Sound! Euphonium 3: TRUE’s Opening Song Out

The staff of Kyoto Animation’s Sound! Euphonium franchise unveiled the second promotional video for Sound! Euphonium 3, the anime’s highly anticipated third season, during the AnimeJapan 2024 event on Saturday.

The video showcases the anime’s opening theme song “ReCoda” by TRUE in a delightful manner.

The Sound! Euphonium 3 anime is set to premiere on April 7 and will be broadcasted on NHK Educational every Sunday at 5:00 p.m JST.

The Sound! Euphonium 3 anime is set to have a total of 13 episodes. The anime’s initial two episodes were shown in Tokyo on March 16 and in Kyoto on March 17.

Crunchyroll will be streaming the anime in various regions around the world, including North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS, as it airs in Japan.

The company describes the story of Sound! Euphonium 3:

Eupho embarks on the exciting 3rd-Year Arc! The highly anticipated 3rd season of Sound! The arrival of Euphonium is scheduled for this Spring.

The concert band at Kitauji High School boasts an impressive membership of over 90 talented individuals.

Sound Euphonium 3 Sound! Euphonium 3: TRUE's Opening Song Out

Oumae Kumiko is now the president and puts in her utmost effort to lead her final high school club activities in pursuit of winning the coveted gold at nationals.

TRUE has been chosen to perform the opening theme song for the season titled “ReCoda.”

The “Kitauji Quartet” has been chosen to perform the ending theme song “Onshoku no Kanata” (Beyond the Timbre).

Kumiko’s third year in high school will be adapted into the anime. Mayu Kuroe is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu.

Ayano Takeda, the original light novel author, graciously shared the story of Kumiko’s final year in high school through two captivating novel volumes.

The initial volume was sent out in April 2019, followed by the second volume in June 2019.

The franchise’s first 13-episode television anime series made its debut in April 2015.

The Gekijō-ban Hibike! was inspired by the anime. The “flashback” film of Euphonium: Kitauji Kōkō Suisōgaku-Bu e Yōkoso will be released in April 2016.

The sequel series Sound! Euphonium 2 premiered in October 2016, consisting of 13 episodes.

In September 2017, a compilation film called Gekijō-ban Hibike! Euphonium: Todoketai Melody was released, inspired by the sequel series.

The Liz and the Blue Bird film, which focuses on Mizore Yoroizuka and Nozomi Kasaki, was released in Japan in April 2018.

The movie Sound! Euphonium – Our Promise: A Brand New Day was released in Japan in April 2019.

Kumiko is the protagonist of the film, and she is a second-year student.

Hibike! Special Edition Euphonium: Ensemble Contest, Kyoto Animation’s theatrical anime of the “Ensemble Concert” arc, premiered in Japan in August 2023 across 74 theaters.

The Sound! Euphonium 3 film marks the long-awaited return of the franchise with a new sequel anime after a four-year hiatus.

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