15 Best Re: Zero Characters Of All Time

Story, main character development and complex relationships, a little heavy on the gory but the story carries really well.

This chaotic series loves to test it’s characters in every way possible.

Let’s take a quick look at the characters that made their mark on the audience leaving a lasting impact.

Let’s dive in for the best 15 re zero characters of all time.

15. Garfiel Tinsel

Garfiel Tinsel

This demihuman make quite the impression on the audience since his debut in the 2nd Season.

A fierce and independent character who only takes decisions based on whether he feels it’s right or not.

He has posed quite a lot of times as a formidable ally who will sacrifice themselves for you or a fearsome enemy who will only be satisfied when he gets your head off your shoulders.

14. Frederica Baumann

Frederica Baumann

Garfiel’s half sister made a short appearance as another maid of the mansion. She is a demihuman with more than half human.

Her innocent character paired with an unshakable resolve to protect her friends unto death, make it impossible for us to dislike her.

Putting herself on the line to save Subaru and Petra from the assassins, Elsa and Meili while dealing with a complicated family situation.

Her strained relationship with her half-brother Garfiel, her loving and yet strict attitude and a sort of mentoring role to Petra who joined in as the new maid and the slight nervousness when wearing cute outfits as they don’t suit her body, make her an adorably character who creates an impression with just one appearance throughout the series.

13. Patrasche


The first one to show Subaru that the feelings of a land dragon and humans are not that different was this sweet thing. She carried Subaru all the way from the Capital to the Mansion and then to the sanctuary.

Patrasche jumped into action every single time she thought Subaru could be in trouble saving him in her own way.

From catching him as he fell from the sky because of the White Whale to dragging him out of the Echidna’s tomb when he couldn’t endure the trial, Patrasche has gone everything as Subaru’s friend and trusty ride.

Patrasche’s species of land dragons have a high pride and don’t make friends with anyone so easily which makes this companionship even more special.

12. Otto Suwen

Otto Suwen

Otto was just an ordinary merchant, until he was captured by the Witch Cult and saved by Subaru.

After getting involved with the White Whale, the Sanctuary, the villagers, the mansion, Otto’s friendship with Subaru deepened.

As Otto did not appear in Roswaal’s book of wisdom, giving Subaru a chance to win against him. This friendship developed even further.

11. Roswaal L. Mathers

Roswaal L. Mathers

The Lord of the Roswaal Mansion and the greatest magician in Lugnica, Roswaal is the main antagonist of the Sanctuary Arc.

He comes across as rather quirky because of his flamboyant appearance and strange way of talking, which is just a cover-up for his rather calculating and manipulative mind.

He is one of the characters who will sacrifice anything and everything that he needs to in order to get to his goal. He holds Rem and Ram in high regard, but didn’t hesitate to kill her in order to kill Garfiel.

Roswaal’s drive and his wish to resurrect his master is second to none and will always be one of the defining pillars of his personality, his eccentric yet political mindset hiding under the calm and charming exterior makes him a deadly antagonist and a alluring character.

10. Wilhelm Van Astrea

Wilhelm Van Astrea

Badass old characters have been staple throughout anime and almost every other form of media.

Their versatility shines through as they can act as mentors to the protagonist, a formidable ally and the support pillar when needed most.

Wilhelm starts out as seemingly unimportant ordinary chauffeur but is soon revealed to have much more to him.

His determination to slay the White Whale, his wish to avenge his love and protect those he can now is a welcome addition to the story.

A short and sweet flashback not only made him more likeable and badass but gave his character and his goal the needed weight anchoring it as one of the easy favorites.

9. Crusch Karsten

Crusch Karsten

Clothed in strength and dignity, Crusch is one of the candidates running for King.

Crusch has a calm and collected personality that helps her think rationally even in the most dire of situations. She’s a capable leader who’s not afraid to jump head first into danger to protect her soldiers.

Negotiations are her forte with nobody being able to lie to her as she can see the ‘winds of lies’ around the other party.

She has demonstrated grace, quickwit and also an impressive strength that has garnered her the spot.

8. Puck


Emilia’s spirit companion who usually pops up to help her anytime she calls, but only from 9 to 5, Puck is the first spirit introduced to us in the series.

Puck is actually a powerhouse disguised as a cure and fluffy floating cat. When angered, he turns into a giant sabertooth tiger like cat monster and is also known as the Beast of the End.

His contract with Emilia says that if something happens to Emilia and he fails to protect her, he shall destroy the whole world after that turning everything around him into ice.

His care for Emilia and fun-filled antics with Subaru give this otherwise serious story a much needed solace and fluffiness.

7. Petelgeuse


This antagonistic spirit had to earn a spot here. Petelgeuse is the follower of the Witch Cult being the Authority of Sloth.

This crazed madman actually does have a tragic story of his own.

A tragic lovestory which pushed him beyond his limits. Petelgeuse’s insanity comes from a very good origin of wanting to protect his loved ones against danger.

Petelgeuse is not only a treat to watch because of that, the way his insanity makes a shiver run down anyone’s spine.

He’s crazy, starved for love and has lost everything that he ever held dear to him losing even the Authority of Sloth after losing to Subaru who wrote his death in his Gospel.

6. Beatrice


Beatrice is one of the more layered characters of the series. Outwardly, she seems cold, mean, proud and selfish characters who cares about only herself, her brother Puck and her library.

As the series progress more and more of her is revealed to us. Beatrice was created by the Witch of Greed Echidna who asked her to wait for ‘that person’.

Beatrice entered into a contract with Roswaal to protect the forbidden library while waiting for her ‘that person.’ Beatrice or ‘Betty’ for short has been waiting for her ‘that person’ for over 400 years.

All she now wants for her ‘that person’ to show up and just kill her because she is so tired of waiting now. Beatrice is one of the more tragic characters of the series.

Now, Beatrice is done waiting and only wants either her ‘that person’ to come and put before anything or just for her to die.

Her endearing almost neutral place in the story appeals to a lot of people as she thaws from a cold-hearted librarian spirit to someone who’s just tired of everything.

5. Felt


Felt was introduced in the beginning of the series alongside Old Man Rom. She’s a very business oriented person and takes decisions based in whether she would be able to make a profit out of it or not.

Just a poor thief in the beginning, Felt is actually one of the contenders for the throne picked by the insignia that she stole from Emilia.

Felt is an extremely agile and fun-loving character who has an evident distaste for the nobility and royalty. She declares that if she became the ruler, she would destroy everything.

A young girl that had to become tough due to the circumstances around her. She dearly loves Old Man Rom and will do whatever it takes to protect her loved one. A truly neutral character that adds that required spice and kick to the series.

4. Felix Argyle

Felix Argyle

Felix is Crusch’s Knight, her attendant and the best healer in the all of the country.

He is extremely loyal to Crusch and will follow every order that she says but will also oppose when needed if it concerns her safety.

Felix has a severe view on death and values due to his job as a healer, leading him to hold those who no longer have any will to live in contempt from the bottom of his heart.

This caused quite a lot of friction between him and Subaru. Felix will do anything that he can as a healer for people that he is loyal too.

He believes in his abilities and supports everyone to his absolute best. His sweet feline appearance, a dry sense of humour combined with his loyalty for his loved ones makes Felix a complex and yet a likeable character.

3. Subaru


Natsuki Subaru’s teenage antic paired with his funky nature and one of the rare rash appearances in the series. Subaru doesn’t think through things and making irrational decisions hastily.

What makes him so special is his unshaking resolve to save everyone that he so desires, no matter how many times he has to try.

Subaru’s eccentric demeanour is only a farce. Underneath all of it, he is after all just a severely insecure boy who grew up in father’s large and growing shadow.

Subaru had almost always seen his father talk to everyone and always thought he would be abandoned if he didn’t always stay in the spotlight.

Subaru still is funny, tries to be there for all of his friends and cares deeply about their well-being. His qualities, flaws, insecurities and above all the efforts he puts in for his dear ones is what makes Subaru relatable and appealing as a character and protagonist.

2. Emilia


The primary love interest of the series, Emilia’s extreme kindness makes it difficult for us to ignore her presence.

\Helping a beaten up Subaru laying in the alley and then a lost child on the streets despite being busy with her lost insignia.

Emilia quickly becomes a fan favourite because of her willingness to help other and her only bare minimum wish being to want to be friends with someone.

She also has a great sense of gratitude towards Subaru who helps her find her insignia at Felt and Rom’s Loot Shop and to return the favour by inviting him as a guest to her mansion letting him stay as long as he wanted.

Her combat skills are also not to be underestimated as a Spirit Arts user of one of the Great Spirits, Puck.

Her kindness despite the hard past, a slight clumsiness and her happy personality make her quite the likeable character.

1. Rem


Was there any doubt about this ever?

Rem made an easy 180 from the beginning to the end of the series, starting out at finding Subaru suspicious and even killing him in one of the timelines.

Rem proved to be one of the greatest allies that Subaru could ever ask for. She helped him save all the villagers, her sister from the beasts in the forest, accompanied Subaru in the Capital, lifted him up at his lowest, gave him the courage to move forward and helped him in the White Whale hunt as well.

Rem has been the strongest support Subaru has had throughout the series. Her love for him, sacrificial nature for her loved ones, her admiration and gratitude, her determination to protect the people precious to her, her backstory and her combat prowess makes the audience fall in love with her.

Emilia once said, “The me in Subaru-kun’s head is wonderful, isn’t she? She understands without having to tell her anything.”

If this doesn’t sum Rem up in the best way possible, then nothing can.

Rem, without a doubt, deserves to be on the Number 1 spot on this list.

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