How to find the Scavenger Buy Station in DMZ

During the fifth season of Warzone, a brand new Shadow Company Faction was introduced. As part of one of the tasks associated with this faction, players are charged with purchasing an item from the Scavenger’s Buy Station while wearing a specific disguise.

SCAVANGER How to find the Scavenger Buy Station in DMZ

A guide to luring the Scavenger into your DMZ match, as well as instructions on how to use his Buy Station, is provided here.

Scavenger’s Buy Station in Warzone DMZ

The Boss

The Scavenger is a boss that has been present in Warzone DMZ for some time after it was first introduced. He is drawn to loot and high-value objects that he can take and run away with, as the name of this individual would imply. In the event that he arrives, his Buy Station will also arrive.

In DMZ, unfortunately, there is no known way that can be used to summon the Scavenger boss. On the other hand, there are actions that you may take to improve the possibilities of an appearance, which in turn will enhance the potential that the Scavenger’s Buy Station will demonstrate up.

These include:

  • The completion of Hunt Contracts presents players with the challenge of eradicating adversaries. The high-tier loot and cash that real-life gamers have will be dropped once they have been eliminated. Due to the fact that the Scavenger is drawn to certain goods, this will catch his attention. Wait in the vicinity, and if he manifests himself, go to him.
  • As the matches develop, you will certainly receive messages that ask for your assistance. Camp on foes that have been eliminated. These are players who have been eliminated from the game and request to be revived and integrated. Their bodies will entice the Scavenger to consume them.
  • Conquer a different boss – When bosses are vanquished, they have the ability to drop incredibly valuable loot. This is quite appealing to the Scavenger, particularly if you have already fought your way through a large number of bots, each of which drops their own riches during the course of your quest. In the process of completing the Konni Secrets assignment and working to eliminate the Bomb Maker, we discovered that doing so brought the Scavenger and the Scavenger’s Buy Station to Tsuki Castle. This was a really interesting discovery.
  • Wait for him to show up — As the DMZ games develop and the exclusion zones grow more packed with loot and bodies, the chances of the Scavenger showing up will increase significantly. We discovered that he participated in a significant number of matches; all that was required was for him to remain alive for a sufficient amount of time.

Finding the Scavenger

SCAVANGERE 2 How to find the Scavenger Buy Station in DMZ

When the icon of the Scavenger shows on your minimap, you will know that it is the Scavenger. The bottom half of this face is concealed, and it is a skeletal face that is white.

It also provides you with his precise location, so if you want to meet the boss in person, you should head toward the icon.

We would like to caution you not to approach him without first putting on the disguise. There are hordes of bots surrounding him, and if you choose to make a break for their master, they will not take it very well.

Scavenger in Warzone DMZ

There is a new Field Upgrade called the Disguise that allows players to conceal themselves as DMZ soldiers. To put it succinctly, bots will not approach you when you are using one since they will mistake you for an ally.

They have the appearance of a mannequin head that is wearing a balaclava and can be discovered in duffel bags scattered around all exclusion zones.

Please do not attempt to attack the Scavenger. This is yet another warning. This will not only cause your disguise to be broken and expose you to the gunfire of the bots, but it will also prevent his Buy Station from being activated.

Scavenger’s Buy Station

You should make your way towards the Scavenger while wearing your disguise. You will be under the impression that you are a member of his own army, and he will extend a warm greeting to you by calling upon his Buy Station and offering you a prize.

When the Scavenger forms a red circle on your minimap, the Buy Station of the Scavenger will instantly appear within that circle. Taking the form of a conventional Deployable Buy Station, it ought to be simple to identify because of its appearance.

You should approach it and engage with it in the same manner as you would with a typical Buy Station. If you want to finish the mission, all you need to do is buy an item.

Scavenger Buy Station in Warzone DMZ

If you do not have a Disguise equipped, it will not allow you to open the Buy Station; therefore, you must ensure that you still have it equipped in order to use it.

A notification from the user interface will confirm that the goals have been accomplished.

In Warzone DMZ, this is the instructions for locating and utilizing the Scavenger’s Buy Station.


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