Did Moana Die in the Storm?

Since it came out in November 2016, reviewers have said a lot of good things about Moana.

The movie made more than $645 million around the world and was nominated for several awards, including Best Animated Feature.

Moana is probably one of the most popular Disney movies, and the fact that it’s based on the real-life history and culture of Polynesian islands makes it even better and more valuable.

Moana, the strong-willed daughter of a Polynesian village chief, is about to sail across the ocean to bring a goddess named Te Fiti and a magical treasure back together.

Moana sets sail across the ocean to find Maui, but she soon runs into a big storm. Moana wakes up on an isolated island after the typhoon wrecks her ship.

From then on, she only interacts with gods and other non-human animals. All of this makes it hard not to wonder: Did Moana really die in the storm?

Fans say that Moana died in the storm at the beginning of the movie, but Disney has never stated this.

The argument is based on the fact that she only talks to her dead grandmother, gods, demigods, and other legendary animals (like Te Ka and Maui) after the shipwreck, which makes it pretty clear she might have died.

Moana could be in a kind of purgatory or a mythical country of the gods, and Maui could be her guardian angel.

If Maui is really her guardian angel, some people might say that this movie is about her trip to Heaven.

Even though Disney is known for making movies that kids have liked for a long time, there are often much darker ideas behind the scenes.

If you want to know if Moana is still living or not, you’re in the right place.

Find out if Moana really died in the storm by reading on!

Did Moana Die In The Beginning?

When a dangerous darkness threatens the people on Moana’s island, she takes it upon herself to save them and goes on an exciting trip.

She then sets sail to find the hero Maui, but soon a terrible storm hits.

After a storm wrecks her ship, Moana ends up on an island where no one else lives.

And this is when things got really interesting for fans, who started to guess about the whole movie’s plot.

The idea says that Moana died at the beginning of the movie when the storm swept her away.

She can only talk to her dead grandmother, gods, demigods, and other legendary beings after a shipwreck, which suggests she may have died.

Did Moana Actually Die in the Storm?

moana in thunderstorm 1 Did Moana Die in the Storm?

Moana is a movie that is very different from other princess stories because it is about finding yourself and being brave.

Even though this Disney movie has a good message, fans often wonder if it has a deeper, more dangerous message. Every movie has a dark fan theory that is starting to take shape, even movies for kids.

Fan ideas say that Moana dies in the first few minutes of the movie, when we see her facing a shipwreck. After we see her disappear into the darkness of the water, we see Moana and Maui stuck on an island.

After the shipwreck, Moana is only seen talking to gods, demigods, and other legendary figures who are not human. The only thing that isn’t true is that her grandma is dead, which can mean that she is dead.

The idea that Moana is dead is also supported by the fact that she can easily go to places that regular people can’t, like Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters.

At some point, Maui starts to hint that she might be a demigod, since no normal person could have survived what she did. Either that happened or she didn’t make it at all.

Not only would most people not be able to make it through a typhoon in a simple wooden boat, but they also wouldn’t be able to move so far so easily.

Moana has superhuman powers and rarely gets hurt in the movie, even when she is in situations that would kill a normal person.

Moana is reunited with her dead grandma, who shows her support as a glowing blue stingray ghost, before she faces Te Ka. Tala, Moana’s grandma, and Moana talk to each other a lot.

Even though this doesn’t necessarily mean that Moana has died, since ghosts are usually thought to be able to show themselves to normal people, it could be a sign that she has.

But the fact that Moana might have talked to both of her parents after the storm made people rethink the whole thing. This could be proof that she was dead.

Before she dies, Tala gives Moana a chain that is said to hold Te Fiti’s heart. People say that the chain is the only thing that can bring Te Fiti back to life and save Motunui in the process.

Fans think that Moana will come back to life because the necklace has the power to bring life back to it.

Some fans still believe that Moana dies at the beginning of the movie but is brought back to life at the end.

The only thing left to figure out would be Hei Hei, her best friend who is a chicken and goes with her everywhere she goes in the Polynesian islands.

Fans have decided that Hei Hei is probably another spirit guide or maybe even a demigod because he was able to survive everything she did.

Even though he doesn’t seem to care about anything, he may play a big part in Moana’s journey.

Moana Death Scene Analysis

Moana dies in the storm at the beginning of the movie.

The argument is based on the fact that after Moana gets shipwrecked in the typhoon, she spends the rest of the movie mostly talking to gods, demi-gods, and legendary animals, like Maui, the Kakamora, and Te Ka, and almost no human characters until almost the very end.

One more theory says that after Moana gets stuck in the storm, she either dies or is taken to a magical land of the gods.

People on Reddit thought that the only thing standing between humans and Polynesian mythology was a barrier.

Since Moana was dead, the barrier was broken, and she could now pass through the mystic world.

Did Moana Come Back To Life?

One of the most important parts of the movie was when Grandma Tala died after the terrible storm. It set the tone for the rest of the movie.

Then, the older woman gives the young girl her chain, which has Te Fiti’s heart on it.

It was said that the necklace could magically bring someone back to life, and it is the only thing that can save Motunui by bringing Te Fiti back to life.

Moana is brought back to life only after she returns the Heart of Te Fiti, which has the power to do so.

We can also see that the boat that got wrecked in the storm was soon fixed. This is also the last time we see Maui, since he doesn’t go to Motunui with Moana.

The Real Story Of Moana and Maui

Even though Moana is not a real person, a lot of the movie was based on Polynesian folklore.

Polynesian history and legend inspired two of the most important parts of Moana’s journey: her growing sense of direction and her friendship with Maui.

Moana and Maui’s story is about two friends who go on a journey together.

How Old Is Moana?

Even though Moana is strong-willed, independent, and brave, the movie doesn’t say how old she is. She is in her teens and is thought to be about 16 years old.

What About Hei?

The idea made sense, except for one thing: Hei Hei the chicken. This is the most confusing part.

Throughout the movie, the chicken kept following Moana without a care in the world. It wasn’t surprising that Maui thought of using this chicken as a “boat snack.”

Hei Hei, on the other hand, could be seen as either a saint or a spirit guide of some kind.

At the end of the movie, Maui says, “The chicken lives!” This doesn’t mean much, since the chicken looks puzzled, but we can assume that Hei Hei was brought back to life at the same time as Moana.

Final Words

We don’t know for sure if Moana really died at the beginning of the movie because Disney never said for sure that she did.

We can only guess if she died and was brought back to life at the end, or if she stayed dead the whole time she crossed the Pacific Ocean.

But if the idea that Moana dies at the beginning of the movie is true, then the fan theories make sense.

Tala may have seen Moana when she was about to die and was able to give her a necklace that could bring her back to life.

Or, if Maui really was Moana’s guardian angel, his job of taking her to Te Fiti could really mean that he was taking her to heaven. It’s possible that the whole movie was about her trip to heaven.

In the end, it seems likely that Disney added a twist to this story that can only be understood by digging deeper into secret metaphors and meanings.

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