25 Best Minecraft Texture Packs & Texture Mods

Minecraft is well-known for its pixelated, blocky world, which offers a unique gaming experience. 

Like the top Minecraft mods, Many developers make Minecraft texture packs that give users a fresh and improved experience playing in this block-based universe.

These textures packs, in contrast to mods, do not alter the way players play however their impact on the game’s visual features is impressive, however. 

Although a lot of texture packs focus specifically on Minecraft Java Edition, the Bedrock players can still enjoy the RTX benefit with some.

However, that’s for a later time. Now, let’s take examine the top Minecraft texture packs that you could obtain in 2022. 

If you’re thinking about it we’ve also added several texture packs specifically designed to be compatible with your Minecraft 1.18 seed files.

What is the Texture Packs within Minecraft?

As the name suggests, these texture packs are add-ons for Minecraft that alter the original textures of the Sandbox game, giving it the appearance of a new game. 

Certain packs’ textures are less detailed and concentrated on specific elements and others alter the overall look and feel of your game. 

There’s everything from FPS boost textures to ones you’d like to play on your Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti.

For each of the texture packs listed below, we have included an example of how the game will look as without and with this texture pack. 

We’ve also added the download details to enable players to try these packs immediately. 

First, let’s learn what it takes to set up the texture pack on Minecraft before we do anything else.

25. Andorhal HD

Andorhal HD

This texture pack offers an immersive realism-based environment. 

The colors are vibrant in this pack as well as the texture is set to 64×64 pixels which isn’t a lot but will provide an advantage regarding FPS. 

It’s not as good as Alluring Bliss and requires a bit more power, but not more than a mid-range computer. 

You’ll notice immediately the lusher grass, new torches, and woods with textures when you go into the village. 

The other changes will be apparent when you enter the game.

24. AlluringBliss


This vibrantly designed texture pack won’t be heavy on your system but can make many small adjustments to make your experience more real. 

From the realistic look of the fire to the way, soil and wood textures are described the texture pack has lots to give. 

It provides a traditional royal look that evokes the look of a knight all over the world. Sky textures areas if they came from an old-fashioned movie. 

To enhance the feeling and make you feel powerful in this time-worn world, we suggest that you look over the most effective sword spells and the best armor enchantments on Minecraft.

23. Pixelate


This texture pack won’t be too demanding for specific blocks but provides impressive outcomes. 

In contrast to other packs, this one concentrates on other objects like glass, fire flowers, and rain which might not require the greatest attention during your game. 

This helps make the FPS performance more efficient with minimal sacrifices to the visuals.

If you want to have a good FPS but you don’t want to be in the small world in Minecraft it will be the pack that you must download.

22. 2×2 Texture

2x2 Texture

As it says the texture pack is a way to take the lower resolution modification to a much more dramatic step by making them by 2 in resolution. 

In comparison, Minecraft considered 16 x 16 as the minimum resolution in its original version. 

The creator has set certain textures at 4 x four to make the game accessible, however, what you see in this pack might appear like a bug at first glance.

21. MoreFPSPack


The name is enough to describe it. This pack tinkers the game to give you 60plus FPS gaming even on the most basic of PCs. 

The game’s appearance is less streamlined than the one you’re familiar with but does not completely eliminate the typical Minecraft style and feel once you first start looking at the characters. 

Have a look at the quick comparison of as well without the textures.

20. Faithful


It is the Faithful texture pack that has become among the most frequently used ones in Minecraft. 

In case it’s not clear by its name Faithful comes with a simple job: to stay true to the original texture that is present in vanilla.

However, to improve the overall appearance by making things more visually appealing.

Minecraft’s default blocks are with a resolution of 16x and that of the Faithful pack offers 32x textures, it’s a huge distinction.

And the latest packs have a 64x resolution!

Triple that resolution, you’ll find a better place to start getting into a texture than this one. It’s basically the vanilla version, which appears much better.

19. Improved default

Improved default

This is a basic pack that preserves all of the original textures However, it improves them.

While there are some new textures for mobs, however, the pack doesn’t alter much of the game’s design. The most notable change is in the way certain blocks blend into each other.

Stone blocks and grass are no longer distinct squares. They are now blended together creating a more natural appearance.

If you’re a big fan of the classic textures but are willing to consider some small visual improvements It’s possible that you’ll like the features Improved Default has to offer.

18. 3D Default

 3D Default

If you’re looking to get an updated and modern appearance to the game but don’t want to alter all the way around the default 3D is a great place to begin.

It is a departure from the flat appearance of the blocks that were originally made with a more detailed and rich look.

Bricks, cobblestones, and floors are now more of a 3D-like appearance with grooves that display the actual texture of the materials.

This helps not only make each block easier to recognize but it makes them appear more realistic too. They’re still able to function as blocks.

17. OCD


For those who dislike any type of clutter or mess, then OCD is the ideal texture pack.

With a minimalist aesthetic the OCD pack is designed to make everything more pleasing to the eye.

Concentrating on keeping everything neat and symmetrical, will mean you can play without worrying about your OCD getting into it.

In addition that is, those who have lower-end computers will experience a smoother experience because the simple design will make it less resource-intensive.

16. Realistic Sky

Realistic Sky

You’ll be shocked by how much this small texture mod could alter the appearance of your game with just only one installation.

It basically lets you play the game using breathtaking sky backgrounds. With the weather and time settings supported in the game, it replaces the sky with a stunning realistic background of sunrise and sunset, noon or night.

Because this is one of the most realistic sky textures available it is possible to mix it with other packs of textures and create an even more realistic Minecraft experience.

It is possible that you will be having a break from your game to relax and enjoy the stars or the sun once every once in a while.

15. Dokucraft


Dokucraft is a fantastic texture pack that you can get involved in It’s also the only one being developed and updated.

With continuous advancement and support for the most current version of the game downloading the latest updates and installing them is easy.

A fantasy/medieval-themed pack with 32×32 resolution. Dokucraft comes in three distinct types: Light, Dark, and High.

Doors can be more intricate with additional detail, as you would imagine seeing in the majority of RPGs that are fantasy-based.

Additionally, to enhance the immersiveness are the custom-made sounds that are included in the package.

If you’re considering starting building a castle from the past You’ll be able to find something in the three Dokucraft styles. It’s definitely worth a look!

14. Modern HD

Modern HD

The building component of Minecraft is one of its greatest draws for content creators who play the game.

The community of builders has produced recreations of many of the most well-known games, movies, and television shows over the years.

Everything from King’s Landing on Game of Thrones, Columbia from Bioshock, and the Titanic ship along with Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

Harry Potter series has been built using Minecraft blocks.

You may be building your dream home or like to explore the world of your favorite Television show Minecraft, Modern HD should be one of your top texture packs.

Let your imagination go wild With Modern HD as your structures appear as you thought of them.

13. Wolfhound


Perhaps the largest fantasy collection available Wolfhound is available in seven distinct variations.

With so many options to pick from, you’ll discover what Minecraft experience you’re seeking.

Based on your personal preferences, you can pick from the most heavenly, dungeon, and fairy seasons, Asian fantasy, and traditional medieval variations.

Although the pack has an epic fantasy/medieval theme it’s not so dark as the other well-known medieval pack. 

It takes this theme and puts it in a more vibrant fun and exciting direction.

With so many options that you have, you’ll spend countless hours experimenting with new builds using The Wolfhound pack.

12. Pastel Craft

Pastel Craft

Pastel Craft is a project to give Minecraft an enjoyable visual enhancement and re-paint the world in pastel shades.

While keeping the basic look of the majority of blocks Pastel Craft focuses on making your game more vibrant through the use of color.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable, bubblier style to run in, make sure to check this out.

11. SpongeBob SquareCraft

SpongeBob SquareCraft

Everything SpongeBob has always been fun. What better way to increase the enjoyment than to cross-pollinate with Minecraft?

SpongeBob SquareCraft takes us to Bikini Bottom in Bikini Bottom, where you’ll meet friends Patrick Squidward Sandy along with Mr. Krabs.

The textures of mobs are updated to fit the theme too. 

Zombies were inspired by The Tattletale Strangler, cows are inspired by Sea Bears, creepers look like Karen, and Skeletons are inspired by Smitty.

Textures from all over the world have been altered also – with chests, beds, doors, and windows that resemble the ones found in the Bikini Bottomite’s houses.

This is a must-have for anyone who loves this yellow sponge.

10. Super Mario Craft

Super Mario Craft

In the spirit of crossovers, here’s an essential item for Mario gamers.

The ideal way to blend everything Mario-themed Minecraft. From goombas, piranha plant sunflowers, to Yoshi!

In addition to its textures, the game contains custom sound effects that are derived from The Mario games. 

It’s very relaxing to create your personal Mario world, with the classic soundtrack being played in the background.

9. Mine Wars

Mine Wars

It’s probably the best Star Wars texture pack out on the market because it incorporates textures from the top Star Wars packs released in the past.

With the majority of Star Wars packs being discontinued Modder took the earlier releases, adding his own ideas.

Although the pack hasn’t been recently updated it’s still the best method for you to recreate the Star Wars experience in Minecraft.

With blasters, lightsabers, and models of characters, Mine Wars still makes an enjoyable space adventure.

8. John Smith Legacy

John Smith Legacy

Another RPG/fantasy-themed pack, John Smith legacy is one of the most popular in the genre.

With ongoing support until this day, this is in line with current Minecraft models and extremely enjoyable.

Ideal for builders who want to replicate the appearance and feel of medieval castles which gives the game a more dark and grittier appearance.

If you’re looking for a more realistic-focused rustic style, then you should definitely pick up John Smith Legacy. John Smith Legacy pack. You will not be disappointed.

7. Silent Hill

Silent Hill 1 25 Best Minecraft Texture Packs & Texture Mods

If you are familiar with Silent Hill, you should be aware that the game makes everything look scary.

That uneasy, eerie atmosphere that the game creates is unlike anything else in the horror genre.

Any horror lover will have lots of fun playing with the texture packs. Create the mysterious atmosphere of the worn-out, tired city in Silent Hill with these dark textures.

With new mob textures and particularly the Enderman is now reminiscent of the much-maligned Pyramid Head Who would have thought that Minecraft could be this scary?

You’re not likely to be able to play alone at night.

6. Soartex Fanver

soartex 3 1 25 Best Minecraft Texture Packs & Texture Mods

If you’re the kind of person who isn’t a fan of terrifying, then you’re seeking something that’s another side of Silent Hill.

Thankfully, we are fortunate to have Soartex Fanver. A fun texture modification that provides the game with a more cheerful look, featuring vibrant colors and bright mob textures.

Some might argue it is because Minecraft is a joyful and happy game, by default, and should be that way for the foreseeable future. 

It’s true. Soartex Fanver has improved graphics that maintain this positive appearance.

If that’s your kind of thing, this will be perfect for you.

5. Glimmar’s Steampunk

Glimmar's Steampunk

Modifying nearly all lighting and textures The pack transforms almost all lighting and textures, making Minecraft appear like something completely different.

Explore the Victorian-era science-fiction-themed world to experience steam-powered steamships, steam trains, and factories from the past.

In addition to immersing yourself in the steampunk universe, make sure to be sure to check out the new mob texture as well.

In addition to textures for factory workers in robots and mechanical horses. This is different from the other Minecraft experience that you’ll come across.

4. Retro NES

Retro NES

Retro NES is a cool pack. Retro NES pack is cool for a reason. The NES is among the most significant consoles to be launched in the history of video games.

The NES featured a wide range of games that were classic Nintendo games such as Metroid, Mario, and Mega Man to name a few. Without NES then there’d likely exist no Minecraft.

One thing that will make gamers nostalgic is the distinctive look of NES graphics. The vibrant color palette and the 8-bit style that NES introduced can be adapted to Minecraft too. 

And who would’ve ever thought that they would work so well into the Minecraft game!

If you’re missing your old NES or want to have an enjoyable nostalgic trip back to the past This will certainly be a hit.

3. BladeCraft


Similar to earlier posts on the list, fantasy/medieval/RPG themes of this type are increasingly popular among Minecraft mods.

This is what makes BladeCraft even more unique.

Inspired by the Sci-Fi film Blade Runner, this pack provides an updated look to its design.

This mod’s amazing rendition of Blade Runner dystopia perfectly captures the dark atmosphere of futuristic Los Angeles streets. 

Perhaps not the most enjoyable to play around with for hours however, it is a lot of fun to play with for a couple of builds.

2. LB Photo Realism

LB Photo Realism

One of the most extreme packs available, LB Photo Realism aims to improve the visuals of the game to make it appear as realistic as is possible.

The pack is extremely popular. While keeping the look of blocks Each of the blocks is elevated to a new level of detail.

If you take a closer look, you’ll discern the fine detail of the strands of wool blocks, as well as the staining on the blocks of wood. Nice!

In addition to the globe, the mob textures are updated too. The wolf, zombie, and spider textures look amazing.

When you purchase the LBPR pack, you’ll be taking your time admiring the way everything appears.

1. Sphax Pure BD Craft

Sphax Pure BD Craft

This is another highly-rated texture pack that is worthy of a spot on this list. Pure BD Craft brings major improvements to the visuals of the game.

Blocks or creatures, as well as items, get updated high-definition textures. What’s more interesting is the distinctive comic book style.

Instead of trying to improve Minecraft to appear more real, It is instead given a gorgeous cartoon-like look.

With the comic book style along with the colors, you can transform your game so that it can feel and look like you’re playing in the most recent Marvel or DC release.

Take to glance at these hexagonal animated images of firewater, lava, and fire blocks. 

This texture set brings fresh energy into the gameplay yet still makes it feel like something that you play. It’s something I’m sure many Minecraft gamers are hoping for.

Test it out for yourself and then see how you like it.

How do I Install Texture Packs Minecraft

The installation of texture packs and resource packs use the same procedure. 

The game’s name may differ for the resource pack dependent on the version you have however the process is identical. 

Whatever the case, open up Minecraft and begin the procedure.

1. On the Minecraft Home screen click on the ” Options” button right next to the “Quit Game” option.

2. Choose the option referred to as ” Resource Packs” or ” Texture Packs”. Whatever the option is in the version you are playing it will be displayed on the left-hand side of the “Options” menu.

3. You will now find a list of available texture packs and resource packs If you have them installed. Are you thinking of adding more texture packs in Minecraft? 

Well, if you’re playing Minecraft in windowed mode it is possible to drag and drop downloaded textures packs in order to add them. 

If not, you can click on the ” Open Pack Folder” option and move your packs into the folder.

4. Alternately, you could transfer your bags in one of the directories listed below to use Minecraft Java edition

  • %AppData%\.minecraft\resourcepacks (Minecraft 1.16.1 and later)
  • %AppData%\.minecraft\texturepacks (Minecraft 1.16 and earlier)

You’ll only see one of these, based on the version of your game. You can transfer your downloaded files into these folders in order to have them installed and use them in Minecraft.

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