11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

Miraculous Villains: Which was the most successful? 

It’s not a question of the fact that Miraculous Ladybug has featured quite a few pretty cool and bizarre villains. 

While we’re waiting for the show’s reveal and season 4 to finally release after all the chaos in the universe, we’ve compiled an entertaining short list of some of the most amazing villains.

Note: Hawkmoth isn’t on this list as Volpina because I dislike them both too much at this point.

11. Dark Owl

dark owl villian 11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

He was among the very few who could have been able to win! 

Despite the rather silly costume, we saw the almost-reveal. 

We aren’t sure if Tikki and Plagg knew who their rivals were but they do know that they do now.

10. Stormy Weather

stormy weather 11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

Stormy Weather is the best.

So awesome that she can become a primary antagonist. 

Being in control of any type of weather is indeed awesome enough, but she is also able to be able to cause severe damage to individuals. 

Her skills make her one of the most amazing villains.

9. The Mime

the mime 11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

He’s got great power, and his style is awesome. 

He also climbed all of the Eiffel Tower on his own! 

He’s probably the toughest adversary Ladybug has ever encountered and, if this wasn’t the kind of show for children it would be even more frightening.

8. Mr.Pigeon

Mr. Pigeon

The fact that it reads “most” doesn’t mean the villain wasn’t funny.

It was pure evil. Therefore, I’m saying Mr. Pigeon is the most hilarious comedy in this. It’s like a slap to the other fantastic villains! 

The guy was Akumatized 23…no! 25 times!

7. The Evillustrator

the evillustrator 11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

Perhaps the most powerful of the incredibly powerful villains. He can draw anything from nuclear bombs to gigantic asteroids, unstoppable tanks, whatever you want to call it and it’s real! 

He can also eliminate anything he desires to be erased from the world! Talk about being super-powered! Also, just fantastic in general!

He was forced to see how powerful he can be! He could have created an army of villainous Ladybugs or even erased the Ladybug’s lucky charm! The possibilities are endless.

6. Copycat

copycat miraculous 11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

L Imposture, also known as Copycat is one of the villains in the French show, Miraculous Ladybug. 

A villain who can impersonate others, specifically Chat Noir. 

His real-life self can be Theo Barbeau, a sculptor who is a lover of Ladybug. 

His Akuma appears in the newspaper article as the source of inspiration for his work. In light of how much I am a fan of Chat noir, it was easy to add Copycat to this incredible list of villains.

5. Timebreaker…(best miraculous villain?)

timebraker 11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

Timebreaker (Chronogirl on French) is an antagonist from the TV series Miraculous Ladybug. Her strength is in absorbing the energy of others to increase her strength. The person she is in her civilian life is Alix Kubdel.

Alix/Timebreaker is probably one of the strongest characters from Miraculous. 

While the Miraculous is extremely strong, their capabilities are primarily magic objects, and superhuman strength and agility. 

Alix can kill with just one swipe, but she doesn’t simply kill you, but eliminate you from existence, and utilize your force to strengthen her. 

She is incredibly quick, powerful, and agile and has the greatest ability to break time. 

Even though Evillustrartor, Inverso, and the Sandman are pretty powerful, Timebreaker and Horrificator are the only villains that are unstoppable as they build strength when you are weak. 

They’re also to offer everyone something. They are not only out to get the revenge of others but also to be loved by anyone.

4. The Puppeteer

the puppeteer 11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

If she were an adult she was just a few steps away from winning. Manon was terrifying in this. Being in a position to control multiple users simultaneously is nearly limitless power. What would you think if she was the doll Hawkmoth??

Puppeteer was able to take control of Cat Noir, but Ladybug got the upper hand. Puppeteer is only a young child and when she took on her at the time, she was filled with weapons.

3. Simon Says

simon says 11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

The majority of people can force others to respect him. 

He also can make other people do his bidding or hinder them from doing their work. 

He broke Gabriel’s security and we’ve all witnessed the intensity of that! He’s one of the very few villains with a supernatural aura who nearly achieved their objective.

2. Sandboy

sandvoy 11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

My opinion is that facing your fears is perhaps the most difficult thing to do.

He brings nightmares of people to the real world.

1. The Pharaoh

the paraoh 11 Most Amazing Miraculous Villains of All Time

I’m just looking at the powers granted to him by the ancient gods and I’m not happy with it. 

All he has to do is declare the name of gods and be given amazing powers.

What are your top superheroes? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below!

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