Black Clover Chapter 309: Yuno’s Actual Magic Powers

Chapter 309 in Black Clover finally revealed Yuno’s real magic connection and Tabata-sensei’s twist caused me to be starstruck! (pun intended).

About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written by and drawn by Yuki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story is about Asta an innocent boy born with no magical power, which isn’t known to the world he lives and the foster son of Yuno who has a rare four-leaf grimoire that is more magical than the majority of people! 

Along with his fellow mages from The Black Bulls, Asta plans to be the next Wizard King.

Previous Chapter Recap!

clover 308 009 edited 1 Black Clover Chapter 309: Yuno’s Actual Magic Powers

In the 308th outing, Langris was on the verge of getting killed at the hands of Zenon. However, he was saved just at the right time by Finral.

Langris’ brother had come to rescue the two Knights. But upon seeing the demonic statue of Zenon, he decided to battle the creature and end its wrath.

However, upon one attack, he understood that there was no chance of defeating the monster. Yuno opened his eyes and saw Langris and Finral captured in the claws of Zenon.

At that moment, he realized that all his training and resolve would go to waste if he did not save his friends. He looked back at all those times when he was praised for his capabilities.

He felt a strong sense of guilt for not using these powers for the good of his guild. With tears in his eyes, he saw a shining grimoire appear right in front of him. As he grabbed the power source, the chapter ended by disclosing its effects.

Yuno’s Actual Magic Powers

3 edited 1 Black Clover Chapter 309: Yuno’s Actual Magic Powers

As if having a four-leaf book was not enough Yuno was also given a third Spade Grimoire of the kingdom in the final chapter and I’ve been wanting to find out what its power is. It turns out that, as the child of the royal family, Yuno gets special privileges.

Yuno’s father had sun magic while his mother was moon magic. The Spade kingdom royals have their own unique magic, which is handed down through generations. Being a member of the family of royals Yuno has star-like powers.

Yuno appears to be proficient in the use of the grimoire from the moment the battle gets underway. From the beginning the shaman makes use of Star Magic: Quartile Scutum and Conjunction to take on Zenon.

He is even able to travel through the star he chooses. The subsequent battle among Zenon as well as Yuno is far too swift to comprehend.

His teleportation abilities may be due to the reality that stars are frequently connected as clusters. Perhaps we’ll see other moves that are inspired by constellations later on.

The moment that Zenon discovered the fact that Yuno has been the one he was unable to kill over 10 years ago is stunningly depicted that I have to be awed by the work of Tabata-sensei.

I am awestruck by how all characters that are in the story are given equal treatment and Magna is now the ultimate story about an underdog. Noelle and Yuno are getting a boost and this makes me want to know what a tough match Asta will be facing.

Don’t be too excited about it, because Zenon is still unbeaten. There’s no telling what he’ll sell next to Beelzebub. So I suppose staying on top of his game will help Yuno well.

Black Clover Chapter 309: Release Date

images 2021 09 18T072248.971 Black Clover Chapter 309: Yuno’s Actual Magic Powers

The Clover Knights are still not sure if they can defeat Zenon with the power upgrade. Has Zenon already won the battle?

Black Clover Chapter 309 will release this weekend on Sunday, October 17, 2021. All chapters of the popular manga released on the official website of Viz Media. Keep an eye on this corner for more updates on the same.

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