18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

There is little hope for us commoners to ascend to the thrones of the real world.

That said, we can still act as if. To be an effective leader, one must possess many traits.

But I think you’ll agree that discipline and honesty aren’t what you’ll need most of all.

It looks like a crown, doesn’t it?

In light of this, I have compiled a list of the finest and most royal-feeling Sims 4 CC crowns, so that you, too, may indulge your inner prince or princess.

18. Elsa Crown

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Girls, listen up: Kikisimlive has just fulfilled every little girl’s Frozen-inspired crown fantasy.

By donning this item, your Sim will be instantly transported to the enchanted kingdom of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf the Snowman.

Just hum the tune to “Let It Go” and move on.

17. Crown Red Queen

2651094 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

This crown, if it seems familiar, is because you have seen it before—possibly in the Red Queen’s palace.

Alice in Wonderland devotees (or just fans of fancy accessories with ruby red gemstones)

16. Alien Crown

2619913 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

This alien crown from Soloriya is a must-have for any science fiction fan, and it comes in three different colours!

This item is sure to be a conversation starter no matter how old or young, male or female, your Sim is.

If you feel like you need this right now but you can’t put your finger on why.

15. Swan Sims 4 Crown

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Like something out of a fairytale, a tiara can transform an ordinary outfit into a stunning bridal ensemble (click here for more wedding cc).

Anyone who lays eyes on your Sims princess wearing this crown will be impressed.

14. Puanani Flower Crown

w 920h 690 3046629 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

The addition of this flower crown completes the ensemble beautifully.

Wear it with classy garments for a sophisticated look, or go all-out hippie bohemian with flowing dresses and dangling jewellery.

13. Puanani Hair W/ Flower Crown

w 920h 690 3046700 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

I dare you to name a famous person who hasn’t tried this hairstyle, from Beyonce to Rihanna.

It’s a no-brainer that this hairstyle, with its gentle waves and bun on top, will work for any age, style, or occasion.

Just throw on a colourful flower crown for an instant dose of boho cool.

12. History Lovers Sims Blog Crowns

0 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

You can find this CC, which includes crowns in a mediaeval style for both adults and children, on the History Lovers Sims Blog.

Both gold and silver versions of the royal, royale, lion, and spike crowns are available.

If you’re the conventional type, any of these will suit you just fine.

11. Jewelled Crown

5 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

The jewelled crown in simverse is reminiscent of what most people picture when they think of a king’s crown.

It’s massive, it’s gold, and it’s trimmed with fur.

Just what else could you possibly require?

An appropriate symbol of royalty.

10. Royal Crown (Male & Female)

w 920h 690 2709001 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

These regal crowns by alin2 are reminiscent of those worn by kings and queens in central Europe.

Just the fact that it makes me think of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, is enough to convince me to get this CC.

It’s sophisticated without being overbearing.

Your Sim’s entrance into a room will be heralded as the arrival of royalty.

9. Autumn Rhapsody

tumblr inline ovza39ZWFa1s61oth 500 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

If you want to stand out from the crowd, this crown is perfect for your role as Queen of the Fairies or Mermaid Princess.

The whimsical design, which resembles a tiara at first glance, is perfect for a free-spirited bohemian look.

However, not everyone aspires to rule as a mediaeval king.

8. Maari Set

tumblr 7f9a172c3ee12c1730caf6c07dab35e8 d094eb33 500 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

This lovely set, which consists of a crown, earrings, and a choker, continues the motif of ethereal royalty.

I’m not sure why, but the Maari Set also makes me think of vampires.

This diamond and gold set can be worn by both Dracula’s Bride and a sultry teen princess.

The choker’s black band gives it a rebellious air without completely rejecting the regal way of life.

7. Ocean Child S.2

tumblr pf8l6tjIHy1scezp3o1 640 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

Here’s another crown from Ersch Sims, who has been revitalising me with his work.

This crown is for a mermaid queen, unlike the previous two which can be used in a variety of situations.

The clue was in the name itself, Ocean Child, right?

It’s not clear if the crown is available in any colours besides purple, which could limit its appeal.

That, however, is of no concern to me, as I find this magnificent oceanic crown every bit as beautiful as the Pacific.

6. Male Crown 1

w 920h 690 2846340 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

And here we have a true king’s crown: Colores Urbanos’ Male Crown 1.

This ornament is worn across the forehead and, if I may say so, makes one look quite royal.

It comes in three colours and features bright gems that’ll really make your Sim’s eyes pop.

This crown has a vintage feel, but it could easily be paired with a more contemporary ensemble.

So I’ll leave that one up to you.

5. Leaf Hairpin

w 920h 690 3074018 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

S-Club may classify this item as a hairpin, but any Ancient Greek queen would look stunning wearing it as a headpiece.

Also, a Sim from the present day who fantasises about being a beautiful ancient queen.

It’s available in gold or silver and, unlike some other crowns, doesn’t look better with updos.

If you’re feeling blah, switch things up.

4. Helle Crown

1993fe65c62e6a398f31733ea2ab1ff6 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

Look at the size of that crown!

It’s a big deal, just like Mssims’ Miss Universe crown.

There is only one colour option, but if you want to make a grand entrance, this is it.

In order to make a truly royal entrance, you should wear this crown.

3. Imperial Sim Crown

w 920h 690 2805568 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

In case you just want something basic, here’s another classic crown option for you.

This one is available in red and purple, but only if you purchase the Get to Work add-on. Plus, it’s nice that both the sex are welcomed to join the celebration with this one.

2. Kamill Headband

2664972 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

I just want to say that this crown is awesome.

Toksik, the creator, downplays its significance by calling it a headband.

Wow, talk about royalty with some humility.

It comes in three different hues and, once again, is fit for a modern royal or a fairytale princess.

1. Imperial Regalia of Russia

tumblr 11a0b529460832579d357180414ec4ae 4d0bec6b 1280 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!
tumblr 4c6ca6e110ddad731f269bce0e94cef4 72a1d725 1280 18 Best Sims 4 Crown CC For You To Try!

The last crown I will discuss has a sceptre and an orb attached to it.

Have everything you need to rule like a king or queen now, eh?

There is no doubt that the crown is reserved for very special occasions.

More diamonds than any of the others can be found on this item, and a large ruby sits atop it.

Both the sceptre and the orb are golden, and this seems to be the only version of the CC.

That’s right, you and your royal sim lifestyle are the only ones who can enjoy it.

If you are organising your own coronation, this set is ideal.

And there’s no better way to make your Sim a member of the royal family.

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