Kimi ni Todoke: Karuho Shiina Debuts Long-Awaited New Manga After 18-Year Hiatus

Karuho Shiina, the writer of the manga, will be releasing a brand-new manga named Toppū to Beat (Blast of Wind and Beat) on March 13, according to an announcement made by Shueisha on Tuesday.

The comic will be published in the April edition of the Bessatsu Margaret magazine, published by Shueisha.

In 2006, Shiina released her shojo manga Kimi ni Todoke.

This will be Shiina’s first new series in the past 18 years since she originally began publishing the series.

One of the opening pages of the manga will be colored, and it will also be displayed on the front cover of that particular issue.

Kimi ni Todoke Kimi ni Todoke: Karuho Shiina Debuts Long-Awaited New Manga After 18-Year Hiatus

In the manga, the action takes place in a village on the coast of Hokkaido, where a mysterious young lady by the name of Nike meets up with Nemo, a little kid who is scarcely seen in the classroom.

Because of the meeting, Nike decides to embark on a trip packed with mysteries to recall aspects of herself that she has recently forgotten.

When it comes to the development of this manga, Shiina will be producing it for the very first time using an entirely digital method.

Bessatsu Margaret was the publication where Shiina first started the main Kimi ni Todoke manga in 2006. She finished it in November of 2017.

In March of 2018, Shueisha released the manga’s thirty-first and final book volume after it had been compiled. Beginning in April 2018 and continuing until May 2022, Shiina edited the Kimi ni Todoke Bangaihen: Unmei no Hito (Kimi ni Todoke Spinoff: Soulmate) spinoff manga that was published in Bessatsu Margaret.

With a total of 36 million copies in circulation (including digital versions), the series has maintained its position as one of the most popular comics in Japan.

More about Kimi Ni Todoke New Manga

Viz Media is the company that publishes the manga’s English translation, and the thirty-first volume came out in December of last year.

From 2009 to 2011, the manga served as the inspiration for two seasons of television anime.

NIS America published and made both of the previous seasons of the anime television show available on home video.

During the year 2010, a live-action film adaptation was released in Japan. It was in March 2023 that Netflix made its debut with a live-action series adaptation.

There will be a third season of the anime in the television anime format.

In 2024, the first new season to be released in thirteen years will be shown exclusively on Netflix throughout the world.

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