15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

Dark fantasy elevates traditional fantasy by intensifying the stakes.

The writing can vary from a quiet contemplative or morose tone to full-on ultra-violence and filled with cruel tyrants.

Dark fantasy typically centers on beings such as vampires, demons, and fallen angels.

The magic tends to have an eerie and terrifying quality, with creatures that could be likened to something out of a nightmare.

Dark fantasy anime often lacks happy endings, which adds to its appeal. It explores the depths of the human spirit and embraces darker folkloric themes.

Dark fantasy frequently presents challenging philosophical inquiries regarding human nature and the concept of good and evil.

So here are some of the Best Dark Fantasy Anime

15. Blood+

Dark Fantasy Anime 15 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

Derived from the iconic dark fantasy anime movie Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood+ tells a gripping story of vampires, horror, and the courageous individuals who stand up against them.

Following a life-threatening incident, Okinawan high school student Saya discovers that her blood is the key to defeating the blood-sucking creatures called chiropterans.

With this information and her trusty katana, she will journey through Japan, Vietnam, Russia, and the US to uncover the truth about her past and eliminate the chiropteran danger.

14. Ajin

Dark Fantasy Anime 14 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

Almost two decades ago, the immortal beings known as the “Ajin” made their first appearance in Africa. Since then, they have faced persecution and confinement due to fear of their power.

Following a near-death encounter, Kei Nagai, a high school student, discovers he is an Ajin.

He quickly finds himself on the run, compelled to embrace the persona that society demands in order to stay alive.

Although the CGI animation may not appeal to everyone, the show’s storytelling is excellent. It’s worth noting.

13. Mononoke

Dark Fantasy Anime 13 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

This spin-off of the dark fantasy anime Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales reads like a murder mystery novel—one where the culprit is always an evil spirit, distinct from Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke.

Mononoke tracks the journey of a medicine seller through late Edo-period Japan.

During his journey, he will encounter Mononoke – perilous spirits from Japanese mythology that attach themselves to negative emotions and thrive on them.

Discovering the Form, Truth, and Reason of these creatures is essential for their exorcism. Understanding allows the main character to soothe the storm.

12. Berserk

Dark Fantasy Anime 12 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

Berserk is well-known for being one of the darkest, most despair-inducing stories ever told through manga – and the dark fantasy anime adaptation is not far behind.

Definitely, the battles are truly impressive. MC Guts is incredibly skilled with the sword.

He is portrayed in a psychologically realistic manner. Having experienced a series of traumatic events, including assault and a near-sacrifice to an Eldritch god, Guts is understandably dealing with the aftermath.

The show excels in its poignant characterization, despite the subpar animation heavily relying on CGI. The story and world-building are compelling enough to make you want to keep watching.

11. Made in Abyss

Dark Fantasy Anime 11 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

Upon initial observation, Made in Abyss appears to be a delightful dark fantasy anime series with adorable characters and a captivating fantasy setting.

It’s hard to predict the type of dark ride you’re about to experience.

The story starts in the town of Orth, constructed around a breathtaking colossal hole that delves deep into the ground. As you descend further, the surroundings become increasingly bizarre.

You can see this clearly when the main character Riko begins her descent into the abyss. While her robotic companion Reg has no problems because of his machine-like body, Riko soon begins to fall ill and bleed heavily – making them vulnerable to the hole’s monstrous residents.

And that’s just the start…

10. Goblin Slayer

Dark Fantasy Anime 10 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

The first episode of Goblin Slayer begins on a somewhat optimistic tone as the Priestess joins a party and embarks on an adventure, only for things to take a dark turn.

The Priestess’ party has been completely defeated, and she is forced to watch as Goblins brutally torture and attack them.

Welcome to the world of Goblin Slayer, where the true adventure unfolds.

Although there are some unsettling moments, the dark fantasy anime series is a great choice for fans of clever characters who outsmart their foes, such as the main character, Goblin Slayer.

9. Haibane Renmei

Dark Fantasy Anime 9 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

I adore dark fantasy anime for its ability to delve deep into the psychology of its characters, and Haibane Renmei excels in this aspect.

This dark fantasy anime revolves around Rakka, a young girl who emerges from a cocoon in an unfamiliar town without any recollection of her previous life.

She is looked after by other “Haibane”, winged beings born from cocoons who must live through a sort of purgatory before they can “take flight”, though nobody knows what happens after that.

The world of Old Home and the city of Glie may seem dark and sometimes depressing, but the show conveys a message of rebirth at its core.

8. Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Dark Fantasy Anime 8 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

In the 300th year of the Era of the Gods, mysterious creatures called the Vertex pose a threat to humanity, and only a brave sacrifice can thwart them.

Yuki Yuna delves into the traditional magical girl genre by examining the toll of war on humanity. In our society, the importance of self-sacrifice for the greater good is highly regarded – but how do we determine when it becomes excessive?

The members of The Hero Club are all charming, brimming with hopes, dreams, and a passion for assisting others. The bond formed in the initial part of the performance intensifies the impact of their descent into hopelessness.

7. Land of The Lustrous

Dark Fantasy Anime 9 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

If you’ve enjoyed Steven Universe and are looking for a more mature dark fantasy anime adaptation, you’re in for a treat.

Land of the Lustrous takes place in a world where humanoid “Gems” are the dominant life form, emerging after a series of meteorite strikes decimated most biological organisms on Earth.

Given the task of creating a Gem encyclopedia, fragile gem Phosphophyllite embarks on an exploration of the nature of her reality in the Lustrous’ eternal war against the moon-based Lunarians.

This dark fantasy anime show is cutting-edge and original, using CG animation to elevate its visual appeal without overburdening the studio, resulting in multiple awards and likely earning your admiration.

6. Fate/Zero

Dark Fantasy Anime 6 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

Both the original Fate/Stay Night and the alternative Fate/Unlimited Blade Works have their fair share of darkness, but the prequel really ramps it up.

The mages battling in the Fourth Holy Grail War demonstrate superior skill, which often leads to morally ambiguous actions in Fate’s universe.

They are willing to go to extreme lengths to obtain the grail, including sacrificing children, betraying friends, and summoning Eldritch abominations.

Accompanied by captivating characters, you’ll witness remarkable battles and action sequences.

What other show showcases a battle between an ancient Sumerian flying throne and a possessed magic-enhanced fighter jet?

5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

5 1 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

When the term “magical girl” comes up, many immediately picture a vibrant and optimistic group of heroes, similar to the girls in Sailor Moon.

However, this is starting to shift due to anime such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

This version of the magical girl genre has a darker twist that may seem ordinary at first glance.

Madoka forms a pact with the cute Kyubey, receives a frilly pink magical outfit, and is now able to battle the malevolent entities called “Witches”.

These witches are frequently the souls of former magical girls who have been corrupted by their traumatic experiences – a reality that Madoka is about to grasp.

4. Attack On Titan

4 2 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

One of the most popular dark fantasy animes is Attack on Titan, known for its brutal nature and willingness to eliminate main characters for the sake of the story.

The story of this dark fantasy anime takes place in a post-apocalyptic era where humans have sought refuge behind enormous walls to shield themselves from the Titans, who are mindless humanoid predators roaming outside the walls in search of prey.

This dark fantasy anime show is packed with intriguing mysteries waiting to be solved, while also delving into complex political and psychological themes with great finesse.

AoT has been a great introduction to anime for newcomers, so make sure you don’t miss out on watching it.

3. Bokurano: Ours

3 4 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

Giant robot anime typically avoids dark fantasy anime themes since the main goal is to promote merchandise and keep the audience engaged.

Bokurano stands out from the rest.

The show revolves around a group of middle-school students who must operate a massive mecha named Zearth to safeguard their universe from annihilation.

What’s the catch?

Each time Zearth is activated, it results in the death of the young pilot.

On top of that, every episode of this dark fantasy anime delves deep into the selected pilot for the upcoming battle, allowing you to form a strong emotional bond with them.

2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

2 3 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

If you’re searching for a dark fantasy anime that won’t leave you feeling down and gloomy, Demon Slayer is a good choice.

Following the tragic murder of his entire family and his sister’s transformation into a demon, Tanjiro Kamado sets out on a journey to restore her humanity. And to finally put an end to the demon threat once and for all.

The show’s strength lies in its ability to blend the horror of battling demons with Tanjiro’s compassionate nature and optimistic outlook.

There is a lot of lighthearted comedy whenever the show’s characters take a break.

1.  Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

1 2 15 Best Dark Fantasy Anime

Is a full introduction even necessary for FMA?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood delves into the repercussions of playing god and the sorrow it can bring, within the military-ruled nation of Amestris.

Following an unsuccessful endeavor to resurrect their mother, the Elric brothers lose their physical forms and embark on a quest to locate the Philosopher’s Stone, a legendary object that supposedly bestows alchemists with boundless abilities.

Throughout their journey, they will encounter the dark side of power-hungry individuals. However, there is also a fundamental fantasy setting intertwined here.

The Elrics’ strong bond and the friendships formed illuminate a world filled with darkness and cruelty.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have arrived at the conclusion of this blog. Ultimately, it can be concluded that fantasy anime is a highly popular genre in the medium.

While some shows depict enchanting worlds filled with magic and beauty, others delve into the darker aspects of fantasy.

The dark fantasy genre illuminates human nature by suggesting that the world would remain just as harsh even if magic existed—and perhaps even more so.

If you want a show with intricate characters, captivating worlds, and storylines that focus on morality and the human condition, these dark fantasy anime suggestions are a fantastic starting point.

I hope you found my suggestions helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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