Ghost Hunt Season 2: Release Date

“Ghost Hunt” is a less well-known horror show which, unlike other shows does not show gore or violence of any kind. 

It is heavily reliant on an approach that is scientific to its haunted stories and places a focus on the role each character takes on. 

“Ghost Hunt” is not for everyone as it’s quite different from many anime shows. 

J.C Staff is most well-known for its work in different anime shows, however, those who have watched this series will be aware that it’s one of their most memorable creations. 

No matter if you’re into scary or otherwise, it’s a good idea to go and check out this show.

Ghost Hunt Season 2 Release Date When will it premiere?

Ghost Hunt Season 2

“Ghost Hunt” season 1 was released on the 4th of October, 2006. and, with 25 episodes, it concluded on May 28th in 2007. 

The show is a huge hit and has also become well-known. However, despite an above-average rating across all platforms, the show hasn’t received any sequels until now.

If we take a look through J.C Staff’s experience with its popular and well-loved anime series such as ‘ Toradora’ and ‘ Maid Sama The Studio hasn’t renewed these shows. 

It has also been over 10 years since the Studio released season one of ‘Ghost Hunting’. As of right now, it is clear that the Studio is involved in a variety of projects, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever consider returning to a project that old. 

However, if there is any confirmation about the ‘Ghost Hunt’ season 2’s launch date, shortly we’ll surely post it on this page. 

In the meantime, look up the other shows listed on our listing of similar horror shows.

Ghost Hunt English Dub:

The English version of ‘Ghost Hunter is available through Funimation.

Ghost Hunt Plot

A school that is abandoned becomes the subject of numerous ghost stories. Taniyama Mai along with her companions do not hold back when it comes to circulating new stories of terror which revolve around the secluded building. 

Shibuya Kazuya, the young director of the Shibuya Psychic Research Company, is invited to the school to look into the stories that have been circulating the building.

Unaware of it, when she headed towards the school Taniyama smashes a camera installed at an elementary school in the name of one of Shibuya’s assistants. 

As a result, she causes injury to his assistant. To compensate him for the harm she’s created, Shibuya asks her to be his assistant. 

The next chapter of Taniyama’s story is into a mysterious paranormal realm where her most terrifying nightmares become reality.

Ghost Hunt Main Characters

John Brown

john brown ghost hunt

John Brown is a very friendly and compassionate priest who assists Taniyama with exorcisms. 

He employs the most conventional methods of exorcism and keeps holy water throughout the day. 

In comparison to the exorcisms conducted by other people, the exorcisms performed by John appear more gentle for the victims. 

John is originally from Australia however, he has recently mastered Japanese. His accent is still a strange mother tongue accent which often suggests that John is an outsider. He’s the shortest in the group.

He has blonde hair with blue eyes. He displays a lot of compassion towards people who are affected by spirits and can understand the suffering that they feel.

Given the events that have happened to him in the past, he is has a very calm personality and is not easily affected by the majority of things. 

This allows him to play a role as a peacekeeper when there is conflict within the group. With his exorcism expertise, he is one of the greatest members of the group. 

Because of this that he has numerous relationships with his Catholic Church and, despite being just 19 years old, he’s mature, wise, and very aware of what he’s doing.

Masako Hara

Masako Hara ghost hunt

Masako has a mysterious young woman who wears a Kimono. 

She can channel spirits and see them however, it’s unclear whether her powers are a result of the possession of a spirit or are elements of her. 

Although she is only 16 years old She displays an impressive amount of maturity and appears to be within her mid-40s. 

Like John due to her ability to sense spirit, she’s empathetic toward people. She is very small in stature and wears an elongated bob that is cut short and the look of jet-black hair. 

She is gorgeous in a distinctive way as well as her beautiful looks are frequently recognized by other people. 

She is extremely serene and calm, and never communicates her feelings to those around her. 

Many times she’s also fooled by spirits in her surroundings and everything she’s capable of feeling or sense doesn’t make sense within the context of the investigation. 

There are also several instances in which the characters debate her abilities, and although some are confident in her abilities of her, others think that she’s flawed.

Kazuya Shibuya

Kazuya Shibuya ghost hunt

Kazuya Shibuya, the founder and current leader of Shibuya Psychic Research and is recognized as being very certain about what is done. 

He believes in every one of his actions and displays the same determination to each paranormal mystery he can solve. 

He is aloof to the people who surround him and is ignorant to the notion that he’s very attractive. 

He is usually focused on the self-interest of himself and does not have any regard for those who do not value his time. 

He doesn’t like revealing his flaws and appreciates his investigators from the paranormal field because they’re all just as skilled as him. 

He spends the majority of his time on his own and although the man has a fun aspect, he never displays it to anyone else.

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