Rumor: Honkai Star Rail May Release Skins For Three Characters

A new leak says that Honkai: Star Rail might get three new skins for characters. The characters in Honkai: Star Rail are very different and interesting.

Many of them are different versions of characters from Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact.

Dan Heng and his five-star variant Imbibitor Lunae, as well as the Trailblazer’s various forms, are two examples of the playable characters introduced in Honkai: Star Rail.

Also, there is a possibility that March 7th will receive her own five-star variant in a later version. Many players want HoYoverse to add more character skins because of this detail in Honkai: Star Rail.

When Will Honkai: Star Rail Release New Skins?

Like with Genshin Impact’s alternate skins, many Honkai: Star Rail fans in the comments hope that the rumored skins will give the characters new voice lines or abilities.

Fans were also confused about Bronya and Seele’s rumored swimsuit skins because they live in snowy Jarilo-VI, but it’s also possible that Honkai: Star Rail will introduce a new, warmer area to the planet.

Also, the leak didn’t say when the Honkai: Star Rail skins might come out, so fans should still be skeptical about the news.

The March 7th outfit in Honkai: Star Rail was new, but players couldn’t wear it again after she changed back to her normal outfit. In a future update, March’s dress might return as a playable skin, but it’s also possible that the skin will be connected to her five-star variant.

We still don’t know what Welt and Himeko’s skins look like, but it would be cool if they were based on their HI3 characters.

While many fans are both excited and skeptical about the upcoming updates to Honkai: Star Rail until they’re officially confirmed, there have been a lot of leaks and rumors about them.

Players would be able to change the playable characters’ appearances whenever they wanted if skins were to make their way to Honkai: Star Rail. These new leaks and rumors may or may not be true. Only time will tell.

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