14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 presents itself as a kid-friendly tower defense game.

Players get the idea that winning should be a very enjoyable and straightforward task thanks to the cute monkeys, colorful balloons, and active maps.

Then comes the unwelcome shock that mastering the game’s most difficult modes necessitates a level of resource management and placement accuracy that other tower defense games find challenging.

Bloons TD 6 players will need the assistance of only the best heroes if they want to complete all of the achievements on the most challenging maps.

Additionally, some of those heroes aren’t worth the money required to unlock them.

14. Captain Churchill

CaptainChurchill.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

For lengthy gauntlets, Captain Churchill fires in a straight line, which is acceptable.

But because the level of the maps increases, those maps are few and far between, making Captain Churchill a very specialized hero.

He can defeat weaker balloons with ease, but later on, he suffers, especially when facing MOAB class blimps.

Captain Churchill’s value does significantly increase on maps with lengthy gauntlets. He works well on short maps with easy waves because he is somewhat capped versus stronger units.

13. Admiral Brickell

AdmiralBrickell.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Admiral Brickell’s one vulnerability is a rather significant one—he must be submerged.

There is no water indicated on the map. Oh well. Where is the water? Oh well. He is not the most versatile choice, but aside from that, he is a good choice.

He comes to life on maps of the deep sea. Many of the most popular tower defense games on Steam have towers that are only used sometimes or never at all.

Admiral Brickell is comparable to those specialty skyscrapers, and it should be.

12. Ezili

Ezili.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

The main justification for using Ezili is her ability, which at level twenty, can completely destroy the large airships.

Unfortunately, with her average damage, it is difficult to justify spending the money necessary to advance her to level twenty.

After a few upgrades, those looking for a quick death move can discover a less expensive one on the Monkey Buccaneer.

Although Ezili is on the lower end of the cost-benefit continuum, she is still quite valuable in the long run.

That quick death function is helpful when MOAB class blimps begin to take tens of thousands of strikes before collapsing.

To make the most of her, reach level twenty on maps with at least eighty waves.

11. The Obyn Greenfoot

ObynGreenFoot.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Obyn Greenfoot, a magical hero who increases the strength of other magical monkey towers, offers a broad skill set.

This hero is a strong pick for round 1 due to his inexpensive price and ability to pop lead bloons.

Both of Obyn’s two abilities, “Brambles” and “Wall of Trees,” add resources to the track, giving unlucky bloons who approach them a lot of popping power.

When they run out, the trees also explode into a mountain of bananas!

Obyn Greenfoot, a Ninja Monkey, and three Super Monkeys are excellent tactics to employ.

This has a popping power that is so great that it can finish practically any map on any difficulty level!

The totems he places are a little irritated because they cannot be sold in CHIMPS mode, making it difficult to build a tower near to him.

10. Geraldo

HeroIconGeraldo 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

In Bloons Tower Defense 6, Geraldo is the only hero who can boast of being faultless. He is useful in all game modes and effective against bosses.

Geraldo may be used in place of any hero in Bloons Tower Defense 6 due to his adaptable playstyle, but none of the other heroes can.

9. Adora

Adora.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Adora’s slow leveling is a drawback in Bloons Tower Defense 6, but aside from that, you can wreak havoc with her.

She is without a doubt the strongest free-to-play hero in the game and her combination with Ninja and Alchemist is practically unbreakable.

8. Sauda

Sauda.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

If not for her limited range, Sauda might have been Bloons Tower Defense 6’s best hero. However, you can make up for it by utilizing villages and alchemy bonuses.

Regarding her advantages, Sauda can identify camos and has a fantastic attack speed. She also has high pierce damage, and you can gain all of these advantages at very little cost.

7. Gwendolin

Gwendolin.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Gwendolin formerly topped the leaderboards, but she has fallen as players have demanded more of their heroes.

Her vibrant and flamboyant effects may appeal to players who prefer playing mobile anime games, but there are superior options in terms of raw damage.

Rounds with forty to sixty waves are when Gwendolin’s strength is most apparent. Any earlier and her damage-over-time attack won’t work since the balloons aren’t strong enough.

It’s too late, and there are better ways to cause harm. But she shines between zero and one hundred.

6. Quincy

QuincyPortrait.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Quincy would undoubtedly receive the most votes from players as the game’s most ordinary hero. A tower that can accomplish a little bit of everything is quite acceptable.

However, heroes with a specialty tend to be more popular with gamers than those who simply deal above-average damage.

Due to Quincy’s excellent range, reliable damage, and appropriate firing rate, very few heroes do as effectively in the early game.

Quincy can easily manage the first few waves on maps where they are the most difficult; just remember to invest in buildings after level twenty rather than Quincy.

5. Etienne

Etienne.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Although Etienne’s drones don’t have the range or mobility of other towers in open-world mobile games, their ability to look over cliffs and walls can be quite useful on levels with clear barriers.

Etienne can attack many targets with the help of multiple drones, therefore the damage is effective when other DPS heroes would typically be overwhelmed.

Etienne has a particular ideal application. He can disregard impediments on maps that contain them to stop towers from firing several times.

Put him in the area where a tower would typically be prevented from doing damage.

4. Player Jones

StrikerJonesPortraitLvl20 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Don’t doubt Striker Jones’ effectiveness against groups of balloons. Striker Jones will not suffer any more damage from a group of balloons at once when the game tries to sneak them in than from a single balloon.

Although he struggles with MOAB blimps, that is not his main purpose. This hero can liberate players to construct defenses against single-target damage because he handles all the minor details by himself.

After you’ve taken care of him, concentrate your efforts on taking care of single targets while Striker Jones takes care of the remaining buildings.

3. Psi

PSI 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Psi is one of the finest heroes to use on longer courses because of his infinite range and lack of blocking concerns.

The fact that he can hit balloons everywhere ensures that his damage is valid no matter how far away balloons get, even though his damage doesn’t have as strong of a burst as many of the other heroes on this list.

For lots of gamers, Psi serves as a safety net. Since the layout is unimportant, there is no way to alter his utility from one map to the next.

The stun ability can make Psi good on all maps when timed when the strong blimps find themselves in the middle of other damage towers, even though his utility declines on subsequent waves.

2. Benjamin

Benjamin.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

In Bloons Tower Defense 6, Benjamin is the second-most recent hero to arrive, and he is also likely the most distinctive.

Benjamin will offer you a nice income boost at the end of each game rather than popping bloons.

You can earn seven times your investment if you can capture this tower early in your playthrough.

By the time round 40 arrives, Benjamin will have developed his hacking skills, preventing the MOAB from producing any bloons after it is killed.

Aim for round 100 as he can help you earn a lot of money and hack a lot of bloons and MOABs. He is without a doubt the best hero on the market right now!

Be aware that Benjamin is useless in C.H.I.M.P.S. because he cannot make money there. Instead, choose a different hero to attack the black border.

1. Pat Fusty

pat fudsy btd6.png 14 Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 requires more than merely winning a few games to complete a challenge. The beginning, middle, and end of the game all require excellent play from the players.

Pat Fusty is a hero who excels in every situation for various reasons. He can ride numerous waves by himself at first because of his strength.

He becomes an important support tower for other monkeys by the end.

Pat Fusty should not be used on any maps that do not allow towers to be grouped during high-level waves.

Because Pat Fusty becomes a support hero in the last phase, he needs to be surrounded by strong towers to be useful.

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