5 Best Anime Tracking Site of All Time

Have you ever wondered how you may track your list of completed anime, anime that you want to watch, or any other listing for your anime while still staying current with what’s now airing?

Throw away your notepad since we now have an anime tracking site, which essentially lists sites that were made particularly for the purpose of allowing anime and manga fans to keep track of what they have watched, what they are watching now, and what they intend to watch in the future.

There are a few available, and in this article, we will provide a list of the five top anime database websites that you can use to keep track of your anime.

So, here is a list of my Anime Tracking sites, that i like to use myself.

5. MyAnimeList

5 anime tracking site 5 Best Anime Tracking Site of All Time

MyAnimeList.net, which was created in 2004, is a fantastic anime tracking site for anime fans.

It’s one of the original database sites and is currently the most popular one.

Anime fans love using it to list their favorite anime and keep up with the latest seasonal releases.

In addition to the anime series, they also have a fantastic database for Manga, Characters, Actors, and Staffs!

This database is designed with fully laid out, categorized sections for specific genres, studio-created anime, and more!

This helps keep everything neat and tidy, just the way you’d expect from a well-organized database.

It’s great to know that MyAnimeList has a vibrant community filled with friendly users!

You can easily connect with them through forums, social clubs, and other socializing features. It’s like having a social media platform specifically for anime fans.

They offer a great range of customizable profile and list design options, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular compared to other sites.

4. Anime Planet

4 Anime Tracking Site 5 Best Anime Tracking Site of All Time

Anime Planet is also a fantastic option when it comes to anime databases!

It’s great to see that it serves a large community, just like MyAnimeList!

Both communities have their own unique qualities, and it’s interesting to compare them.

This Anime database website is still active and has all the features you would expect from a community site.

3. AniList

AniList Anime Tracking Site 5 Best Anime Tracking Site of All Time

AniList is a great alternative to MyAnimeList! It has been around for quite some time and is known for its modern user interface.

Unlike MyAnimeList, which has a more classic forum/database theme, AniList keeps things fresh and up-to-date for its community.

AniList is a great choice if you’re into Dark Mode because it fully supports it!

AniList is a fantastic platform for Anime fans to connect and engage with a vibrant community.

It offers a comprehensive database similar to MyAnimeList.

Additionally, AniList has a companion site called AniChart, which allows you to keep track of the countdown timer for upcoming episodes of Anime airing in the current season.

2. Simkl

2 SimKl Anime Tracking Site 5 Best Anime Tracking Site of All Time

Hey did you know that Simkl is an awesome website for tracking all kinds of media?

It’s just like IMDB, but with even more categories like TV shows, movies, and anime.

You can easily keep up to date with all your favorite shows and movies on Simkl.

Give it a try! Simkl offers a super convenient automatic tracking feature!

It provides you with handy links to different streaming platforms and can even update your tracking automatically from there.

The website lets you easily import important lists from popular websites like MyAnimeList, IMDB, Netflix, and more!

Sure, I’d be happy to give it a try!

1. AniDB

anidb Anime Tracking Site 5 Best Anime Tracking Site of All Time

AniDB is short for Anime Database.

It’s a wonderful non-profit anime website that prides itself on being ad-free and free from any spyware, just as it claims on its site.

In 2002, aniDB was released to the public and it quickly became a popular and respected platform within the anime community.

Even though the website design might seem a bit outdated, it actually offers some incredible features and a wealth of information about all things anime.

You’ll find a wide range of content to explore and an active forum community to engage with.

AniDB is a fantastic option for anime fans looking for a tracking and community website.

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