Sims 4: Criminal Careers

Hello there, my simmer! I hope you’re having a great time with your simming!

Indeed, you read it correctly. Welcome! Let’s dive into the exciting world of Sims 4 Criminal Careers.

The criminal career is an enjoyable profession in The Sims 4.

Here’s a guide to help players maximize their experience and ensure that every moment is meaningful.

At some point, every player may consider the idea of bending the rules and exploring a different path.

The Sims 4 offers the opportunity to pursue a “Criminal Career,” allowing players to fulfill their desires.

While it may not offer the same level of satisfaction as other professions in the game, promotion bonuses more than make up for it.

This blog aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the criminal career in The Sims 4. It will cover various aspects such as ranks, necessary skills, and strategies to maximize its potential.

How can I choose a Criminal Career in Sims 4?

criminal career 1 Sims 4: Criminal Careers

First, open the phone and select the “Find a Job” option. Next, locate the “Criminal” option among the choices and give it a click.

In addition, players have the option to access the career panel located at the bottom of their screens to choose this career path.

Benefits for Bosses and Oracles

criminal career 4 1 Sims 4: Criminal Careers

The Sims 4’s Criminal Career Rewards your Sim for their mischievous behavior.

You have the option to either become a Crime Boss, lead a gang, or explore the Oracle Branch to further your knowledge of Hacking and internet crimes.

The top qualities may vary, but the most recommended goals are Public Enemy or Chief of Mischief.

Both of these options grant the Dastardly Bonus Trait, which greatly enhances mischief interactions and provides a solid foundation for starting a career.

Job Levels in Criminal Career and Career Unlocks

One effective method for leveling up the Mischief Skill is to reach Level 2 and engage in some playful mischief on the forums.

This offers consistent progress, unlike relying on interactions with other Sims.

It’s a good idea to choose your branch early so that you can begin developing the necessary skills before you start working in that field.

Criminal Careers Level 1-5

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Tough Guy/Gal$9/hourEvery Day, 5PM-12AM$63Perform Mischief InteractionsNothing
2Petty Thief$13/hourMon-Sat, 8PM-3AM$91Perform Mischief Interactions. Reach Level 2 Mischief$465, Emblems of Espionage
3Ring Leader$17/hourTue-Sat, 8PM-4AM$136Perform Mischief Interactions. Reach Level 3 Mischief Skill$558, Duffle o’ Cash, Pick Pocket Interaction
4Felonious Monk$23/hourTue-Sat, 7PM-2AM$161Perform Mischief Interactions. Reach Level 5 Mischief Skill$670, Vintage Baseball Bat Sculpture
5Minor Crimelord$32/hourTue-Sat, 8PM-2AM$192Perform Mischief Interactions. Reach Level 6 Mischief Skill$804, New CAS Parts

Boss Career

criminal career 2 Sims 4: Criminal Careers

The Search for Bank Blueprints ability, unlocked at level 9 and found under Web on the Computer, will boost your Sim’s Mischief Skill and grant an Inspired Moodlet for 2 Days.

This is a great way to level up your Mischief skills from the comfort of your own home without causing any conflicts with your family members.

I guess it may increase the chances of a bank heist happening while at work, but I haven’t personally experienced this.

If you happen to find the primary purpose of this ability, please feel free to inform us on the forum’s Suggestions board.

The rewards you receive for this Criminal Career emit a lighthearted and fun vibe, while the recommended mood for the Boss Career is focused.

Utilizing a Woodworking Table is a fantastic method for enhancing your Sim’s Handiness Skill.

Career Branches in Boss

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
6The Muscle$106/hourWed, Fri-Sat, 10PM-4AM$636Perform Mean Interactions. Reach Level 7 Mischief$1148, Stolen ATM
7Getaway Driver$273/hourWed, Sat, 8PM-3AM$1911Perform Mean Interactions. Reach Level 8 Mischief, Level 2 Handiness$2201, Bars of Gold
8Safe Cracker$319/hourSat-Sun, Wed, 6PM-1AM$2233Upgrade Objects, Reach level 9 Mischief, Level 4 Handiness$4211, Stolen Necklace of the Late Duchess Pinky
9The Brains$383/hourSun-Mon, Thu, 6PM-1AM$2681Upgrade Objects. Max Mischief (Level 10), Level 6 Handiness$6699, Search for Bank Blueprints (Computer interaction)
10The Boss$445/hourSun-Mon, Wed-Thu, 5PM-12AM$3115Perform Mean Interactions. Go to Work!$8039, Fisticuffs Punching Bag, New CAS Parts

Oracle Career

criminal career 3 Sims 4: Criminal Careers

The Oracle Career will have your Sim specializing in Hacking and creating Viruses on the Computer.

You still have some room for improvement with Mischief, but Oracles are much more pleasant than Bosses.

Being highly intelligent is a valuable asset for this profession, as it increases the Sim’s chances of becoming focused while working.

Additionally, they can use the computer to explore Simpedia and even hack the mainframe to gain a focused buff.

This Criminal Career grants you the power to Hack Mainframe, along with one of the top-notch computers in the game.

While it may not be invincible, it boasts an impressive Fun rating and a reliability score of 8. Hacking Mainframe will enhance your Sim’s focus and increase the profitability of hacking when successful.

This makes the criminal career an attractive option for those interested in earning a lucrative income through Hacking.

The Patched In buff lasts for a generous 8 hours, allowing you to engage in a profitable endeavor of hacking the various servers with programming skill.

Career Branches in Oracle

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
6DigiThief$43/hourSun-Thu, 1AM-9AM$344Hack or Make Viruses. Reach Level 7 Mischief Skill, Level 2 Programming$1148, Spy Satellite
7Elite Hacker$73/hourSun-Thu, 2AM-10AM$584Hack or Make Viruses. Reach Level 8 Mischief, Level 4 Programming$1723, Hot & Cold Tech Spec Poster, Hack Mainframe (Computer Interaction)
8An0nymous Ghost$130/hourSun-Tue, Thu, 1AM-10AM$1170Hack or Make Viruses. Reach Level 9 Mischief, Level 6 Programming$2929, The Indispensable
9Net Demon$234/hourSun-Tue, Thu, 1AM-8AM$1638Hack or Make Viruses. Max Mischief (Level 10), Reach Level 8 Programming$4686
10The Oracle$316/hourSun-Tue, Fri, 12AM-7AM$2212Hack or Make Viruses. Go to Work!$6560, Mayhem Portable Computer, New CAS Parts

Final Words

At last, we’ve arrived after this blog.

It was amusing to observe the career aspects involved in pursuing a life of crime. Isn’t that correct?

Put in the effort to earn your income. No, put in the effort for other people’s earned money!

Gone are the days of spooky sound effects and silly outfits for Criminals in The Sims 4. Now, these sneaky characters engage in serious crimes like hacking and robberies.

And when there’s risk involved at work, there’s also a decent amount of money in your paycheck, too.

The Sims 4 Criminal career offers two distinct job branches where you can explore the world of cybercrimes or embrace the thrill of being a nocturnal troublemaker.

Here, we have already provided a detailed breakdown of both tracks of the Criminal career in The Sims 4.

Happy simming, my lovely humans!!

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