15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Bloons Tower Defense 6 is the best tower defense game available right now thanks to the incredible work done by NinjaKiwi.

BTD6 offers a network of knowledge to unlock in addition to special towers and bloon varieties. For any aspiring bloon legend, improving your towers, health, powers, and income per map is crucial.

Getting the best buffs as soon as possible will make getting additional points much simpler later on.

The top 15 monkey facts from BTD 6 are shown below. Your odds of finishing a map will be significantly increased by all of them, especially in harder game modes.

15. Lingering Magic

Best Magic Monkey Knowledge in Bloons TD 6 850x478 1 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Projectiles from ninjas, wizards, druids and super monkeys cause more damage.

Easily attained near the top of the tree, and as ninja/wizard projectiles seek targets, this has a greater effect.

14. Bank Deposits

bankdepostis 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

My personal favorite is the Bank Deposits Monkey Knowledge upgrade. With this upgrade, you can deposit money into tier-4 banks, which will increase the interest that is earned.

In essence, you place a sizable amount of money in the bank at the beginning of a new round and permit the bank to use the interest to fill the remaining balance of the bank’s funds.

With this approach, you may expect to earn about $1250 per round and bank.

13. Pre-game warm-up

pre gameprep 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

The power tree’s Monkey Knowledge upgrade is called Pre-Game Prep.

The permanent road spikes you receive with this upgrade are placed at the end of the track and prevent any bloons from escaping until they are all gone. There are enough spikes for 20 pops.

The mana shield combo is one of the primary reasons pre-game preparation is so effective.

Without accounting for the number of lives saved by the mana shield replenishing, you are looking at 45 additional lives between pre-game preparation and the mana shield.

This makes saving money for monkeys simple and occasionally even allows you to save your game.

Unfortunately, the abilities tree, which is quite mediocre, contains pre-game preparation. Therefore, I wouldn’t advise purchasing this right away.

12. Entire heroes tree

monkeystogether 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

I’ll just tell you to get all of them rather than mentioning one or a few from the Heroes Monkey Knowledge tree.

Every upgrade on this tree is fantastic and benefits the heroes tower, which is used by virtually everyone.

These improvements include Hero Favors (which makes heroes 10% cheaper), Empowered Heroes (which starts your hero at level 3), Monkeys Together Strong (which is a need for co-op games), and numerous improvements for popping power and CDR.

A decent upgrade across the board.

If you have every upgrade listed above and are stuck with Monkey Cash or Knowledge points, start throwing them all into the Heroes tree. Later on, you’ll thank me.

11. Big Bloon Sabotage

Big Bloon Sabotage.png 1 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Every MOAB-Class Bloon spawns with some degree of harm.

Big Bloon Sabotage, which lowers every created MOAB’s HP by 10%, is essential for quick victories.

MOABs have huge health pools beyond around 120 or so, and taking them out can be difficult. Every tower, talent, and a bit of knowledge matters.

10. Second Bonus Monkey

Bonus Monkey.png 1 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Every game begins with one free dart monkey!

It’s incredible to start with just $200 worth of information, which enables you to add some early stopping power for nothing.

One of the first things you should learn will make every map much simpler on Easy or Medium difficulty.

You should complete medals as soon as you can because they are necessary for obtaining a black border.

9. More money

More Cash.png 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Increase the starting balance by $200.

More Cash, the best Primary tree information now accessible, is the easiest and most helpful gameplay enhancement you can make.

The additional $200 can be used to upgrade your towers, increase your popping power, or manage your economy.

8. Veteran Monkey Training

Veteran Monkey Training.png 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Reload times for all monkeys have been cut by 3%.

Even though the boost is minor, this knowledge is essential for each BTD6 player because it essentially increases the assault speed of all towers.

When there are ten or more towers on the map, it truly starts to matter!

7. Monkey Education

monkeyeducation 1 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

All of your towers will get experience thanks to the upgrading monkey education.

This only makes it possible for you to gain tower improvements more quickly, thus it doesn’t affect how well you play the game.

Having said that, receiving this upgrade early on significantly lessens the grind in BTD6.

You should get Mo Monkey Cash and Monkey Education as your initial Monkey Knowledge upgrades.

6. Strong Heroes

Empowered Heroes.png 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Every game begins with level 3 heroes.

Each hero starts at level 1, so it’ll take a few rounds for them to level up and become as successful as you would be if you knew this information.

Some heroes have potent early impacts that let you invest your riches in communities like banana plantations rather than pure popping power.

5. Nutritious Bananas

Healthy Bananas.png 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Markets now generate one life per round, whereas Central Markets generate three.

Banana farms are strongly advised if you’re playing on anything harder than Medium level because they’ll provide you the massive improvements you need to get through the harder stages.

Gaining benefits for each is crucial; with this information, markets can provide more lives. Each round, they produce $320.

Half Cash has particularly good lives since it’s conceivable for bloons to find a way through. A lot can be changed by having many backup lives!

4. Mo’ Monkey Cash

Mo Monkey Money.png 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Earn 10% more monkey money from game wins on any level of difficulty.

Monkey Money can be utilized for a variety of exciting features, including buying heroes, resetting knowledge, buying powers, and continuing after a loss. Therefore, you need as much of it as you can.

I would advise pursuing this knowledge as quickly as you can, right away. The better, the more monkey money you’ve collected when you tackle the harder maps.

3. There Can Only Be One

There Can Only Be One.png 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

There can only be one, as the phrase goes.

The best and most expensive upgrade available in the entire game is unlocked when you unlock the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey.

You won’t necessarily apply this knowledge, though. But you have to have it if you want to have pleasure.

The Avatar will gladly sit and solo hundreds of rounds with all of its upgrades and boosts from other towers. Although it would cost $500,000, it is something to strive for.

2. Military Conscription

Military Conscription.png 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Each Military Monkey game costs two-thirds less than the average price.

The only water-based towers are found in military monkeys, which are among the greatest ones on the market.

However, they are frequently more expensive, particularly Heli Pilots and Monkey Aces.

Another way to make those early banana crops spread throughout the map is to save even a few hundred dollars initially.

1. Mana Shield

Mana Shield.png 15 Best Monkey Knowledge – Bloons Tower Defense 6

Creates a unique shield that can absorb up to 25 lives for no cost. If no Bloons leak, steadily recharges after each round.

The Mana Shield opens up possibilities for new tactics, which is quite advantageous early on.

Bloons can be used to leak money because they do not harm while this barrier is in effect.

The advantage in the late-game isn’t spectacular, but it’s good, especially when combined with the knowledge of healthy bananas.

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