15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

Disney has had an iconic foundation in all of our childhoods in some form or another.

Disney’s princesses, toys, mice and other animals and everything has always had their place in people’s lives and continue to do so!

So, let’s take a look at something that Disney gave us complimentary with all the beautiful princesses that we got!

Their male Disney characters!

Here’s to the top 15 hottest male Disney characters offered us!

15. Prince Charming / Prince Henry (Cinderella)

wedding on princess cinderella and prince charming cartoon walt disney hd wallpaper 1920×1080 wallpaper preview 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

The cookie cutter for the perfect gentleman!

As his name suggests, this Prince of a faraway kingdom is known for his charm. He is undoubtedly a handsome man but he has quite a personality as well.

He is shown to love ball dancing and fencing. He firmly believes in true love and is willing to do whatever it takes to get this love.

He is idealistic and a romantic with a rebellious streak.

Prince Charming has a kind heart and looks at people as who they are rather than judging them based on their backgrounds or social status.

Accepting and supportive and attractive enough to give almost all girls googly eyes?

He is the perfect package.

14. Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)

If Were Gonna Dreamcast Prince Eric We Better Do It the Right Way 1200x675 1 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

Blue eyes and black hair swept not only Ariel but also the audience off the feet!

His adventurous spirit and hopeless romantic attitude are perfect for anyone to sail the seas with him! Eric is an excellent sailor, swimmer, dancer, singer and even a swordsman.

His initially shy attitude around girls and turning them down gently shows how much he understands and cares about their feelings.

He doesn’t enjoy grand gestures showing that he isn’t vain or prideful despite being a prince. He is protective over the ones he loves and doesn’t want any harm to come to them.

In short, if you want to sail with someone, this is your man.

13. Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty)

13. Prince Philip Sleeping Beauty 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

Prince Philip is a more fleshed out prince with more human nature rather than an idealistic one.

All the princes are people after all and Philip knows how to use this influence. He subtle manipulates his horse into finding the source of the voice and gently manipulates his father into letting him marry the girl he wants.

Prince Philip is also a hero and will go to any lengths to achieve what he wants, even if that means having to fight a large fire-breathing dragon to get his love back.

How romantic!

12. Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast)

dance between Prince Adam Belle end movie reused animation from Sleeping Beauty 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

Prince Adam was cursed to spend his life as a beast by an enchantress because of his rude behaviour with her. If he wanted to reverse the curse and turn back into a human, he would have to find true love.

Not only fall in love but also get someone to fall in love with him. It’s very easy to forget that Beast has been ostracized, rejected and been alone for quite a long time.

In light of this, what he does for Belle is very wholesome. Beast’s or Adam’s journey throughout this story is of learning and sacrifice. Belle’s love changes him and she gets beefcake as a reward.

11. Aladdin (Aladdin)

Aladdin Aladdin 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

A thief from the streets, Aladdin knows a world Jasmine doesn’t. Jasmine wants to see a whole new world but her father just wants her to get married.

As much as Aladdin tried to deceive Jasmine to get married to her, he still wished his last wish for Genie to be free. Aladdin is quick to adapt to his situations, has a presence of mind and considerable combat prowess.

Aladdin is a fun-loving and selfless man who is just trying to enjoy the life he has been given with his friend Abu. He is a truthful and selfless man as he reveals his identity to Jasmine.

Aladdin comes through a journey of accepting who he is and how he doesn’t need to stick to facades to get what he wants.

Brownie points for sacrificing food to starving children despite not having anything to eat himself.

10. Captain Phoebus (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Captain Phoebus Hunchback of Notre Dame 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

Captain Phoebus of the King’s Guard is side-lined despite being such a great character! Phoebus is portrayed as quite a nice character in contrast to his novel classic depiction.

In the movie, Phoebus has to choose between his passion and doing the right thing of protecting people or being jobless for the rest of his life since as a soldier, he doesn’t know how to do anything other than fight.

This hunk managed to win hearts with his fun-loving personality even in a situation where he knew he was clearly on the wrong side. He knows that he can’t do much but behind Frollo’s back, he helps those victims of his injustice.

He even faces his death with honour, like a Knight. His personality and making the best of the situation he is in with humour to lighten things up is what makes him so attractive.

His wide shoulders, broad chest, shoulder-length blonde hair, deep blue eyes and golden armour only further his position in people’s hearts!

9. Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (Frozen)

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles Frozen 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

The one and only Prince Charming villain are here!

The youngest of 13 children, Hans was always the last in everything, including ascending the throne. He plotted to take over Arendelle by pretending to be in love with Anna.

He has a lot of traits that make him extremely dislikeable like his over-ambitiousness to rule even if it’s repressing someone else’s kingdom, entitlement and greed for power.

The catch here is that this is only true when we knew it! We all loved Hans who fell in love with Anna, at first sight, was worried about her, cared about her, his noble grace and princely charisma!

We all fell for his Prince Charming act, trusted and believed him and he fooled all of us!

8. Kristoff (Frozen)

Side by side images of Kristoff from Frozen holding Anna and looking up with his hand on his chest 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

Kristoff wasn’t a prince he got with a princess, but now that he did, we can safely rank him on this list. Kristoff won the audience with his kind heart and realistic approach to life.

His interactions with Anna who just wants to live her life based on impulsive decisions makes a perfect balance. He is muscular and rugged built challenges a lot of stereotypes that exist in the Disney world.

The princes are usually slender and well maintained. Kristoff has a charisma that is unique to him. His kindness and realism won him a gigantic thumbs up from the audience.

7. Prince Naveen (Princess and the Frog)

Prince Naveen Princess and the Frog 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

Prince Naveen has had a very pampered and spoilt upbringing. He was almost entirely a freeloader and didn’t even try to learn or engage in minor activities necessary for survival such as basic chopping.

This man only wanted to enjoy his life without having the sense of slightest of responsibilities despite being the eldest prince of Macedonia. Throughout the film, Naveen if not anything else learns how to mince!

He is very sweet, handsome and prides himself on being able to charm women.

Despite all of the façade that Naveen was carrying over the course of the movie, slowly starts shedding and we see the humble and sweet romance that he is!

He starts taking effort and interest in working to help Tiana fulfil her dreams.

How sweet!

6. Li Shang (Mulan)

Li Shang Mulan 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

Tall. Tan. Muscular. Pinned up long black hair. Deep dark brown eyes. This alone is enough to get Li Shang pretty high on this list.

His combat prowess and apparent lack of sense of personal safety to save as many people as he can.

He also knows gratitude and respects heroism more than gender norms that were taught in society at this point.

He’s just a little shy expressing his feelings for Mulan and isn’t that just the most adorable?

5. Tarzan (Tarzan)

Tarzan 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

This man with hair flying in the wind swings from one vine to another declaring his territory in the jungle.

Tarzan is a primitive gentleman who will protect the ones he cares about at all costs. Tarzan has a fun playful innocent and curiosity to him as he discovers the advanced human civilization.

What makes him so likeable on screen is that Tarzan is very forgiving and kind. He tried to save Clayton despite everything that he had done.

Tarzan is aware and mature and has learnt the rules of the jungle He wants everyone he loves to be happy and also knows how to take on jaguars in a fistfight. Tarzan’s curiosity and his cute wholesomeness charmed the audience!

4. John Smith (Pocahontas)

pocahontas smiling at john smith 2tmsqpzr1ay6uauo 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

Can you look at this handsome young blonde English explorer and not immediately fall in love with him?

John Smith is an adventurer at heart. Just like Li Shang, he was conditioned to believe that the natives were savages but as he opened his mind and learnt more, he saw the true beauty of nature and the true nature of the Native Americans.

He is a brave muscled and slender man who is known for his courage and heroism. He is selfless, kind and open-minded. He is very sweet and cares deeply about all of his peers, either befriending or mentoring them.

3. Hercules (Hercules)

pp hercules herobanner 19870 2 c4ed060c 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

He is a demigod! What could be imperfect?

What makes Hercules so likeable is his awkwardness and clumsiness despite being a demigod. He doesn’t have control of his godly strength and often ends up destroying while trying to help.

Hercules also struggles with a sense of belonging and he only wants to find a place where he can be himself. He is a cheerful lad who is caring and only wants to help despite all the names he had been called.

He is handsome and charming, has short golden blonde hair and blue eyes. After his training, Hercules is the definition of masculinity.

Tan perfectly until a nice bronze, defined jawline, sculpted muscles who can wield a sword and shield with perfection!

2. Flynn Rider (Tangled)

flynnriderromantictangled scaled 1 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

This smoulder has made people drool before and will continue to do so every time someone sees it!

This Robin Hood was known for his charm, presence of mind and quick wit.

He earned himself the name of a famous thief.

As his life had taught him, Flynn started as a traitor, someone who would just take advantage of you and them leave once the business was done.

Falling in love with Rapunzel changes him. Flynn becomes open, vulnerable and more and more Eugene by the minute.

Once, we get to know the true Eugene it is hard to take our eyes off this handsome, loving and caring sweetheart with googly eyes for Rapunzel!

1. Dimitri (Anastasia)

Dimitri Anastasia 15 Disney Men to Swoon Over!

Dimitri loves fast money and only wants to have the final word. Dimitri thinks of himself as one of the most charming and quick-witted people and wants to control everything. He has lived a hard life and it shows in the walls that he keeps for himself.

Once, warmed up to Anya, we can see the real heroic and sensitive side. Dimitri is hardened to the truths of life. Once he gets to know that Anya is Anastasia, he gives up the reward despite having fulfilled the original condition of it.

Dimitri has topped the list because of his charm, his journey and his will to sacrifice the only thing that he had worked for his entire life!

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