Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

I hope everyone is doing well, my wonderful simmers.

Hearing the word “wedding” can evoke a range of emotions.

Today holds significance not just for you but also for your Sims.

Get ready to celebrate your sims’ love at these stunning venues!

EA has introduced a new lot type to the base game of The Sims 4 with the release of My Wedding Stories—wedding venues!

With the new pack, players can now enhance the marriage-centric gameplay by creating the ideal romantic setting for their Sims’ wedding day using the newly introduced wedding venue lots.

The addition of the new lot type has created a wonderful opportunity for players to showcase their creativity by designing and sharing their wedding lots on The Sims 4 Gallery. This allows others to appreciate and utilize these lots if they wish to do so.

With the amazing efforts of the player base and a wide range of venues available in every player’s library through My Wedding Stories, players of all types will discover a venue that suits their preferences.

Let’s explore these stunning Sims 4 wedding venues together.

Here are some of the best Sims 4 Wedding Venues

10. Glasswork Lover’s Chapel

Glasswork Lover27s Chapel wedding venue Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

Getting married in a chapel is a timeless way to officially unite two Sims, and the Glasswork’s Lover Chapel is the perfect choice for this special occasion.

This place is a lovely and traditional venue for a wedding, which adds to the charm of this chapel. The area has a pleasant appearance with tasteful decor that would make any Sim feel delighted to have their wedding there.

Gathering a group of guests at the chapel and witnessing their joy as two Sims unite creates a captivating tale.

The Glasswork Lover’s Chapel holds a cherished spot in the hearts of players who took the time to ensure their beloved Sims exchanged vows in this beautiful venue.

9. Jardín des Mis Amores

Jardin de mis Amores wedding venue Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

Tartosa’s architecture showcases a delightful blend of terracotta roofs and stucco walls. One of the finest examples can be found tucked away in the player library alongside My Wedding Stories—the charming Jardín des Mis Amores.

Jardín des Mis Amores provides beautiful halls that encircle a charming courtyard, complete with outdoor seating, a tiled patio, and a grand stone fountain at its heart.

Designed to accommodate one of the spacious lots in Tartosa, individuals have the option to select either of the two distinct Tartosa lots and experience a delightful summer wedding in a stunning and open courtyard.

8. Cottage Living Wedding

thank you my wedding stories for helping me stage the v0 Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

Calling all Sims players who love a warm and inviting atmosphere! If you have the Cottage Living Expansion Pack, you’re in for a treat with the Cottage Living Wedding lot by Octobinx.

It offers a charming barn wedding experience in the serene countryside.

With its meandering path of mossy cobblestones and ample seating options, the venue is ready to welcome you with open arms.

It has everything you need for a truly enchanting day, from charming string lights and a well-stocked bar to a lush garden filled with trees and flowers.

It’s the ideal setting for a romantic ceremony, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

7. Antique Wedding venue

Antique Wedding venue Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

If you’re in search of a wedding venue that captures the essence of a lavish and extravagant wedding, the Antique Wedding Venue by PrincessMabelles is certainly worth considering.

Situated on a sprawling, lush property atop a hill, the Antique Wedding Venue offers an abundance of space that can easily accommodate even the grandest wedding celebrations.

Sims will embark on a delightful journey as they ascend a meandering path enveloped by blooming flowers and majestic marble pillars.

Their destination is a mystical, overgrown ruin that has been beautifully reimagined for an enchanting fairytale wedding.

This wedding venue in The Sims 4 is truly exceptional and deserves a spot on any couple’s shortlist, without a doubt.

6. Felicitá Sulla Sabbia

Felicit3F sulla Sabbia wedding venue Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

Weddings on the beach are timeless and beloved by many. With the My Wedding Stories Game Pack, players can now add a stunning wedding venue to their library, allowing them to bring their classic dream wedding to life.

Perfectly suited for the beach lot in Tartosa, Felicitá Sulla Sabbia offers a delightful outdoor wedding experience.

It boasts a vibrant display of tropical flowers and potted plants, along with a dance floor, a grand piano, and a romantic wedding aisle adorned with rose petals.

If you’re looking for a place to have a simple ceremony or renew your vows, or if you’re a fan of beach ceremonies, Felicitá Sulla Sabia is definitely worth a visit.

5. Church Wedding

church Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

For those seeking a traditional and timeless wedding, the Church Wedding Venue by Vassyee is an ideal option.

It offers the charm and elegance of an old church, making it a classic choice for a simple and intimate ceremony.

This location is perfect for those seeking a cozy indoor ceremony in a charming stone church adorned with vibrant stained-glass windows.

You’ll find a lovely grassy courtyard outside with charming stone walls surrounding it.

Following the ceremony, Sims can delight in an outdoor reception and banquet held in a charming glass-roofed patio and a spacious garden.

There, they can dance, socialize, and enjoy the company of their wedding party members.

4. Swamp Wedding

Swamp Wedding Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

If you’ve ever dreamed of a magical wedding in the midst of a lush forest, the Swamp Wedding by Jazmilia is the perfect venue for you.

It will make you feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. Amidst a serene pond filled with beautiful water lilies, a charming cobblestone path leads to a picturesque wedding arch adorned with leaves and flowers.

The enchanting glow of fairy lights hanging from a grand oak tree will surround Sims, who choose to exchange their vows here.

The aisle is elegantly lined with lanterns, flowers, and rustic log seating for their beloved guests.

The Swamp Wedding venue also includes a brief and heartwarming story in the description about how two Sims crossed paths, adding a lovely touch of romance to an already enchanting venue.

3. Wild Wedding

video game the sims 4 flower garden people hd wallpaper preview Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

The Wild Wedding by Aleee2011 is perfect for those who appreciate the charm of outdoor weddings.

It offers everything that simmers desire in a small, intimate wedding set against the backdrop of the sky or stars.

Located on a 20×20 lot, the Wild Wedding provides ample seating for guests and the wedding party.

It features a full-sized aisle with seating for the ceremony and a charming, fenced-in aesthetic that is ideal for Sims looking to embrace their adventurous side after a night of vows, drinks, and dancing.

2. New Moon Wedding Venue Re

New Moon Wedding Venue Re 1536x768 1 Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

If you’re looking to add a touch of charm to your traditional outdoor wedding, look no further than MarianaPires101’s lot New Moon Wedding Venue Re.

Presenting a fresh take on ZLXRACHEL’s original lot, this unique creation combines the imaginative designs of two talented simmers.

The result is a stunning lot situated on Brindleton Bay’s island, offering a breathtaking view of the majestic Brindleton Lighthouse during the ceremony.

The New Moon Wedding Venue is a picturesque location for a fairytale wedding, complete with a grand piano, an elegant white gazebo, and charming winding paths that lead to tables and chairs arranged in the shape of a heart, mirroring the altar.

1. Tartosa White Wedding

Tartosa White Wedding Best Wedding Venues in Sims 4

White weddings exude a timeless and sophisticated charm, making them an ideal option for wedding planners seeking decor that complements the bride’s dress.

For players seeking a welcoming atmosphere and a lot that complements My Wedding Stories’ new world, Simstanie’s Tartosa White Wedding Lot is a cozy venue featuring a modest arch under a charming pavilion adorned with elegant white curtains.

Guests at the wedding can enjoy the beautiful music played on the grand piano, take in the breathtaking park-like scenery with its vibrant flowers and plant life, and have a great time dancing and sipping on drinks under the open sky.

Final Words

The beloved simulation game, The Sims 4, offers players the opportunity to explore various aspects of life, including the realm of romance.

The romantic aspect of The Sims 4 enhances the gameplay by adding depth and realism, enabling players to form stronger connections with their Sims.

Fortunately, this game provides a diverse range of wedding locations that span across all of the additional packs that enhance the game, ranging from venues nestled in nature to beaches boasting white sand.

If your Sims are ready to take their relationship to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of the best wedding locations for The Sims 4.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect spot for your Sims’ big day, keep reading!

I hope this was useful in helping you find the perfect fit!

Happy simming!!

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