21 Best Doki Doki Literature Club Mods

How well Japan has managed to become the thump to the heartbeat of the teens now. Be it anime, manga, pop music, food, or even games.

Japan knows just how to touch the right nerve. It’s not bad at all. We are just proud to be the witness. Such a game, there is an onomatopoeia, by the name Doki Doki Literature Club, DDLC.

DDLC is a psychologically thrilling game. It is horrific, in ways, and is primarily meant not for children or the ones with soft hearts. But when nothing’s enough, there’s always more.

Here we are going to discuss 21 Best Doki Doki Literature Club Mods. 

If you are brand-new to DDLC, there is no need to fret, as we will recount all that you need to know about the game. So if we are unhesitant to proceed with the lore on game mods, muster along.

21. Doki-Doki Meme Club

Doki-Doki Meme Club

We keep it at the top not because it’s the best mod for Doki Doki Literature Club.

In fact, it is here to let you know that it’s not necessary to suffer all the darkness of the story if you don’t want to.

Doki-Doki Meme Club is an entertainer in shining armor.

With this mod, you will be plunged with memes from the internet, sometimes very unfiltered.

And if this is what you are deeming for, go try this meme-loaded mania amidst fulfilling your laughter demands within the game.

Additionally, the offensive sarcasm impacts are going to shake your chortling spirits via dialogues, captions, and PIPs. 

20. Dokis And Dragons

Dokis And Dragons

This unique concept will especially lure our Dungeons and Dragons geek out there.

You must have wished to do something different from all of that literature performance inside the club. 

When it gets boring, try this mod to do something different with the girls.

We mean to say that roll the dies and unlock things you wished came true with the girls.

You can play D&D, all that you want within the mod.

So, keep in mind that this is a short mod and has a light context in variety. 

19. Doki-Doki Exit Music

Doki-Doki Exit Music

Suppose you feel tired and stuck with the drama, which is in no way any less mattering to make you cry.

Just to give a bit of break to the sobbing, try this mod – Doki Doki Exit Music.

Although the ending would be equally emotional here as well, the music around Radiohead’s is undoubtedly going to make it a smoother journey for you. 

The best part is you will gain the ability to save Sayori from killing herself.

Besides, it is really important to keep Natsuki’s abusive dad as far from her as possible.

The storyline has to be completely different as the events which shape the original timeline would shift abruptly.

However, like all the same plot, MC would still be able to save the girls from despair. Thus, enjoy. 

18. A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day

A brand new day mod for Doki-Doki Literature Club is not entirely a comedic mod, but it is a choice of many.

The reason behind the gamer’s preference is that it does not change the storyline.

With everything as same, gamers are allowed to interact with new components, enjoy new artwork, and sustain mood damage with lighter and comprehensive storytelling.

It is a distraction from the original methods of the game. 

17. Longer Roads

Longer Roads

Longer Roads is a mod just to glorify the character limits of all the four girls in DDLC.

It is a unique mod. However, the game stays in your control as you are free to interact or not with the stuff of your choice.

Besides, do not expect that it will reduce the darker regions of the game.

As Longer Roads amplify the character sketch, thus creates new routes for each character.

Additionally, there is a total of ten endings to find out with this mod in DDLC. 

16. Outcast


The Outcast by MatterCrafter is an amazing choice for our Yuri lovers.

This mod, Outcast, adds additional story content, which counts up to at least 4 hours.

Besides, it includes newer scenarios.

Each character offers a different playfield and tactic to come across the story.

Reddit awarded it second place in its listing of best mods of DDLC. 

15. Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

This mod, Fallen Angel, is a typical mod that is character-specific.


This mod deals with Yuri and sheds light on her character’s depth.

That being said, it is to be noted that you and Yuri will grow close in this game with the mod.

The storyline will take you through a lot of ups and downs together.

Additional playtime of at least six hours will come with the mod. Music, artwork, and experiences will be a lot of fun.

14. Doki-Doki Do You Lift Club

Doki-Doki Do You Lift Club

Doki-Doki Lift Club is the most mischievous play mod of all time.

For DDLC, all the four girls turn into bulky body-builders in their versions.

Their alter-ego names are Slavyori, Buffsuky, Yurok, and Molecules.

It is a completely hysterical modification.

Although it is challenging to watch the girls like this, it creates an atmosphere of strange virtuality where you have to sink in with the characters, whatever they are like. 

13. Summertime 


A very pleasing and modern mod, Doki-Doki Summertime is a new way to enjoy the game.

DDLC is popular as a dark game with cruel endings and character sabotages.

Notably, you can unlock 17 endings, and each different from the mod.

However, all that is enjoyable too but there is this mod to bring quality humor with indifferent and mature jokes.

Besides, if you want to get invited to some pool party at Sayuri’s, you’ve got to install the mod. 

12. The Festival

The Festival 1 1 21 Best Doki Doki Literature Club Mods

The only mod with a character introduction, The Festival is amazing to play within DLC.

Now there are just two different endings available to unlock. But, there is a bonus.

Do you want to have a festival with all girls and you?

Okay, The festival is the mod for you.

This mod additionally procreates a whole new week at the Literature Club.

Besides, a few scenarios which were originally inaccessible to all can be easily played with the festival.

11. Doki-Doki Dimensions

Doki-Doki Dimensions

Why is Monika so deceptive?

What’s her objective?

What’s her secret?

So, someone took this very seriously, and well now, we have a mod.

This mod, as the name suggests, Dimensions, is a travel epic, except the travel is time.

However, the game mod removes all the sadder parts but gives Monika a justifiable misfit to her attitude.

You can experience it only by playing DDLC with the mod on as you will be the part of the team who travel time and dimensions to give shape to the subject. 

10. Doki-Doki Rainclouds

Doki-Doki Rainclouds

Not a very impressive mod, to be honest, so what makes Doki-Doki Rainclouds on the list?

It’s the twist in Act one, which can never get otherwise.

And, then the whole burden of all better or worse falls on you.

You become the center point and very close to Sayori.

This mod somehow makes into our intuition that in DDLC, everything is about Sayori.

But remember, this mod is as challenging as the game of chess with yourself.

9. Doki-Doki Salvation

Doki-Doki Salvation

Ever came across a feeling that there must be something we can do to Monika.

That cunning, manipulative Monika could be stopped from doing much evil with the help of this mod in DDLC.

There is a set action to this mode in which all the other girls somehow make MC go check on Sayuri before the night of the festival.

And so this could be fun, but there is no anchor to the ending of the game. It all starts with you. 

8. Yuri Parable

Yuri Parable

If you must be aware of where the name comes from, the mod is an inspiration from The Stanley Parable.

However, it is very different and involves many new and different things to enjoy the game as good as fresh.

So to speak, you will have an amazing OST to listen to, and this is the reason number one for the popularity of this mod.

7. The Good Ending

The Good Ending

If you make the choices good, the ending will be good.

It is as true in real life as is in the mod of the game.

For DDLC, The good ending is a mod which apart from sticking to the plot of the original game, shifts a switch.

MC never loses memory of what he is and what choices he had made, and what impacts he had suffered.

This slightest event change can become responsible for making everyone’s life a better one. 

6. The Normal VN 

The Normal VN

Wow, it feels peaceful to even talk about this mod.

It offers a normal in-game life, especially with the girls.

And dating becomes easier when you are not hindered to your core for the slightest actions by the antagonists.

In short, would you be so kind as to take dating less seriously and more fun, at least within the game? 

5. Purists 


Just as everything you ever wanted, the DDLC mod- Purists will grant you within the game.

The thought comes around in mind once and there’s no hiding.

You want to see how it will be to date, Monika.

With Purists, you will get a surplus advantage of normalizing dates, effectively.

Besides, you can date any character of your choice.

Yes, including Monika.

An advantage of time will be yours to enjoy, exactly eleven hours of additional game content.

You might want to help the other characters once you enter this mod as emotional outburst will follow, diving deep into the details of each character’s story. 

Also read, Slice of Life Mod

4. Sayori Date Doki-Doki

Sayori Date Doki-Doki

The explicit game mod is, as the name suggests, very character-oriented.

Specifically, it is all about Sayori.

But the sad girl is meant to get close to you when you install the mod with her name on it.

However, what are your thoughts about justice to this cat-eyes young girl in the game?

Will she reach a happy ending or just the ending as it comes to be? You can find it out. 

3. Doki-Doki Easter Hunt

Doki-Doki Easter Hunt

If you aren’t looking for something heavy, Doki-Doki Easter Hunt can be your choice to fall on.

It is a very light mod and thus just adds on an event so that some time can increase for you to spend with the Dokis.

Surprisingly, even this mod comes to an end with a terrible ending, in a good way, and to find out, you have to Easter hunt on your DDLC.

2. Our Final Heartbeat 

Our Final Heartbeat

This mod is applicable after the end of the game.

It dissolves all confusion and literally leaves no one behind.

When you have tried everything, in spite of achievements, our Final Heartbeat guarantees the final quest for happiness when you desperately feel the urge to absorb more.

1. True Literature Club

True Literature Club

If you are a fan of happy endings, you have got to try this mod, True Literature Club.

‘Happy Ending’ is not to be confused with erotica but a sensuous, polite way to attempt a social note on mental health.

The plot of the original game is highly conspiring and even horrifying at times.

True Literature Club aims to deliver a perfect conclusion that brings satisfaction to the play. 

Why Do We Need Game Mods?

It’s not obligatory to have mods, but have you ever asked for some extra sprinkles on your pasta?

I hope this suffices the query. Mods are content-specific programs written to modify the literature, characters, environments, actions, and overall feel of the original gameplay.

Depending upon the intensity and purpose, some mods are also able to modify the whole game, even the whole plot.

So, if you haven’t tried to play a game with mods up until now, you can start right away.

For example, sims4 full edit mode changes the character appearances by giving them a look from the sims 4, more appropriately the uniform. 

And you can check out these UI Cheats Sims 4 which is recently updated.

Is It Safe To Install Mods? | Doki Doki Literature Club Mods Free Download

If your PC has space, capable components, and- time, a mod can do no harm if researched well. You must know that if you download a virus with the name of the mod, under deception, it will cost you.

So, do not download material from any untrusted website. Refer to your friends, sometimes pay for things, and have a go.

Most of the time, a downloaded file can cause no harm until opened. So, to prevent any misunderstood file from opening, make sure your antivirus definition is updated. 


Are you a Doki Doki fan or an amateur lured by the folklore about the game?

Whatever it is, we hope that our article on 21 Best Doki Doki Literature Club Mods has made everything crystal clear.

You are now ready with the list of best Doki Doki literature club mods 2021.

The only thing left now is to choose which mod is going to serve you first.

If you have any queries, facts, knowledge, or suggestions about the same, connect with us using the comment box below.

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