Sims4: Guidelines on Finding a Sim ID

Find Your Sim is a recurring objective in The Sims 4, which requires you to search high and low for your Sim.

When you want to make use of certain hacks, you will typically be required to locate your Sims before you can move on.

This is because certain cheats call for your Sim ID rather than just the Sim’s first and last name to be entered.

To accomplish this goal, you will need to locate the ID for your Sims.

The id of a Sim typically consists of a string of number digits that are quite long.

A Sim ID is a unique identifier for a Sim in the game that can be used to help activate hacks pertaining to that Sim.

Each Sim in the game has its own unique Sim ID.

Therefore, if you are unsure about the ID of your Sims, you should look at the procedure that can be used to discover it.

The Sims 4: Your Guide to Getting a Sim ID

As was just discussed, there are a few tricks that require you to know the Sim ID of the Sim you want to use rather than their first or last name.

Locating the ID of your Sims can be done in a quick and uncomplicated manner.

You will obtain the Sims ID as soon as you make use of the accompanying trick.

All you need to do is follow these instructions.

You are going to need to start off by opening the “cheat box.”

To achieve this, simultaneously hit the “Ctrl” key, the “Shift” key, and the “C” key on your keyboard.

The cheat box will be unlocked at this point.

Following that, you will be required to type in sims.

Press the Enter button after typing, sims.get_sim_id_by_name (First Name) (Last Name) replacing (First Name) and “Last Name” with the Sim’s own first and last name.

After pressing the enter button, you will see a long line of numbers that represents your id at the very end of the process.


Although it may seem annoying to have to complete an additional step in order to use a certain cheat, it is in fact fairly simple to discover the ID of your Sims by using the methods that have been discussed above.

We hope that this information assists you in locating the ID of your Sims.

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