Netflic Releases “The Grimm Variations” in April

Netflix is releasing The Grimm Variations, an original anime series by Wit Studio and CLAMP, based on the beloved Grimm’s Fairy Tales, in India.

The company is offering multiple options for fans to enjoy the anime trailer, including both Japanese with English subtitles and an English dub.

The upcoming anime series will be available for streaming on Netflix starting April 17th.

Netflix describes The Grimm Variations anime:

The Grimm Variations Netflic Releases "The Grimm Variations" in April

Once upon a time, two brothers named Jacob and Wilhelm embarked on a delightful adventure of gathering enchanting fairy tales from far and wide, weaving them together into a captivating book.

They also had a younger sister named Charlotte, who they adored for her innocence and curiosity.

One day, as the brothers were sharing a story with Charlotte, they noticed a hint of sadness in her expression.

She inquired, “I wonder if they truly lived happily ever after?”

Charlotte offers a fresh perspective on the pages of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, written by Jacob and Wilhelm. Her unique viewpoint brings a new light to the stories, offering a different interpretation from her brothers.

The Grimm Variations’ manga creator group CLAMP (X, Card Captor Sakura) has kindly provided the original character designs and created the teaser visual on the right.

Michiko Yokote, the talented writer behind popular series like Bleach, Gintama, and xxxHOLiC, has crafted an anthology of six captivating stories. In this anthology, Yokote skillfully re-imagines the timeless Grimm’s Fairy Tales, infusing them with a touch of darkness while staying true to their essence.

According to Variety, the anime will give The Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tales a new perspective by incorporating elements of horror and suspense to create a captivating and contemporary storyline.

Akira Miyagawa, known for his extensive experience in composing music for various projects, has been chosen to create the musical score.

In early 2020, Netflix happily announced its collaboration with CLAMP. For the project, CLAMP has created an impressive collection of 20 character designs.

Source: Netflix

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