Why Does Kakashi Cover his Face?

Everyone has probably wondered why does Kakashi cover his face.

Naruto, like any great shonen franchise, has a large cast of well-developed, intriguing characters.

Characters from Naruto have been on every list of popular characters and at every anime cosplay convention in the world.

But one Naruto character is so popular that he is even better known than the show’s main character.

Hatake Kakashi, who originally appeared in Chapter 3 of the serialized Naruto manga, has become not just a fan favorite but also an iconic figure, especially among people who are unfamiliar with anime or manga.

Furthermore, Kakashi’s fame is well-deserved. In addition to his outstanding intelligence and combat abilities (including the Sharingan eye, which allowed him to copy over), Kakashi’s design is both appealing to viewers and congruent with his character attributes.

Several Theories on Why does Kakashi cover his face?

why does kakashi cover his face Why Does Kakashi Cover his Face?

Though it was never clearly established in canon there have been various theories:

  1. He has a similar appearance to his father. Kakashi began wearing the mask at least five years ago, while his father was still alive and well, so it can’t be exactly this, although he might have worn it to conceal his father-like appearance. To begin with, it might be because he resents Sakumo for breaking the norms and ostracising both of them, but once he dies, it could just be unpleasant to see himself in the mirror and see his father. He also covers Obito’s eye, even though he can keep it closed without the covering, which is probably for the same purpose.
  1. It is useful. Covering the lower face appears to be extremely popular in Naruto (for example, Sasori’s puppet disguise, Uchiha collars, Zabuza, Suna scarves in what appears to be traditional garb, ANBU (although this covers the entire face), Shino’s hood, and so on), and for good cause. If you travel frequently, it would be beneficial to protect your face from being chilly and from inhaling sand, dust, or insects. It would also help you avoid being recognized and may be used to create an interesting disguise (eg when Kakashi pretends to be a photographer). It may also prevent you from breathing in things like airborne poison during combat.
  1. He might be dulling his senses. According to the anime, Kakashi is an excellent tracker, implying that he has enhanced senses such as scent. In a regular setting, this sort of talent may be overwhelming, thus he would wear a mask to prevent this from happening.
  1. It’s possible that he has peculiar teeth. The idea that Kakashi’s mother is an Inuzuka is a common fan theory, and it’s also one that I believe in. This would explain why he is able to call upon dogs, as well as why he is an effective tracker and maybe has an enhanced sense of smell. In this scenario, he may have had pointed teeth, and he may have begun wearing the mask so that he would not frighten the other youngsters who were attending the academy.
  2. It’s possible that he’s a shy person. After all, he does blush often, and it’s possible that the mask and the book are merely ways for him to hide his face.
  3. It’s possible that he’s trying to disguise his feelings behind this. This might prevent him from projecting his intentions onto the ninjas of the other team, which would make him more difficult to anticipate in combat… It’s also possible that he does this to prevent others from becoming too emotionally connected to him and seeking to be his buddy so that he doesn’t risk losing anybody else who is close to him.
  4. As the episode in which Teuchi and Ayame view his face when he’s eating and get nosebleeds and heart eyes suggests, he could be ridiculously gorgeous and/or cute and attempting to discourage fangirls from following him. He might also be trying to hide the fact that he is so. This hypothesis is a little too straightforward for my taste, but some find it appealing.
  5. It’s possible that he’s just attempting to be mysterious.
  6. It could just be a habit.
  7. It’s possible that it’s some of both.

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