How to get Building 21 keycards in DMZ

Building 21 was added to Season 1 Reloaded on December 19, and Infinity Ward has defined this location as a territory that will only be accessible for a limited amount of time.

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This area will be available for exploration for a limited amount of time. The developer has said that Building 21 will be accessible for an indeterminate period of time; however, individuals who do not take advantage of this opportunity will be compelled to “wait for future deployments.” Building 21 will be accessible for a duration of time that has not been disclosed.

Due to the fact that the territory is the location of high-tier illegal weaponry and riches that can be collected, it is strongly recommended that you pay a visit to the place. Additionally, it is strongly suggested that you travel outside of the territory.

Because this location is distinct from Al Mazrah, you will be given the choice to either load into the Al Mazrah map or proceed to Building 21.

Both of these options are available to you. You have the ability to choose either of these two possibilities. If you are able to successfully exfiltrate from Al Mazrah, you will be given the opportunity to acquire keycards; however, Building 21 is currently locked as a result of your successful exfiltration.

How to acquire a keycard for Building 21: Instructions and Guidelines

The “DRC Building 21 Access Card” keycards can be gained in a random fashion from the rare orange loot chests, public supply drop events, and supply drops that you earn by completing the SAM Site Contracts or by removing the helicopter commander.

These keycards can be obtained in a variety of different ways. The acquisition of these keycards is possible through a number of different channels.

Although the possibility of finding an orange chest is incredibly low, the Stronghold or a Denied Area is where you will have the greatest chance of finding one.

This is because the Stronghold is either a restricted area or a restricted area. In the event that you are interested in gaining additional knowledge regarding DMZ Strongholds, we strongly recommend that you read through our comprehensive tutorial.

You have the ability to store them in the DMZ key storage that you have available to you.

You should make sure that you have a few empty slots in this position because there is a limited amount of storage space in this location. This is because there is a very limited amount of space available.

How to obtain the red and blue keycards

dmz How to get Building 21 keycards in DMZ

In the demilitarized zone (DMZ), there are keycards that are red and blue in color. These keycards can be looted and retrieved whenever they are found. Furthermore, in addition to the access cards themselves, these keycards are involved.

These will allow you to enter places that can provide you with even more loot of a higher grade than what you already have in your possession.

In light of the fact that there is no distinction between looting the red and blue keycards and looting the Building 21 access cards, you should therefore simply loot as many orange chests and supply drops as you reasonably can.

This is because there is no difference between the two types of loot. Therefore, in order to ensure that the keys are retained in your inventory, you need to make sure that you extract them in a secure manner when you are doing so.

These keycards, which are displayed in red and blue, look to be capable of being utilized for a range of purposes, giving the impression that they are versatile.

The restricted usage of these keys is connected to the fact that they are used, in a manner that is analogous to the fact that some of the core DMZ keys have the words “used” or “worn” printed on them.

Providing guidance on how to correctly exfil

Getting ready to travel to Al Mazrah?

It is recommended that you have a self-revive, a medium or large backpack, and a three-tier armor vest before loading into a match inside of Building 21.

This will allow you to maximize your chances of success. Every one of these pieces of apparatus is one that can be utilized with relative ease.

The effective extraction of the equipment that will be employed in Building 21 as well as the acquisition of these things in Al Mazrah are both examples of projects that are worthy of being pursued.

Start with a reasonable loadout 

Shotguns are an excellent choice for use in this setting because Building 21 places a strong emphasis on close-quarters fighting with both human players and AI opponents.

As a result of this, shotguns are a good weapon to use under these circumstances. Among the lethal armaments available, drill charges and semtex are both excellent choices for combating the riot shield and armored digital foes. Both of these alternatives are available.

Against the riot shield, drill charges are highly powerful in their effectiveness. One of the best options for the field upgrade is the munitions box. This is because it is quite likely that you will be required to replace your supply of ammunition and equipment at some point in the future.

Collaborate with one another

Make sure you never go into battle by yourself. In the DMZ, you have the option to select “No fill” and play the matches by yourself.

However, Building 21 presents a little more challenging challenge because to its more powerful artificial intelligence and its close-quarters warfare styles.

Form a partnership with two other players by having a conversation with them and then forming a relationship themselves.

Although Building 21 is a part of the DMZ unlock challenge for the new weapon that was launched in Season 1 Reloaded.

For those of you who are playing the game for the very first time, we will do all in our power to provide you with a guide that will assist you in getting started with DMZ. We also have loadouts that are recommended for use in Warzone 2 and DMZ mode, which is an extra point of interest.


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