12 Games Like Squad Alpha

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SayGames Ltd. has developed Squad Alpha – Action Shooting, a free Action and Shooting video game. Enjoy this cool game with amazing mechanics, a lot of destructive, upgradeable weapons, and cool graphics that will tickle your strategic brain.

Choose the multiple targets for completing the infinite levels and earn enormous rewards by taking ducks, running, dodging, and covering. Make a strategy, wipe out all of your enemies, and progressively conclude increasingly difficult missions.

In addition, the action-shooting game Squad Alpha allows you to play through more than 200 unique levels, multiple war modes, more than 30 different guns, and 20 different bosses that offer amazing rewards.

Consider factors like skin tone, skills, and style when choosing your character. Take pleasure in the amazing and cool soundtrack that ups the adventure and action.

12. PVP Multiplayer – Gun Games

Games Like Squad Alpha

Free Offline, Online, Multiplayer, Role-Playing, First- Person Shooter, Action, and Shooting game developed by TAG: Action Games is called PVP Multiplayer – Gun Games.

It has great sound effects, realistic animations, 3D graphics, advanced controls, and Crossfire.

Play with 3D graphics, a realistic game, Block Strike, and unlock adventures. To become the best-skilled sniper, compete against enemies in multiple missions and modes.

Act as a gun shooter, your secret mission is to take down all of your enemies on the battle field using various types of equipment.

Use multiple weapons, such as 3D bullets, assault rifles, long-range sniper rifles, grenades, and more.

Play with your friends and compete against terrorists by shooting them and clearing the area with your wit.

You can get coins as a gift to buy the weapons you want on the mission.

11. Guns of Boom Online PvP Action

Guns of Boom Online PvP Action 1 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

Game Insight developed Guns of Boom On Line PvP Action, a Free On Line, Multi Player, First- Person Shooter Action, and Shooting Game. Play the most exciting and fun game with your dream team anywhere in the world.

As soon as you start playing, the game is easy to control and feels natural. As you get better, you’ll start to jump.

You’ll be glued to the screen by the numerous exciting Maps, Missions, and game modes. You have access to a wide range of destructive weapons.

Additionally, you can make your character or hero unique by adding different Equipment Skills, Perks, favorite Dresses, and a huge variety of other Cosmetic Items for fun.

Team up with 4 players and get ready to wit wit 4 opponents and beat them on the battle field to win the reward.

You can enjoy many events, colorful themes, new features, and more, and frequently improve your characters and weapons.

10. WarFriends

WarFriends PvP Shooter Game 1 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

Developed by About Fun, WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game is a Real-Time Online, Single-player, Multiplayer, Third-person Shooter, Action, and Shooting game for free.

Create an army and use multiple powerful weapons to defeat the opposition. Enter the battleground against real players from all over the world to become the best fighting hero.

You can play multiple matches and different game modes with quick action regardless of rank thanks to the great graphics and simple control schemes.

Real World Weapons like Pistols, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Anti-tank Bazookas, and many more are also available for use. Make wide world friends, gain world fame, and form military alliances.

You can sign up Soldiers, Robots, Snipers, Tanks, Helicopters, and more to constantly build an army. Use the team-up to beat the enemies and get Royal prizes and other rewards.

9. Trooper Shooter

Trooper Shooter 5v5 Co op TPS 1 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

Trooper Shooter: 5v5 Co-op Action TPS is an action, shooting, third-person shooter, real-time first-person shooter game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited.

Enjoy the fastest military TPS game with your friends or other players from around the world. Getting your soldiers ready for multiple difficult missions against other soldiers is important.

It offers three war game modes: Deathmatch, Domination, and Heist, as well as a variety of classes to pick from, including Brave scout, Elite assassin, Special ops sniper, Heroic SWAT rifleman, and more.

You can also enjoy 5v5 battles on dozens of well-designed maps and locations. It allows you to create a dream team, work on the strategy of the team, and discover the war zone.

By increasing your level and winning the match, you can collect coins. Upgrade your weapons and armor combinations to win the game.

8. Modern Gun Strike

Modern Gun StrikePvP Multiplayer 3D team Shooter 1536x864 1 1 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

PvP Multi Player 3D Team: Modern Gun Strike Free Offline, First Person Shooter, Strategy, Action-Based 5v5 Shooting Game developed by Gamerz Park. Play Deathmatch missions with your exciting team while acting as a gun shooter.

Compete against enemies in real time commando secret missions and modes using a variety of advanced and destructive weapons like Sniper rifles, AWM Sniper, Famas, RPG, Grenades, Pistols, and more. Win wars to unlock new weapons and compete against other players.

7. ShellFire

ShellFire MOBA FPS 1 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

PvP Multi Player 3D Team Modern Gun Strike Gamerz Park developed Shooter, a Real Offline, First Person, Strategy, Action-Based, 5v5 Shooting Game. Play Deathmatch with your thrilling team as a gun shooter.

Compete against enemies in real commando secret missions and modes with a variety of destructive and advanced weapons like Sniper rifles, AWM Snipers, Famas, RPG, Grenades, Pistols, modern guns, and many more.

For more competition from other players, win war rewards to unlock weapons and missions.

6. Hazmob FPS

Hazmob FPS Online multiplayer fps shooting game 1 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

A free Action and Shooting game developed by HazLTD is called Hazmob FPS: On Line Multiplayer FPS Game.

It’s a good chance to play the role of a sniper, and your mission is to attack enemies and defeat them on the battlefield.

Play with friends or players from around the world. Multiple Modes and Missions like Blast mode, Check out mode, Special mode, Team-up mode, Custom mode, and others.

Enjoy tactical movement systems, 3D graphics, great gameplay, action that happens in real time, and top-notch optimization.

You can play Team Deathmatch for fun and make your dream team. Use and upgrade various types of destructive weapons like the P228, 50 AE, MAC10, GLOCK 18, MP5 navy, AK47, and more. Get daily quests, daily gifts, and daily free items. You can also buy skins and weapons you want.

5. Special Ops

Special Ops Online FPS PVP 1 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

Special Operations: First-Person Shooter Online Haz LTD developed PVP, a Free On Line, Multi Player, First- Person Shooter, Action, and Shooting Game. Play intense Real Time PVP against players from all over the world.

Create a team to play multiple player modes and amazing missions like Blast mode, Space mode, ranked game mode, Custom game mode, Check out mode, Single player mode, Special ops, and more.

Create a map, use a variety of powerful real-world weapons, and then drop your enemies into battle.

In addition, Special Ops: On Line FPS PVP offers Realistic Sceneries, a Tactical Movement System, Great Strike Graphics, Addictive Multi Player Gameplay, and High-Quality Optimization.

Use and upgrade more than 20 different types of weapons, including the Dual 96G, MAC10, AK47, M4A1, and more. Customize your destructive weapon, get unique skins, get rewards, and more.

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4. 1v1.LOL

1v1.LOL Third Person Shooter 1 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

A free Multiplayer, Action, Battle Royale, and Shooting game called 1v1.LOL was developed by JustPlay.LOL. Enjoy a 1v1 match where only one player stands and wins the prestigious master title.

Exciting game play with tons of advanced controls that you can easily arrange and customize to your liking. You can play battle pass, practice, box fight, build, and more modes.

Set up both Builder Pro and Old School, build a lot, and fight the enemies. Develop your shooting, building, and editing skills using an infinite supply of materials and weapons, such as your famous packs, a sliding shotgun, and an assault rifle.

You can play with friends or other players, and you can also show off your fighting skills. Experience points and exciting prizes can be earned by playing.


FRAG Online PVP Battle Games 1 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

Free Off Line and On Line Action, Shooting, and Battle Game for Android developed by Oh BiBi is called FRAG: On Line PVP Battle Games.

Ready for hero games between one and two players anywhere in the world. Simply create your favorite character, select your favorite team, enter the arena, and start fighting.

Fight with more than 100 unique and powerful weapons and more than 100 heroes waiting for you to unlock them. Try multiple person, first-person, and third-person modes with your strong and dream team.

In addition, you can choose your hero by looking at its weakness and strength, lead your dream team, select your character, and make your team strategy.

You will be fully able to control your character and the team of friends to defeat your rival team thanks to the game’s simple and appealing gameplay. You can get more points and rewards by attacking the target.

2. Suit For Hire

header 7 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

Beautifully crafted violence is unleashed in Suit for Hire, a challenging top-down action shooter that uses a tactical fusion of weapons.

1. CyVenge

cyvenge 1upsc 12 Games Like Squad Alpha

CyVenge is a fast paced and action packed rougelite arena shooter. Choose from many upgradable weapons and abilities and help Cy fight against numerous waves of enemies!

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