12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

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The first game in the Banjo-Kazooie series, Banjo Kazooie, tells the tale of Kazooie and Banjo, two characters from the title.

Before starting the game, the player can pick one of two characters and go into the world to stop Gruntilda, the bad guy, who wants to swap her looks with Tooty, Banjo’s sister.

There are nine nonlinear levels with different challenges for the player to complete, such as jumping over obstacles, collecting items, solving puzzles, killing enemies, and more. The game’s controls are a lot like those in the Super Mario series.

12. Kirby’s Adventure Wii

Banjo Kazooie

Journey of Kirby Nintendo Wii is the twelfth game in the Kirby series. It is also known as Hoshi no Kabi Wii.

The player can take on the role of Kirby, the main character, in this 2.5D side-scrolling game, and the ultimate task of the game is to help Magolor, an alien who has a crush on the pop star.

In order to move on, the player must collect the spaceship’s parts and finish each level. It’s one of the best Super Mario series alternatives.

11. Super Tux

Super 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

Super Tux is an Open-Source Platform video game that offers gameplay that is reminiscent of the well-known Super Mario video game.

The player can control Tux, a small penguin character who can jump over obstacles to get all the coins. Each level of the game offers a harder challenge than the one before it.

The main things that make the game stand out are the bounce levels, upgrades, power-ups, strong enemies, and different background themes.

10. Kalimba

Kalimba 1 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

The puzzle-platform video game Kalimba has both single-player and multiplayer modes. In this game, the player can take on the role of Shaman, the main character, who can explore the island of Kalimba and save all the good people from the evil.

The player must survive the game’s various environments, defeat the evil shamans, kill the boss, and save his island in this ultimate task.

During game play, the player can collect all power-ups that will help them beat the enemies. Kalimba offers great visual details, an easy interface, and a great story.

9. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

Nintendo created Super Mario Run, which stars “Mario,” the most famous character in the series. Although there is no third-person view, the game is similar to Subway Surfers in some ways.

In this game-like activity, you have to run while dodging obstacles and enemies and collecting coins.

Developed by Nintendo, Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling video game where you run automatically. The game has three exciting game modes: the main game, in which the player controls Mario as they automatically run across the screen; the Toad Rally, in which Mario competes against the ghosts; and the Mushroom Kingdom, in which the player can expand the game world by collecting coins and additional resources.

The match’s game play is a little different from the main Mario series. The player’s goal is to get Mario through the level safely in the least amount of time possible.

8. Journey Below

Journey Below 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

Travels Below is an automatically running Platform game in which the player can control a small Knight who starts his quest to save the kingdom from dangerous evil monsters.

The game allows the player to collect power-ups and kill all the enemies in order to move forward. It provides randomly generated levels that are full of enemy creatures.

The game offers four different environments, achievements, epic boss fights, and many other features that make it fun.

7. Soosiz HD

Soosiz HD 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

Another Platform game called Soosiz HD offers a gameplay experience very similar to that of the traditional Mario Series Games.

The game lets the player enter the world of a cartoonist and enjoy more than sixty-six levels full of puzzles and adventures.

Each level of the game offers a different type of enemy creature and a formidable enemy boss. To move forward, you have to control his character, jump over the obstacles, and collect all the coins.

It offers the player the chance to explore the beauty of the world while enjoying great graphics, a fun soundtrack, and game play.

6. Lep’s World 3

Leps World 3 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

Complete more than twenty difficult levels while Lep jumps and runs through the beautiful game world. Lep’s World 3 is a timeless platform game that offers traditional platform gameplay with a modern twist.

In this competition, the player can try to save his villagers, complete all the challenges, and defeat the evil that is trying to destroy the land.

It’s a fun game that offers a lot of skills and items to help the player advance. The best Platform game to play and enjoy is Lep’s World 3.

5. Castle of Magic

Castle of Magic 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

The player can take on the role of Evan, a hero, in Castle of Magic, an Arcade Platform video game set on the beach. Evan decided to find a chest one day, and when he opened it, it transported him to a magical world.

The game offers the player to begin his journey, complete all of the levels, and find a way back to his home world. Get the coins and kill all the enemies to get to the next level. Similar to Super Mario, the game offers a similar gameplay.

4. Ricky + Level Editor

Ricky Level Editor 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

The level editor feature in Ricky + Level Editor, a game similar to Super Mario, lets the player make their own level with enemies, obstacles, power-ups, and other items whenever they want.

Additionally, it offers the player the opportunity to show off his creativity and share his level with friends. According to the gameplay, the player can control a unique character who can run, jump over obstacles, and complete tasks in order to move forward.

3. Super Mario

Super Mario 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

The Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Mario is a platform game. To save the princess from Bowser, the bad guy, Mario can explore the Mushroom Kingdom in this first game in the Super Mario series. The player can control either Mario or his brother Luigi.

Each stage has four levels, and it offers a variety of stages. There may be a boss enemy at the end of each stage that the player must defeat in order to move on to the next level. Fantastic game, Super Mari has great graphics and gameplay.

2. Ball Dash

ball dash 34092 1 1 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

Arcade, Side-Scroll, and Single Player video game Ball Dash was made by FatCat Studio and is only available for the Android platform.

The game allows you to control an unstoppable ball while collecting coins and takes place in a fantastic world. Each level has a unique difficulty and a variety of levels.

The ultimate task is to move around in a side-scrolling view, collect simple and secret coins, get past obstacles, and finish the level before time runs out.

Try to get the most points and see who can beat it. Using touch controls, you can control the ball and earn experience points to unlock more exciting levels.

Each level has a unique background and obstacles. Your ball can move forward and jump from one platform to the next to stay out of those big gaps.

Ball Dash is the game to play and enjoy because it has exciting gameplay, great mechanics, and great visuals.

1. Jumpy

jumpy 56955 1 12 Games Like Banjo Kazooie

Kantai Software made the action, platform, and single-player video game Jumpy, which is available for Android and iOS.

It takes place in a pixel-graphics world and puts the player in control of a small character who must explore the land, avoid enemies, and destroy individual blocks by jumping on them from below while collecting as many coins as possible.

The player can jump on the platform by touching the touch screen. There are many levels to choose from, and each level has its own set of enemies, obstacles, and individual blocks to destroy.

The player must collect gems to unlock special characters, and they must hold the jump button longer to jump higher. People he’s fighting can be killed by jumping on them.

The game ends if the player runs into enemies or things like squares and spikes. There are three worlds for the player to explore, each with its own characters, coins, and bonuses.

Destroy Special Blocks, Gather Gems, Jump on Enemies, Enjoy Beautiful Landscapes, and more are just a few of the features that Jumpy offers.

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