40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

It is the little things that really matter! You probably have many little touches in your living room that bring life to it.

These are expressions of you and the things you love. Sims’ rooms should be the same. Adding clutter to a room can make it more appealing.

You can use paper towels in the kitchen or bathroom and a soap pump in the bathroom. A small vase in the living room is a nice touch to make the place feel homier.

The most varied category in The Sims 4 is the Clutter. It is basically a collection of ornament objects. There is an endless supply of ornaments to choose from. 

They are all gorgeous, however. We’ve curated the best Clutter mods and CC for you. These are some of our favorite Clutter mods & CC.

40. Antique Stacks

40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods CC Packs 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

It’s easy to fool people into believing you are an intellectual. Especially when you have a stack of hardbound books that could mix in a Hogwarts classroom.

This CC can enchant naive Sims with curious enchantments, regardless of their ability to cast spells.

You can decorate your forgotten corners or tabletops with an assortment of old tomes. It will likely collect dust for many years.

39. Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

My Sims is my favorite game, but I must admit that I couldn’t live without it. 

There are so many great games and a portable way to play video games that you can’t go wrong with, that it’s a necessity to bring that to The Sims.

This Nintendo Switch Light can be used as a decoration, in a Sims gaming room, or simply to stand out from the crowd.

38. Sabrina Decor

sabrina 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

To transform Sim into a witch or a wizard, would require more than a magic broom and a cauldron.

To convince your entire neighborhood you are a magic-wielding entity, it would take more than just dark makeup and readymade costumes.

You can take a leaf from Severus Snape’s terrifying potions room and decorate Sim’s home with all things magical, dangerous, and spellbinding – it’s the perfect recipe for creating spellbinding interiors.

37. Bath and Body Works Candles

Bath and Body Works Candles 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Candles can make any space feel cozier. Bathrooms, bedrooms, offices- anywhere! 

Everyone knows that you can treat yourself to a nice candle at Bath and Body Works. Your Sims are now able to treat themselves!

Your Sim will feel like they have a good haul of Autumn scents. There are so many candles that you can choose from that you won’t need to repeat the same candle in any room.

36. Boxroom Decorative Set

Boxroom Decorative Set.. 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Before TS4, Sims was more focused on eating, sleeping, and getting ready for the day.

With the Laundry Day Pack, laundry labor can be either adopted or endured. 

Although this chore is not directly related to the playthrough, it can be a great way to show your Sims that you care about their appearance.

Solny’s decorative CC set has all you need to clean up and support your spick-and-span image!

There are 9 different creations that include cleaners, sponges, and gloves. You can also store additional items for chores.

35. Annie Bathroom Set

Annie Preview Outdoor 1 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Bathrooms aren’t given enough attention. Although they may not be the most beautiful room in the house or the most popular, Sims who enjoy long baths and spend a lot of time cleaning up will need something to make them shine.

The Annie Bathroom set is rustic and charming. Beautiful pale blues combined with light browns make your Sims bathroom the perfect place to relax. 

You’ll find some clutter here, including a potted Eucalyptus plant and towels to hang on the wall. There are also multiple soaps to clean up any mess.

34. Geode Shells

images 1 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

It was amazing to see rocks in such cool ways. Gems, crystals, and everything in-between are great ways to bring color into small spaces.

They also catch the light of the sun making them even more beautiful.

These Geode Shells make a great clutter piece for Sims who are into nature and/or witches or just love shiny things.

33. Limoges Bathroom Accessories

w 920h 690 3135247 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Sims bathing is an amazing sight, especially because they can dry themselves instantly by twirling.

This low-maintenance routine doesn’t require shampoos or bath creams. These bathroom products are effectively rendered useless.

It is so hard to let go of vanity.

Although your Sims may not use soap as often, this CC pack by Onyxium will still display bathroom luxury.

You’d normally take these items home with you from a hotel. They include a reed diffuser and a toilet paper stand.

32. Kitchen Clutter

w 920h 690 3114258 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

The heart of the house is the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the house. It’s always hungry for space and renovations.

It is, in fact, the most important space known to humans and Simkind as long as it does not look like a Taco Bell with rat infestations.

The PQSIM4 set has simple and clean storage units that will keep neat freaks happy. So long as Sims has low cooking skills stay away from the premises.

31. The Art Side of Life

tumblr a9abe3f128567e1788467094eb162a81 2f32731b 640 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Artsy Sims is a favorite Sim in the game. Their creativity is endless and they are always ready to sell their latest creations. 

Already, we’ve been given canvases and tarps painted with paint on them to spice up our workspaces. But, we know this won’t cut it.

The Art Side of Life. This clutter set includes everything your Sim will need to express their creativity.

30. Wilma Decor

w 920h 690 3218273 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Wilma Decoration makes your Sims feel more like guests when they visit your Sims’ homes.

Stoneware is elegant and chic. Matching spoons and vases will set the scene for the perfect dinner party.

29. Daguerre Photography Set

w 920h 690 3159667 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

If your Sim is an incredibly talented photographer, it’s only fair to give them enough clutter to make their studio look bigger!

This Syboubou CC pack will help you nurture your Sim’s passion for photography. It includes all the essential items that a master photographer needs.

Place a selection of photos on the table or on the ceiling, along with vintage cameras and stylish furniture.

Your Sim can even show off a collection of photography books they have never read.

28. Professional Makeup

55bdcee12f0710675821105e2bb076d3 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

It may seem like the usual cosmetics spread for professionals. This is a tiny pile of cosmetics compared to the beauty standards of today.

Despite this, the CC pack still has enough items to fill a vanity with enough lipsticks that there is no room for another.

This massive collection of makeup essentials will make you feel like an artist. It also includes a vanity and chair that will give you the ultimate glamorous look.

27. Coffee Set

890d3bd1fad959b384dd7b75213cd381 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Everyone loves a cup of coffee in the morning. So why not create a coffee station for your Sims? 

This Coffee Set includes everything your Sims need to have a great start to their day.

You can choose from a variety of Starbucks coffee products, including bottled Frappuccinos or regular coffee grounds. 

Add a few decorative mugs to complete your coffee bar.

26. Lush Products

4 21c2b138 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

To make your Sims’ bathroom even more special, we have included their favorite Lush products to keep them smelling and feeling great. 

The Lush Products collection includes the best products from the store, such as lotions and shower gels. They also have toothy tabs that can be used to give their teeth extra care.

Every product has multiple scents, so you can choose your favorite and gift it to your Sims. Everyone deserves a special bath night!

25. Farmers Market

46266d41ab22b8bdc70d576e181ab243 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

This collection is great because it can be used in two ways.

You can set it up in your Sim’s home to show them all the vegetables they have grown, or you can use it somewhere else like your town park to create a farmer’s market for everyone to visit when they are looking for farm-to-table food.

Farmer’s market offers you several options for stalls and decorative produce. You can also use fresh fruits and vegetables to decorate your home.

24. Alberta Decor

13 alberta decor sims 4 cc screenshot 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

It is always nice to see a well-organized desk before it becomes cluttered with deadlines and tasks.

CCs are able to keep clutter at work neat and organized, which is a huge benefit for A players who have trouble finding memo pads or calendars that are off-center.

This CC set by soloriya can motivate your Sim to get through hump days or weekdays. It could even make it fun to work from home!

23. Breakfast Clutter

good morning breakfast clutter at novvvas 5e1bb0767bc65 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Sim and no human can dispute the fact that breakfast should be the most important meal of the day.

It’s one of the greatest pleasures in life to wake up after a long night and see all your favorite breakfast foods arranged on a table.

EA developers didn’t code the game.

Let’s fix an inexcusable error and serve some breakfast junk to Sim’s empty table!

This CC pack includes everything you need to give your Sim’s home a taste of home, including cereal boxes and toast.

22. Mist Livingroom Decor

family dream house living room 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

The Mist Livingroom Decor is the perfect interior design option if you want to copy the look of a celebrity home.

The CC is a modern, cool, and stylish way to upgrade your living space.

This set includes 10 pieces, including coffee table books, bookends, and incense.

This pack is simple luxury at its best, even though it’s not made of real gold.

21. Mares Pantry

03 the pantry collection pasta boxes sims 4 cc 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

The kitchen is where we spend a lot of thought and time. But what about the storage? 

If the kitchen isn’t stocked with food and ingredients that can be used by your Sims to cook the food, it won’t look right.

Mares Pantry contains everything you need for a pantry that is so well-organized, that it’s almost satisfying. 

A collection of shelves filled with milk bottles and canned goods as well as spices keeps all your Sims necessities in one place.

20. Ice Cream Cups

06 sims cc ice cream cups screenshot 1 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

A refreshing scoop of ice cream is the best thing to eat on a hot summer’s day. 

You can make your Sims’ experience more real by adding Ice Cream Cups to the mix.

8 swatches, with different cup designs and flavors. The cherry on top is all that is missing.

19. Storage Squared Cubby Inserts

Storage Squared Cubby Inserts 1 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

It is obvious that our bedroom often houses the most valuable (and also the most useless) belongings.

Bedroom clutter, from old toys to dusty art materials, will always bring joy when it is given time.

Marie Kondo would not approve. If your Sim has enough room for cubby holes, you can keep those trinkets safe until they are sold at the next garage sale.

18. Kitchen Jen Part 3

Kitchen Jen Part 3 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

According to one’s lifestyle and needs, the kitchen clutter can change dynamically.

Sims are unable to choose the look of their kitchen, as it all depends on how they feel and what they have in common.

If you agree with me that this CC Pack is stunning AF, then your Sim’s Sim’s kitchen interiors will be in good hands.

Kitchen Jen’s final part includes 10 amazing items that will make you want to learn how to cook on YouTube.

Enjoy a stunning collection of plates, bowls, and bottles that will satisfy your CC cravings.

17. Kitchen Objects

Kitchen Objects 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

My favorite place to add clutter objects is in the kitchen. The kitchen feels more like my own home with all the little touches like spice racks and mugs for Sims coffee.

Many Sims feel the exact same way. A well-equipped kitchen makes cooking more enjoyable for everyone.

This collection includes 9 kitchen clutter items, including glass bottles for spices and a basket with onions, and containers for oil or vinegar. 

This collection has a simple, minimalist look that will go well in any Sims home.

16. Do not clutter your home with housework

Do not clutter your home with housework 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Spring is just around the corner and that means it’s time for a deep clean in your home. 

Sims don’t use too many tools or cleaners to maintain their homes, but they do have brooms and dustpans that are visible on the walls.

Housework clutter is ideal for Sims who are passionate about tidying up and have just purchased their first home.

15. Decor Shoes

Decor Shoes 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

The Sims 4 clutter section is well-known for the famous shoe rack. It’s a shame that I find myself putting it next to my front door. 

However, I love having my Sims shoes displayed. But, let’s face the truth, it gets tedious to wear the same shoes over and over again.

You might have one pair of shoes for your Sims.

14. Wine & Champaign Pt 1

Wine Champaign Pt 1 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

This collection of clutter Wine & Champaign wines is the best for Sims.

It can be used as decor in their dining area or bar, as well as a way to showcase your Sim’s exceptional taste in adult beverages.

Your Sim is serving up top-quality wines at your dinner parties!

13. Healing Stones

sims 4 crystals collection guide 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

You might like the look of geodes but are looking for something smaller, maybe for a shelf or a desk. 

You might consider adding Healing Stones to your Sims’ house. 

These stones are not rough and unaltered and can be easily carried around in one’s hand.

There are 9 options for this set. You can choose from moonstone, aventurine, crystal quartz, or both. These stones offer a variety of colors and healing properties.

12. Franxius Office Decorations

Fraxinus Office Decorations 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Some workspaces are not as creative as others. Our left-brained Sims may be able to work from home and fill out paperwork or do calculations after their day’s work. 

They might be looking for Franxius Office Decors items if that is the case.

This collection is elegant, beautiful, and practical. This collection is the perfect fit for any Sims office.

11. Nicole’s Fav CC Collect – August Edition

Nicoles Fav CC Collect August Edition 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

This rustic meets boho collection has a wide range of pieces that can be used in any room.

This collection is different from the others we have seen. 

Each item is a separate download link, so you don’t have to add them all to one file. 

You’ll get only the items you need and no extra cc that you don’t need.

10. Witchy Things V1

Witchy Things V1 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

All Sim witches are invited! 

This set includes a selenite-wand, smudging, and tarot card pack, Witchy Things, as well as all the necessary tools for spiritual cleansing.

Take deep breaths, make a cup of tea and then let the tarot read help them relax.

9. Ikea Inspired Kitchen Set

Ikea Inspired Kitchen Set 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Ikea Inspired Kit includes everything you need to make your home feel cozy and real.

You can store spices, cooking tools, trash containers, and even junk food for midnight snacks.

All of this is possible with simple shelves and racks that will tie everything together.

8. Animal Crossing Clutter

animal crossing isabelle 1 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

When Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched on the Nintendo Switch, I did not expect to see my friends aged twenty-something fall in love with video games.

It’s also a life simulation game, much like Sims. The similarities do not end there.

Animal Crossing’s gentle gameplay and preschool-friendly characters are a world away from The Sims’ WooHoo-laden interactions. Yet, we still have Animal Crossing CC. Isn’t that something?

Despite the differences in visuals and graphics across the galaxy, okruee’s AC-inspired clutter still fits perfectly into TS4. This is some adorable clutter for AC lovers.

7. Create Your Clutter

Create Your Clutter 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

If you find yourself falling in love with your Sim’s house, it’s likely that you need A) a cat or B) a major overhaul, or C) plants.

Let me pretend that you have answered C. I will tell you how indoor plants can bring new life to your visually decaying home.

Most physical clutter will eventually be tossed away. Indoor plants, however, can be kept alive.

You can feel a sense of purpose by taking care of small pieces of nature (or not forgetting climate change).

Don’t try to grow a forest. This CC pack allows you to start small and mix and match different plants, office accessories, and even plant containers.

6. Peg To Differ – Entryway Set

Peg To Differ Entryway Set 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

No matter if your Sim lives in a large mansion or is living in a small home, each residence will have its own way of welcoming guests.

The rich and the famous can have grand foyers that make them feel like royalty.

It would require more creativity for the middle class.

Ravasheen’s entryway set is not extravagant. It can create a more welcoming and warm atmosphere than a Kardashian home.

This 10-piece set gives your guests a glimpse into your home’s personality. It includes a smart speaker and a functional dresser. Lights and other accessories are also included.

5. Music posters add-on

Music posters add on 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

My fangirling nature was difficult to fulfill as a child since I had no bedroom.

My teenage idols were not worshipped in my home, so it was like missing out on preadolescent traditions.

Although it is a little too late to indulge in my obsessive admiration of Sims, it’s not too late for their Sims.

These posters by BottsBotts will decorate your walls and get rid of boring wallpaper!

More than 20 posters are creatively designed to add color and Simlish to your home.

4. Little Ceramics

littleceramicspreview 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Potted plants are a great alternative to living in a house full of clutter if you are a Gen Z millennial or a Gen Z-er and don’t want to take on the responsibility of caring for a child.

Indoor plants are more emotionally invested than any spoilt child and have a lower mortality rate and attention span.

Little Ceramics allows you to decorate the spaces in your Sim’s home and create an oasis by planting one houseplant at a time.

3. One Billion Pixels Recolor

One Billion Pixels Recolor 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Instant cameras are a hot commodity thanks to the revival and popularity of Polaroid.

Digital natives have been urged to look beyond their smartphones and take stock of the precious moments they can capture.

These photos of life are often featured on mainstream Pinterest. It brings beauty to our lives, but who can deny its beauty?

Your Sims won’t be able to feature in a film by this CC. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate them and hang them up!

2. Mirake Conversions

Mirake conversions 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

When you are building a Sim home, it is not easy to imagine interior design.

Inspiration can strike when you least expect it.

Mirake’s CC Pack contains a set of unrelated items that really embodies clutter.

You will find a stereo, sewing basket, and frame as well as a bamboo vase and other useful items at a dollar shop.

The entire collection is not very logical.

These items will fill in any gaps in empty rooms, so you can be sure.

1. 90s Bitch

90s Bitch 40 Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

Although you may not be a baby of the ’90s, no one can resist a trip back to the greatest decade in history.

The CC Pack from simmer berlin includes items that will make you remember the good ‘ole times.

This CC set includes everything you need to recall the glory days of life before the iPhone and confuse the brightest.

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