wanted a house with a tree inside.

This mod pairs well with the More Beautification mod because it not only works with trees but also with props.

9. Unlimited Trees

24 unlimited trees mod 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

Do we have too many trees?

To go along with that, you’ll need Unlimited Trees.

Yes, we are changing a lot of trees here; please bear with me.

With Unlimited Trees, you can put as many as 2 million trees instead of the 262,144 that the game allows.

Create a forest next to the city.

Alternately, use this in conjunction with Prop & Tree Anarchy to create a forest inside the city.

We are now using every burner to cook!

8. Chirpy Exterminator

23 chirpy exterminator mod 1 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

I can’t deny that sometimes Chirpy is truly helpful.

However, most players quickly become tired of the persistent popups.

Fortunately, we won’t ever again have to worry about Chirpy bothering us.

The Chirpy exterminator mod merely disables the tweeting bird to allow you to conduct your daily activities without restriction.

By now, you’ve undoubtedly observed that the majority of these mods make functionality available that weren’t before.

In Cities: Skylines, nobody has the right to direct our actions.

Certainly not Chirpy.

7. Wayne Enterprises

22 wayne enterprises mod 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

Let’s look at some cool things you can add to your city to make it come to life now that you have the ability to grow throughout the entire map and you can change every small aspect of it.

Simply said, Batman.

Cities: Skylines has a tonne of building mods that can spruce up any city.

No matter what else you can think of—restaurants, parks, sports stadiums, or pretty much anything else—you want to include.

The Auldben-designed Wayne Enterprises building is one of my personal favorites.

Do we even need to explain this?

It resembles a tiny easter egg you can hide in your city for video games.

What fun!

6. Twenty-one Ghostbusters Firestation

21 ghostbusters firestation building 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

Is there an odd occurrence in your area?

Who is going to take care of the ghosts if the cape crusader is already protecting the city from bad guys?

You may construct the Ghostbusters fire station in your city using this mod!

Another neat little detail that isn’t even just ornamental.

It really fulfills its intended function as a fire station, despite having lower stats than small fire stations in the standard game because it is even smaller at 13.

5. Space Needle

20 space needle mod cities skylines 1 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

The Space Needle is a famous observation tower and a symbol of Seattle.

If we’re talking about stunning skylines, it’s always something to take into account.

So, if that’s what you want, stop your search right here.

For $115,000, you can own your own Space Needle.

The mod is free, so that’s something.

In addition to being beautiful in the heart of every city, it also has positive effects on tourism.

4. Gula’s In-and-Out Burger

19 gula in n out burger mod cities skylines 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

Gula, one of the more popular building designers for Cities: Skylines, has a long list of intriguing mods that you can check out.

My personal favorites, beginning with Gula’s In-and-Out Burger, have already been selected after I’ve browsed through his studio.

Depending on where you live, this subject could be debatable.

The best burgers in town are desirable, but who wouldn’t?

This 33-reproduction of the well-known burger establishment even has the brand’s distinguishing red and white color scheme, complete with the yellow arrow emblem.

3. Gula’s Starbucks Coffee

18 cities skylines starbucks coffee 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

His Starbucks Coffee mod adds more to Gula’s list.

One of the most recognizable coffee companies in the world, Starbucks is another branding icon to come out of Seattle.

You can plant these 24 cultivables in commercial areas so that your citizens can get their dose of coffee whenever they desire.

2. Gula’s Gibson Guitar Factory

17 gibson guitars factory mod 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

More from Gula, please?

The Gibson Guitar Factory sounds good, then.

This time, borrowing from Memphis, this is a terrific structure to have if you want to give your city a little rock history.

The enormous 68 landmark structure draws homage to the real building in Memphis and features the Gibson emblem on top.

This has an insane level of detail. Rock and metal aficionados should definitely get this add-on.

It’s also nice that Gula’s Patreon supporters held a community monthly raffle that led to the creation of this mod.

1. McDonald’s

16 mcdonalds building mod cities skylines 21 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines

There is probably a McDonald’s nearby no matter where you are in the world.

And in that regard, this mod gives the game a more realistic feel.

Given that McDonald’s locations are widespread in every city,

So go ahead and construct several McDonald’s locations in your city!

This one is wonderful because it is also RICO compatible, allowing you to put them wherever you wish.

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