18 Best NPC Mods For Minecraft

Non-player characters, commonly referred to as NPCs are a key component of numerous (if they are not the only) game titles. Minecraft isn’t an exception. 

Villagers are a good example of vanilla Minecraft NPCs however, there’s a large portion of the community that appreciates more variety of NPCs, both in multiplayer and single-player games.

The experience of exploring a world built by Minecraft is incredible.

It’s not just about the obstacles you conqueror the ideas you’ll be able to create and create, but for the friends that you make throughout the process (and isn’t that what makes a blocky game?)

Interacting with other players can indeed be extremely enjoyable. It is what makes Minecraft an amazing game is.

However, the same can’t be said about NPCs. They leave many things to be left to be.

However, these games are not meant to be left in their original state. With modders’ help, These NPCs can perform a variety of tasks. 

They can even assist you in unexpected ways!

Today, I’ll be reviewing the best NPC mods that can add more enjoyment to Minecraft! 

Players of roleplay servers, as well as RPG games, are sure to be interested to read this article!

18. Alchemist NPC

Alchemist NPC

Greybeard? Check.

Bluecoat? Check.

The exact way an alchemist ought to look.

The Alchemist NPC introduces a brand new NPC in the game. It has three different trades.

It’s not a huge modification, let’s face it. However, it is exactly what you require to bring an element of magic into the Minecraft world.

17. NPC Variety

NPC Variety 1 18 Best NPC Mods For Minecraft

Despite numerous updates to Villagers in Minecraft, there hasn’t been an introduction to various kinds of villager races. 

NPC Variety can be described as an NPC mod that brings improvements to the villager in Your Minecraft world. 

The players seem to enjoy the idea of having more villager variations since it has more than 6000 downloads.

The Way NPC Variety Brings More Fun in Minecraft:

  • The skin tone is a perfect match for the climate the village is situated within.
  • The traits are passed on to their children. Five eye colors are also included.
  • Zombie Villagers come with 8 brand new skin tones.

16. Fairy


There’s no doubt about it. Fairies look adorable however they can have a powerful punch.

Particularly especially in Minecraft.

The Fairy mod introduces fairies to add a neutral mob in the game and they will appear at specific places if conditions are favorable.

When you meet one of them, you’ll choose to either befriend her to build a trusting friend or fight her to be destroyed by her summoning her buddies.

I’d prefer the second option, as it is more enjoyable.

15. Minecraft Builder

Minecraft Builder

The time is now to let NPCs complete the heavy lifting for you.

Builders have added the 10 human-powered mobs, which are born above ground and begin construction without involvement from players.

They will obey the directives of the mayor mob and eventually create a tiny town of trading.

If you’d like to guide the efforts of your team, you could put up indicators that can influence their actions. This is what I refer to as an actual building team!

14. MCU Custom Modification for NPC

MCU Custom Modification for NPC 1 18 Best NPC Mods For Minecraft

Number 14 of my picks include one NPC mod from a different popular series which is that of the Marvel Universe. 

If you’re a fan of one particular superhero or all of them the NPC mod gives you many NPC options from the Marvel Universe franchise.

How the Custom NPC Mod for MCU Makes Minecraft More Fun Minecraft:

  • Includes 100+ characters from all over the world.
  • It includes villains, heroes and secondary characters

Notification: It is necessary to be running with the following mods: fisk superheroes unlimited 5.0 armorer workshop, super-custom NPCs Marvelcraft Universe.

13. Custom NPC Spawner

Custom NPC Spawner

The mod was released in the year 2015 Custom NPC Spawner is an NPC mod that has over 20000 total downloads. 

A lot of people utilize this mod with the well-known custom NPC mod which is listed later in my list.

What is a Customized NPC Spawner? Enhances Entertainment in Minecraft:

  • Allows Client-side-cloned NPC’s.
  • The ability to use the same different worlds simultaneously.
  • Servers can have NPC’s synced to every world.

12. Doctor Who NPCs

Doctor Who NPCs 1 18 Best NPC Mods For Minecraft

I can see the Tardis in the far distance.

Are you there, Doctor Who?

The Doctor Who NPC mod pack introduces the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors from the long-running series hosted by the BBC. 

The entire show is in Minecraft.

These new creatures don’t do something different from the usual NPCs. However, can you ignore the appeal of the famous time travelers? 

I doubt it!

11. Cosmic NPCs

Cosmic NPCs

The mod is intended for single-player use, Cosmic NPCs is an NPC mod that was developed in the year 2018 and has more than 17,000 downloads. 

Inspiring by mods like Mocap This mod lets you play more within your single-player world.

What is Cosmic NPCs Bring More Fun for Minecraft:

  • Players can capture themselves while doing their work and then replay the task using an NPC. Motion capture is a way to do this.
  • It adds a new dimension to the single-player game mode.
  • Command Hotkey system to allow you to create NPCs at the press of the button.

10. More Effective Questing NPC Integration

More Effective Questing NPC Integration

Improved questing, as well as Custom NPCs, comprise among the most popular mods that are available for Minecraft. 

The players who love both mods will be happy to know that a combined version of both is now available. Number 5 in my ranking is the integrated version. 

Since it includes two popular mods, it’s an effective and reliable alternative for players to look into.

Better Questing? NPC Integration adds more fun for Minecraft:

Lets players create an authentic RPG world.

Combines two of the most popular and wildly successful packs into one

NOTE: Requires that Custom NPCs and Better Questing be installed.

9. Command NPCS

Command NPCS

By this mod, all(and I refer to every mob) on Minecraft will be accountable to one master.


CommandNPCS is a plugin that’s light and simple to use.

Install it, and then make use of the console to send instructions to the mobs.

If you’ve ever wanted to have control over the minds of the people around you and take over the reins in the world, then this could be your opportunity.

8. NPC Variety

NPC Variety

Pillagers and villagers aren’t identical after installing the NPC variation mod.

This mod introduces eight skin tones as well as 5 eye colors for the villagers and makes it possible for them to have a realistic skin tone according to the biome(very lovely).

However, it also includes variations that make every appear sexier than ever before.

I’m not certain if anyone has wanted this particular feature however this is what you have to pay for real progress.

7. Custom NPC Spawner

Custom NPC Spawner

On its own in its way, it seems that the Custom NPC Spawner doesn’t seem to be doing much.

It is only able to show its true potential when it is used in combination with other mods.

This allows you to create any kind of NPC on any server, which means that it’s possible to create NPCs linked to every world that is on the server.

Make use of this in conjunction with one of the other mods in the list below to inform gamers who aren’t aware of the pleasures that come with NPCs modding. 

You could also check through our collection of mob mods There are many.

6. Delivery Merchants

Delivery Merchants 1 18 Best NPC Mods For Minecraft

The mod pack was developed as an add-on to the popular delivery module “Delivery” Merchants is designed for modpack creators but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful to any regular Minecraft player. 

With more than 164,000 downloads, this mod pack is showing to be popular as it approaches the first anniversary of its launch.

How Delivery Merchants Bring Additional Fun Minecraft:

  • Mod modifies 12 merchant types and a store unique to each type of merchant.
  • Merchant Sproutor.
  • Shop items to open a particular store.

NOTE: *NPCs do not naturally appear and players require a method for players to gain access to them.

5. Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2 is a mod with a wide number of enhancements to Minecraft however the part I will be focusing on is the inclusion of NPCs. 

With more than 2 million downloads, the mod pack is well-known for its features.

The Way Ancient Warfare 2 Adds More Fun to Minecraft:

  • NPCs can be recruited for use in combat as well as for utility.
  • Different versions of utility and combat NPCs can be found.
  • Siege Engineer NPCs also included to be used to control vehicle modules and weapons.

4. Millenaire


A hugely well-known NPC Mod, Millenaire can be described as a mod that was released in 2017 and has more than 1.6 million downloads since its creation. 

Its goal is “filling the gap” of the default Minecraft communities, Millenaire introduces new NPC villages based on the 11th century.

How Millenaire Brings Additional Fun Minecraft:

  • NPCs have their own lives and have stories to relate.
  • Villagers trade, construct and improve buildings, make amulets and weapons and provide you with a glimpse in their world.
  • If they love you enough, they might construct a home for you at the bottom of the hill!

3. Minecraft Comes to Life

Minecraft Comes to Life

It takes just one simple change to bring fresh life to the world.

Minecraft Comes Alive revamps the mechanics of human NPCs by introducing new ways of interacting with them.

This can include the ability to establish relationships, marry, and even have children who will grow older and assist you in your quest.

Whatever the goal does not make them do anything wrong. If you can take part, then at the very least, take a video and upload your video up on YouTube.

2. Greater Questing NPC Integration

Greater Questing NPC Integration

Better Questing mod Better Questing: a Minecraft story.

Improved Questing NPC integration makes it feasible to build fully-fledged RPGs within Minecraft.

This includes new dialogue as well as quests and the mechanisms that make role-playing games enjoyable.

If you’re determined Why not create an MMORPG?

Sure, it’ll cost you an incredible amount of hours. However, think about the fame you’ll experience on the internet!

1. Custom NPCs

Custom NPCs

Do I have to explain to you what Custom NPCs is?

It’s certain to be something that all Minecraft players should test at least once.

It allows you to build custom characters and modify nearly every characteristic from dialogues to roles to jobs and more.

With all the power comes a lot of complexity. It may take time to master the technique and utilize it to its fullest potential.

Once you get things running and things are moving along, you’ll find that the NPC train is going with full force.

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