Yes! New Garage and Storage Mod In The Sims

We’ve explored a number of beloved features from the Sims franchise that we long for in our current game like the garage and storage mod.

Many simmers overlook the significant feature of owning and driving cars, which is one of the most prominent aspects of the game.

Car ownership was first introduced in The Sims 2 and made a comeback in The Sims 3.

However, it has yet to make an appearance in The Sims 4.

Given the age of the game and EA’s focus on The Sims 5, it seems unlikely that cars will be added to The Sims 4.

Perhaps we can look forward to their return in the next installment.

Max20: The Garage and Storage Mod

The Garage And Storage mod Pack by MAX20 is a fantastic addition to your game.

It introduces a variety of items that will enhance your gaming experience, including cars, garage doors, shelves, and a range of decorative and clutter items inspired by garages.

These include toolboxes, storage racks, a jack, and paint cans.

Semi-Functional Car Mods

Garage and Storage mod semi Yes! New Garage and Storage Mod In The Sims

As a member of the pack, you’ll receive four Maxis-match vehicles with different levels of quality and pricing:

  • Olympus C OW: an affordable car that is perfect for budget-conscious buyers, priced at just §3000.
  • Olympus Electra S4: This affordable 4-door sedan is perfect for your sims’ needs, priced at just §7000.
  • Olympus Ambassador: a 2-door coupe designed for speed enthusiasts, available at an affordable price of §13000
  • Olympus Sport: This sleek sports car features a striking stripe along the top and can be yours for just §15000.

The cars remain still and non-animated, but you have the option to click on them and choose “Travel…” just as you would from your sim’s cell phone menu. This will take you to the map screen.

Amazing Garage Doors and Clutters

Garage and Storage mod door Yes! New Garage and Storage Mod In The Sims

Players have been showcasing their imaginative garage door designs for years, utilizing CC items and cleverly incorporating wallpapers, columns, and windows.

The Garage and Storage Pack includes two new garage doors, each available in two different sizes.

These doors are purely decorative, but they greatly enhance the visual appeal of your game by providing a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing option compared to the default options.

The Junk Keeper Box is not only a storage box, but also a convenient addition to your collection of new items.

No Cars in Sims 4?

Have you ever wondered why The Sims 4 doesn’t have cars yet?

It’s a feature that players have long desired, and EA has been responsive to player feedback on multiple occasions in the past.

It’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever catch a glimpse of it, and here’s the reason why.

No Open World Available

In this game, we don’t have an open world like in The Sims 3.

Your sims have the freedom to explore various areas within their neighborhoods without the need for a car.

Plus, anything beyond that is just a quick loading screen away.

Your sims will barely spend any time in their cars as they quickly move from one location to another.

Neighborhoods Lack Accommodating Cars.

Garage and Storage mod no car Yes! New Garage and Storage Mod In The Sims

Due to the game’s design, many areas of the map are not suitable for cars.

Certain worlds were designed without any roads, making it difficult for cars to reach the various points of interest scattered throughout the neighborhoods.

Why bother with a car when your sims can easily walk, bike, or even fly to their destination? It’s much more convenient and hassle-free.

The entire game would require an update to incorporate roads and car routes, and EA is currently focused on developing The Sims 5 instead.

Focus Was Multiplayer

One of the reasons this game can sometimes feel a bit rough around the edges is because it wasn’t originally designed to be played alone.

At first, The Sims 4 was designed to be a multiplayer game. However, EA changed their plans after the release of SimCity in 2013.

Unfortunately, the launch of SimCity was a complete disaster, with server overload causing many players to be unable to enjoy the game.

EA was able to gather enough resources to successfully launch The Sims 4, but it lacked certain features that seemed out of place for a multiplayer game, like Toddlers.

Although some of those features have been reintroduced, such as Toddlers, swimming pools, and hot tubs, the addition of cars would require a much more intricate implementation.

If the developers had intended to include cars, they would have done so prior to releasing numerous DLC packs that would also require adjustments.

Final Words

It’s unfortunate that cars will not be officially implemented in The Sims 4. However, there are mods and custom content available that can help fill that void to some extent.

The Garage and Storage Mod by MAX20 offers a wide range of features that go beyond mere decoration.

With this Garage and Storage mod, you can enhance your gaming experience by creating fully functional garages for your cars, along with a variety of other exciting additions.

Garages are a versatile space that can be used to store vehicles, keep your sim’s holiday decorations safe, or even transform into an additional apartment or workshop.

Which car from a previous game would you love to see added to The Sims 4?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy your simming experience!

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