Sims 4: Aspiration for a Soulmate

When compared to the other love-related ambitions in The Sims 4, the soulmate aspiration stands out as the most admirable example of its kind.

It is one of several love-related aspirations available in the game.

This goal focuses on going on dates with someone, getting married, and finally reaching the level of a soulmate relationship when you are completely in love with that person!

Render of romantic garden items from The Sims 4, including two soulmate sims walking arm in arm in front of a fountain and flowers.

Characteristics That Support the Search for a Soulmate

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There are certain characteristics that are going to go along with each desire in the game, and these characteristics will make it simpler to achieve the aspirations.


Sims who have the romantic trait will have an easier time with romance-related activities like flirting and will also find it simpler to engage in flirty behavior themselves.

This can help you increase your pink connection bar faster, allowing you to reach the soulmate level sooner than you otherwise would have been able to.

Family oriented

Although the attribute of being family oriented is not directly connected to this desire, I believe that the two go hand in hand because the vast majority of sims that are going to be concentrating on finding a soulmate will also want a family.

Companion Reward Trait

The reward trait for your partner that you receive at the end of the ambition is… satisfactory.

Your Sims will be able to engage in certain new interactions with one another such as providing emotional support to one another and sharing the load of responsibilities.

These interactions are not particularly thrilling.

I’m not certain if achieving this desire is worth the effort it takes to achieve this uninteresting attribute.

Levels of the Aspiration

Level One: Amor Amateur

Have a boyfriend or girlfriend, whichever you like.

Have two different first dates.

If you want a boyfriend or girlfriend in the game, you need to build up your friendship with someone for a while before asking them for a romantic interaction.

Until then, they won’t accept it from you.

I recommend beginning with a playful exchange of words.

If this conversation goes well, you can continue having romantic conversations with the other sim until you have the opportunity to ask them to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.

In order to go on two dates, you have two options: you can either go to your sim’s phone and ask them out on a date, or you can click on your boyfriend or girlfriend in the relationships panel, where there should be an option to ask them out on a date.

These dates do not require you to obtain medals; all you need to do is attend; it’s that simple.

Level Two: Marriage Material

Become an Adult

Have Your Wedding with Your Best Friend.

Becoming an adult is something that needs no explanation, yet this milestone in your sim’s life will be reached when they reach the young adult life stage.

Your Sim must also be married to their Best Friend Forever, which should not be difficult if you already have a solid friendship relationship with your significant other.

You will eventually have the opportunity to become best friends with someone once your friendship has progressed to a certain level.

You can fulfill this requirement before or after you get married, and it will still be sufficient.

Third Level: Love Handler

Acquire the Silver Medal After Going Out on Two Dates with Your Spouse

Develop a Relationship with Your Spouse That Is Like a Soulmate

Your Sims need to find their soulmates in order to complete this section of the aspiration.

You’ll need to put a lot of effort into raising the romantic relationship bar if you want to be able to have a soulmate connection with your spouse.

The romantic relationship bar in the game has a maximum value of 100 points, and as your sim increases their romantic bar, they will progress through it from simply being good friends to having a romantic interest to being lovebirds, and when they reach a level of romance between 75 and 100, they will be elevated to the status of soulmate.

It is essential to keep in mind that these Sims need to have a friendship level of at least 60 percent.

In addition to this, you are required to take your spouse out on two separate dates.

Therefore, even after you’ve tied the knot, you should continue to cultivate your relationship with your Sim by going on frequent dates with them.

You only need to complete the tasks that show up in the upper left corner of the screen if you want to increase your chances of getting silver!

On the other hand, you should avoid scheduling these dates during holidays because it is impossible to have both a holiday and a goal date running at the same time.

Level Four: Soulmate

Take part in 50 different romantic gestures with your partner as you celebrate your union.

Gain gold by going on three dates with your spouse.

When your two Sims have reached the soulmate level of their relationship, it will be very simple for them to pull out successful romantic gestures toward one another.

To fulfill this requirement, you will need to complete fifty different activities that fall under the social category of romance.

In the end, you will need to get gold on all three dates that you go on with your husband.

Getting gold on a date is a bit more difficult than getting silver, but it can be very simple for a pair that already has feelings for one other.

During the date, simply carry out the tasks that the game assigns you to complete.

Final Words

It is a wonderful thing to fall in love with The Sims because it allows you to create a large family and continue to feel passionate about each other forever.

It is rather simple and a lot of fun to work through the soulmate aspiration, but it is debatable whether or not it is worth the time to obtain the tedious reward attribute.

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