How to Tame Pandas in Minecraft?

Minecraft is awash with adorable soft and welcoming animals, like the famous cute panda! 

Similar to other animals found in Minecraft, the pandas come with their own favorite foods as well as unique behaviors and adorable characteristics. 

However, making a panda from a wild Minecraft panda into a faithful friend isn’t as easy as other animals within the game.

The players aren’t technically able to control pandas in Minecraft vanilla. 

However, they are able to interact with pandas with bamboo, and there are many ways to allow them to act like pet animals in Minecraft, like putting them in a customized, escape-proof panda pen, and then using name tags to make sure they don’t disappear.

Pandas are among the most beloved creatures in the world of videos, and their appearance of them in Minecraft is not an exception. 

It’s not difficult to understand why anyone would love to have these furry balls moving around within their Minecraft home. 

Keep reading to learn how you can get to know pandas, make them act as pets, and what they’ll require to be content.

Pandas in Minecraft

The majestic stripy bear is one of the most recent new additions to the mob creature collection in Minecraft. 

The players have gone completely crazy over these fuzzy creatures. To be fair, it’s impossible to dislike them!

Pandas can be considered neutral creatures in Minecraft, which means that they don’t attack players, but they aren’t exactly friendly either. 

They live in trees, hopping between them, and keep themselves busy.

However, they may become angry or angry when they are disturbed by players without cause or reason and may cause harm to the player in certain instances. 

They are incredibly playful and charming individuals, as is to be expected. They are found in two different types in the game-Regular Pandas and Brown Pandas.

Can You Tame Pandas In Minecraft?

When it comes to creating an environment that resembles a panda the strategy will have to be a bit different. 

In terms of technicality, wild animals can’t be handled like other Minecraft animals, such as animals like wolves, foxes, and farm animals.

However, the fact that you aren’t able to control them in a formal manner isn’t a reason to not have a panda friend, even in Minecraft, because players can make friends with the pandas and keep their content. 

taming pandas minecraft How to Tame Pandas in Minecraft?

It can take some of the time and effort required, so it is important for players to be ready to take on a rewarding, but challenging adventure.

But, this method can be rewarding for panda roommates as well as panda friends! 

We’ve laid out the basics you must know about interacting with pandas and even making them act like pets in Minecraft.

Befriending Pandas In Minecraft

Begin by searching for a group of pandas within your Minecraft world. 

This could take a long time, dependent on the location of the place where your character has created a spawn within Minecraft.

Where to Locate Pandas In Minecraft

Pandas generally wander through the Minecraft world in groups of around two or three and are prone to laying or rolling about and feasting on occasional treats, just like the real ones!

They are usually located in bamboo jungle areas. However, they may also be found within jungle biomes as well.

What is the amount of food it will Take to Befriend the Panda?

Pandas must be accepted as pets using food, as with the other creatures in Minecraft during the training process. 

The players must be aware of their expectations since feeding them something other than the food they love could cause them to become unhappy and could pose dangers for the player.

The animals must get fed bamboo (they are known to have an endless craving for bamboo, so beware). Bamboo can be gathered from the biome around you and then stacked on your shelves.

bamboo and pandas minecraft How to Tame Pandas in Minecraft?

They may not remove food from the hands of other players quickly, so players may also show them food items and then drop them onto the ground in front of them. 

They’ll pick up the food and take it off the ground. This could assist you in progressing towards friendship status.

Players must continue feeding bamboo to the pandas until hearts begin to appear above the heads of their pandas. 

It is recommended to have enough bamboo in case certain pandas will be friendly to players after they’ve had a greater than average amount of food.

Strangely enough, pandas are also provided with cakes to make them feel happy.

However, this method isn’t as reliable as the first because cakes aren’t easy to obtain during the game. 

However, players can make use of cakes to accelerate the process and bamboo sticks to ensure the pandas are comfortable.

How Much Time Does It Take to befriend A Panda in Minecraft?

It shouldn’t take very much time for you to become a panda friend in Minecraft because they’ll be friendly to the player once they provide them with bamboo for a few minutes. 

The process usually takes just a few minutes, but it could be longer than anticipated in certain situations, such as for pandas who are grumpy or obnoxious.

How to Make a Panda Farm in Minecraft

The most important reason Minecraft players would like to control pandas is that they are imagining the possibility of having a Minecraft base of survival or a home with happy, warm, and bubbly panda friends. 

Although you can’t technically be able to tame pandas in real life, you could still build a panda farm at your base.

farming pandas minecraft How to Tame Pandas in Minecraft?

Based on my personal experience, the procedure is lengthy and difficult It will require a few strategic strategies that will require you to retrace one block at a moment for a long period of time. However, if you are a fan of pandas, it’ll be worth the effort!

How Do You Find a Panda to Live With You?

Finding a panda that wants to live with you is likely to be difficult, and even impossible, depending on the location where you’ve created a spawn. 

But, if you locate or construct an easily accessible, most accessible path from their spot to your base of survival, it’s possible.

Do You Have a Lead on a Panda?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to create an end to a panda’s lead within Minecraft. The chubby, fun, and free-spirited animals cannot be confined in any way. 

They are free to roam around as they wish and are only kept in check by walls or fences.

Most of the time, people choose to leave the pandas in their natural environment by putting labels with their names on them to ensure that the pandas they have made friends with do not die. 

However, there’s an established and tried method to make a panda willing to join you.

Luring Pandas To Your Minecraft Home

Three words: bamboo, endurance, and manipulating. Yes, we’re manipulating the pandas in order to convince them to join us, but it’s all fine as long as you promise to keep them safe, feed them, and cherish them for the rest of your life!

Pandas have a never-ending hunger for bamboo sticks, and we can leverage this to our benefit in the game. 

When they are friendly toward players, they’ll pursue the players in the event that they are carrying bamboo with them.

luring a panda How to Tame Pandas in Minecraft?

Thus, the players have to physically bring them back to their home base by holding bamboo in their hands and stepping back one block at a time. 

This is since pandas are slow and chilled-out creatures. You’ll have to ensure that they don’t get lost along the route.

The entire process is simplified if you have someone else to go through it with, and you must bring the necessary equipment for your personal needs and needs. 

The players may face some issues throughout the process and can overcome them with these methods.

1. Multiple pandas following you: This can seem overwhelming, however, but it’s not a “problem” whatsoever. If you have a lot of pandas following your path, that’s fantastic! It’s much easier to capture a few pandas in one go, should it be possible. It’s just a matter of finding an effective method to keep up with them all in one go, with enough bamboo.

2. Pandas lose interest If pandas start losing enthusiasm, give them one piece of bamboo every day. Be careful not to give them enough bamboo pieces that they get overwhelmed and leave.

3. Pandas grow tired: If you’re traveling long distances from home and the pandas are full throughout the journey, it means that they’ll eventually become tired and quit following you. It’s a shame to let this progress go, so you should create a mini-biome in the area so that you’ll be able to try again. You’ll have to go through these things to make sure it works:

  • Create an ample space around them to ensure they’re in a comfortable position, based on the number of pandas that are present.
  • Create high fences around the pandas so they won’t bounce around.
  • If it is possible, be sure to have a water source as well as a few low blocks of water.
  • Install some bamboo inside so that they can have food.
  • Attach an identification tag to each of them so that they don’t despawn.
  • The majority of these are easily recalled when you go on with the process.

Designing a Panda Home

If you’re thinking of taking the pandas with you, regardless of how challenging or difficult the process is, this should be done first. 

However, you may also take it on later in case the pandas have a place to stay at your home as well.

Pandas require a cozy but comfortable area to live and play in, so make something truly unique for them to ensure they are content. 

Fortunately, the basic blocks are very simple to find. It is important to ensure that you have some leftover bamboo in their habitat and are able to collect basic blocks to make the floor.

Be aware of these elements when designing your paddy playpen:

  • The soil should be created by combining the grass as well as sand.
  • The area should be quite large, which will allow enough room for breeding.
  • There ought to be 8 bamboo pieces within a 5-block distance of one another in the region.
  • Pandas are awestruck by bounces. So you can build little mountains for them too, but make sure that they’re not too high that they bounce off.
  • Create the appearance of a small, shallow pond where pandas can enjoy swimming and bathing in water.
  • Check to see if they are provided with access to other amenities like flowers, water, and even lighting.
  • Secure the area using fences that are high to ensure that they aren’t able to escape. Install two gates at the player’s level, and put fencing above them or use blocks that act as doors, with the door (without pressure plates). The entire space should be affixed to a wall that is escape-proof.
  • You can finish off the top with fencing, if required, in order to create a roofing-type barrier.
  • Decorate as desired.

Begin to lead the pandas inside your home after you have built it and ensured that they can’t escape. 

You might need to leave the space open so that they can enter since they might get ahold of each other and become stuck. Take them to the back of the pen and shut it off once more.

How Do You Breed Pandas

What’s cuter than pandas? Panda cubs, obviously! If you’ve made the proper conditions for them to live in breeding, getting them to reproduce is a bit simpler. 

But, they’re slow, so the need for encouragement is essential.

Simply provide two adults with food and press them until hearts form. If the hearts begin to appear above them, be sure that the bamboo isn’t in your hands; otherwise, they’ll be attracted to you rather than their companion.

If everything goes as planned, then you’ll get the bouncer panda baby! It is important to put name tags on all your new panda pals whenever you can and to ensure that they don’t die because they’re in the wild.

Summary of Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Create your panda’s home (structure as well as water additions, fencing, etc.).
  2. Find the pandas (in the bamboo biome or the jungle biome).
  3. If you need to, create a mostly-level path through the bamboo biome back to your base.
  4. Make inventory (fences, bamboos, water, name tags)
  5. Bamboo feeds pandas (drop it down on the ground first, in case they refuse to eat from your hands) until they are friendly, as indicated by heartbeats.
  6. Use them to lure them through the open pathway back to your base, maintaining your bamboo on your hands and making sure that your backstep is one block higher than the previous one.
  7. Make sure to give each panda an identification tag to ensure that they don’t become spawn.
  8. If they stop being interested and you’ve lost time (nighttime crowds), create a mini biome with bamboo and fences so that you can go on at dawn the following day.
  9. Repeat the method until you’ve reached your base of survival in the form of pandas.
  10. Install them in the playpen for pandas you’ve created. Then, shut it off to make sure it’s secure.
  11. Help to breed as you would like for your baby pandas.
  12. Install name tags on the new pandas so that they don’t become spawning sites.

Alternately, players can make use of an addon called Tameable Pandas Addon that will allow pandas to be controlled and include a number of other options to make them more useful like:

  • Tameable Bamboo
  • A rider (places cakes in saddle slots in order to regulate it)
  • Bamboo is a great way to provide them with more speed.
  • Follows their owner
  • It guards the owner against aggressive mobs.
  • It is possible to be told to stand or sit.
  • Breedable

Making a panda-friendly friend or even a panda farm within Minecraft is a challenge and a challenge because the process is quite different than other neutral or passive mobs found in the game. 

But it’s doable with enough time, determination, effort, effort, and dedication. You’ll share your Minecraft vanilla survival house with many smiling and happy panda families within a matter of minutes!

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