Minecraft Guide: How to Make Potion of Swiftness?

To prepare the Potion of Swiftness, open the stand for brewing. 

Place the water bottle into one of the lower three boxes. 

Place a nether wart inside the top box and then wait for your arrow’s arrow to fill.

 Then, place sugar inside the top box, and after a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy an arrow that is Potion of Swiftness (3:00).

There are many different options you can create in Minecraft.

They could help you do more harm or even heal yourself. 

One of the most important ingredients to make is a potent potion for speed since it will help you move faster across the landscape and stay away from danger.

They can also be turned into splash potions to help mobs that look like horses move more quickly.

Ingredients for the Potion of Swiftness:

  • Three water bottles.
  • Sugar
  • Blaze Powder
  • Brewing Stand
  • Nether Wart

To make a potion that will increase your rapidity, you’ll need water bottles that can be made out of glass.

Take sand and melt it in your oven to create glass.

Three pieces of glass are required to create three glasses.

To fill the bottles with water, just hold them in your hands and click right on any source of water.

Sugar is created by turning sugarcane into sugar.

Simply place your sugarcane in the crafting menu and then you can transform your sugarcane into sugar.

The powder of blaze is required to power your brewing station.

The brewing unit cannot brew potions if it is not supplied with fuel.

In the end, you’ll need a nether wart. 

A nether wart is a common occurrence in the world of the overworld. However, you must find the nether wart before you can grow it. 

They can be found naturally in nether fortresses, in which you will also find the blaze.

How do you make a potion for swiftness in Minecraft?

Here’s the step-by-step pictorial guide to follow to create a Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft:

Begin by digging up the sand before putting it in a fire.

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The next step is to find the main ingredient in the potion of speed by searching for sugarcane. 

Sugarcane grows on dirt or sand and is usually found close to the river bank or close to any block of the water source.

If you spot any sugarcane, make sure you save some for your own.

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Once you’ve got the sand in the oven and the sugarcane is harvested, you’ll have to go to the nether to acquire blaze rods, the blaze powder, and the nether wart.

Create a portal to the nether and begin securing your fortress.

After you have located the fortress, search for blazes or ablaze the spawner.

ezgif 2 ab2d1e2417 Minecraft Guide: How to Make Potion of Swiftness?

Take out a few blaze foes until you’ve got a few rods that blaze.

Explore your fortress until you stumble upon a room that has an eerie red fungus and an escalator.

ezgif 2 b38b564eb1 Minecraft Guide: How to Make Potion of Swiftness?

Take a nether wart and return to the ground.

There are all the ingredients to create a potion of speed.

Begin by creating a brewing stand by mixing the three cobblestone pieces with a blaze rod in the form of a table for crafting.

ezgif 2 316a1ee4b5 Minecraft Guide: How to Make Potion of Swiftness?

Get your glass out of the furnace and then turn the glass into bottles.

Set them in the shape of a “V” in the crafting menu on a crafting table to create glass bottles.

While you’re here, make sugar using sugarcane by putting sugarcane on the menu for crafting.

ezgif 2 bc3e2e4e43 Minecraft Guide: How to Make Potion of Swiftness?

With your glass bottles, right-click on any source of water to fill them with water.

Set up your brewing stand, and then right-click on the stand’s surface to launch its user interface.

Fill the slots below with water bottles.

It is necessary to place the blaze powder into the leftmost slot to help fuel your stand for brewing.

For brewing, convert a couple of blaze rods to the blaze powder before putting them into the stand for brewing.

ezgif 2 65217e4099 Minecraft Guide: How to Make Potion of Swiftness?

To make potions that speed up the process, it is necessary to make them in a jar first.

Insist on a nether wart inside the slot that holds the ingredients of your brewing stand and allow it to be cooked.

ezgif 2 454d2a140b Minecraft Guide: How to Make Potion of Swiftness?

This can turn those water containers into sloppy potpourri.

All that’s left to do is put sugar in the ingredient slot and then allow it to continue brewing.

It will take approximately twenty minutes.

All you have to do is make potions that will speed up your life! 

ezgif 2 88b1c8476c Minecraft Guide: How to Make Potion of Swiftness?

They will boost the speed of your base by 20 percent.

How to use “Potion of Swiftness” in Minecraft?

Simply place the potion in your palm and press the right-click button to take the drink. The character will be surrounded by white swirls and help you increase your speed.

ezgif 2 7a624f3d80 Minecraft Guide: How to Make Potion of Swiftness?

It is also possible to transform these potions into splashes by placing gunpowder over the swiftness potion in the stand for brewing.

ezgif 2 b9b391a303 Minecraft Guide: How to Make Potion of Swiftness?

When it’s cooked, it will alter the form of the bottle.

Then you can pour these potions on the ground below or even affect mobs using an effect of speed.

Instead of gunpowder, utilize Redstone to prolong the time of effect.

It is also possible to utilize glowstone dust to increase the potency of the effect.

The potion will last longer, however. It almost triples the effects of potions.

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Q. Does Potion of Swiftness work on Horses?

Ans. Horses can get the buff potion of swiftness.

They’ll receive the speed bonus effect, and they will begin to zoom when you give them the potion of speed to boost.

Q. Does the Potion of Swiftness work underwater?

Ans. The buff will not disappear and you will be able to drink and throw out potions underwater.

It appears that it won’t impact the speed of your swim above water. 

However, it can affect the speed of your swim sprint and also when you hold the jump to swim across shallow water.

According to my experience, it is not obvious. However, it does slow the speed of your swim a bit.

Final Words

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to prepare a potion, which will save you time.

A potion of speed is a great potion to have in the cupboard.

In particular, if you have an animal and a splash potion.

It allows you to travel through the land faster and cover more territory during the daytime.

A potion of speed will also aid in boss fights since you will be able to dodge attacks that are ranged and get closer to the boss quicker for more damage.

This is a basic potion with a straightforward payoff, but it’s not expensive to make.

As long as you own a brewing set-up with fuel, there is no reason not to experiment to see if it works for you or not!

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