30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Planet Zoo mods is a great game to play if you like both animals and games where you have to run things.

This time, the focus is on protecting wildlife and giving both common and endangered species a good place to live.

Frontier Developments made Planet Zoo similar to the popular Zoo Tycoon series.

Some gamers have found it too hard to keep animals happy, bring in visitors, and get them to spend money at gift shops all at the same time.

Still, I know that those of you who like to be challenged will love it.

And modding is one of the best ways to make Planet Zoo even better.

If you don’t know where to start with modding, let me take you on a tour of some of the best mods out there.

30. ZEBRA PACK 2.0

Zebra Pack 20 mod for Planet Zoo 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

This mod is a must-have if you like zebras. The zebra pack has eight new subspecies of zebras and a redesigned plains zebra, which is now called Grant’s zebra.

To be more specific, this pack includes the remastered Grant’s Zebra, Burchell’s Zebra, Chapman’s Zebra, Crawshay’s Zebra, Maneless Zebra, Grevy’s Zebra, Hartmann’s Zebra, Cape Mountain Zebra, and Quagga Zebra.

This mod is also available in Polish, English, and Spanish, as well as English.

Some features this Zebra pack includes are :

  • 3D models
  • Textures & Zoopedias
  • Pictures and models
  • Environment requirements
  • Custom information tables
  • Modified rigs


The Moon and Sun Build mod 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

The advanced free build mod is a great mod to have because it lets you change everything about the game. It also lets you put paths anywhere you want, even as close as 1 meter apart.

You can also change the paths and make them overlap, which can make it hard for guests to find their way around, but it can help you if you don’t use gas in your parks.

As we’ve already said, this mod lets you put paths almost anywhere. If you want an underwater tunnel, that’s fine. If you want fences that make different and interesting shapes, that’s fine, too.

But one of the best things about this mod is that you can have foliage and terrain brushes that are up to 60 meters long.

This lets you do much more advanced terraforming and gives you a lot more room to be creative.


Realistic Path Replacement PackPNG 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Even though the Path Replacement Pack isn’t much right now, it was made so that the whole Zoo Planet passing through could be helpful.

Many players have been confused by the fact that the aquatic path isn’t very useful. However, it does have one of the most useful fences in the game.

As you can see in the picture above, fences are very useful, especially in high-end zoos.

Also, the person who made this mod wanted everyone in the Planet Zoo community to be able to use it. Before, it was a very private mod that wasn’t even on Nexus.

In short, this pack will change all of Planet Zoo’s useless paths and other things to make them much more realistic and varied.


Better First Person Mode 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

With kyodenic’s first-person mod, you can switch to a tanged cam in the smoothest and easiest way possible.

You can go straight into first-person mode by pressing control and X. You don’t have to change the names of any staff members.

This is very helpful when you don’t want to keep renaming the same staff member to get a good idea of what you are building from the guests’ or even the animals’ point of view.

This mod is also easy to download and set up, and it is often one of the most useful ones you should use every time you start Planet Zoo.


Planet Zoo Plus mod 1 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Planet Zoo Plus is a game that a lot of players enjoy, and so do we. If you don’t already know about this mod, planet zoo plus changes the whole game.

A lot of the changes have to do with the plants so that all the animals can live well with different amounts of greenery.

It also changes the sizes of some animals, like the American bison, Indian camel, Indian elephant, and Malayan elephant, to make them look more like they really are.

All of their sizes have been increased to make them look even better.

25. Spectacled Caiman 

maxresdefault 3 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

The Spectacled Caiman, a superb addition to our zoo, is provided by the creator of Wyzermods.

The spectacled caiman, so named because of the little “ridge” that resembles a pair of spectacles between its eyes, is a regular sight in rivers across Latin America, though it has also been seen farther north.

This slimy-looking reptile, sometimes known as the white or common caiman, is as dangerous as you might assume, but on Planet Zoo, you don’t need to worry too much about that.

24. Lotus Restaurant

download 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

The “Lotus” might be the solution if you’re seeking a single distinctive landmark that your guests will remember for the rest of their lives.

This beautiful, modern building mimics the natural beauty of the lotus flower.

It’s the ideal setting for a special night out.

And inside, there are three bars and two restaurants, and both are open 24/7.

Due to the lovely ambient illumination that emanates from the spaces between its petals, the lotus is especially lovely at night.

23. Acceptance of Vegetation by All Animals

Vegetation Tolerance for All Animals 3 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Surely animals appreciate nature?

Then why do they object if I surround their home with so much vegetation that they are unable to move?

Putting aside the stupid questions, I was shocked by some creatures’ limited tolerance for plants. It limits our ability to explore, unless, of course, PureWinter releases this mod.

Here I come, maximum foliage density everywhere.

22. Dromedary Camel 

216 1655064682 1382078614 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

This single-humped camelid, also known as the Arabian Camel, was once widely distributed over the Sahara Desert, but now only tamed variants exist.

Because they can focus all of their efforts on developing just one hump on their back, they are the tallest species of camel.

The idea that they use these humps to store water is a prevalent fallacy. Rather, it serves as fat storage, similar to your uncle’s magnificent beer belly.

A dromedary camel is necessary for a zoo to be complete. So without a doubt, get NicholasLionRider’s mod.

It has an entry in Zoopedia and some interesting information, as well as everything else a base game species would have.

21. Lion Remaster 

estzs42 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

One of the most majestic animals we have ever encountered in the natural world is the lion.

They are deeply ingrained in our culture. I believe that we aspire to be fearless and independent like them, which, ironically, makes them extremely well-liked at zoos all over the world.

These magnificent felines are honored by creator Havok1199 with greatly improved textures.

Your West African lions will now have a much more realistic appearance. They have a more attractive facial structure, a wonderful mane, and several small nuances that the model was missing.

Lions are often only seen in Senegal or Nigeria, but with the help of this mod, you may have them in Planet Zoo.

20. River Otters in North America 

maxresdefault 4 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Find me an adult animal that is cuter than an otter, please!

Since sea otters hold hands while they sleep, the North American river otter may not be the cutest type of otter, but they are still adorable.

If you observe this semiaquatic mammal for a long enough period, you’ll probably say, “Aww.”

The simplest method to accomplish this is to introduce them to your local zoo, which will spare you the trouble of searching the rivers of North America for one of these furry creatures.

And NicholasLionRider’s mod will handle it for you.

19. Teen Cougar

Cougar Remaster UPDATE 1.8 V1.04 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

One of the underrated members of the feline family is the cougar.

These huge cats, which are native to the Americas, can be found practically everywhere in the continent, from the Canadian Yukon to the southernmost reaches of the Andes.

Their extraordinary adaptability is what has gotten them this far.

Cougars’ ability to adapt will undoubtedly help them live in our zoo. We have a wonderful interpretation of this ambush predator from creator GloomyBooty that will wow our visitors.

Mountain lions, pumas, and panthers are additional names for cougars.

They are all the same animal, yes!

18. House for Tropical Reptiles 

word image 3754 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Reptiles are magnificent animals that resemble creatures from the Late Cretaceous period.

They deserve our respect because they have undoubtedly existed for a lot longer than we have.

This Tropical Reptile House offers upscale reptile-watching setups with all the necessities for the animals and your visitors to live happily ever after.

There is also a bridge that crosses over a pond that you can stock with crocodiles to make a really big splash. It sounds like fun.

The glass ceiling, with its honeycomb design, is my favorite part.

Even if it has nothing to do with reptiles, it is nonetheless highly trendy and attractive.

17. Aquatic Center 

g2o7de9y12571 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Without a substantial memorial to marine life, no self-respecting zookeeper can be happy, and this Aquatic Centre by creator Zekin is among the best ones that are currently available for Planet Zoo.

It has a very contemporary, angular design with elements of low-poly art. This distinctive appearance was influenced by the Bremerhaven Zoo in Germany.

There are lots of habitats inside for otters, penguins, seals, and any other water-loving animals you want to keep in your zoo.

Additionally, there are gift shops, food and beverage stands, and everything else you need to keep your visitors satisfied and spending.

16. Exceptional Tigers

Realistic Melanistic Tiger 7 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Zoo visitors adore tigers because they are one of the most majestic animals in the animal kingdom.

These animals are strong and large, but they creep silently around like they are walking on a mattress.

By the time you spot them, it’s too late.

The Maltese Blue, the Java Tiger, the Stripeless White, and other extremely rare tigers will all appear on your giant cat thanks to this PureWinter mod’s addition of colors.

You’ll compete favorably with the Tiger King with this.

15. The Sun and Moon Create

15 the moon and sun build planet zoo mod 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

From an artistic standpoint, Liv’s The Moon and Sun is one of my favorite buildings; it’s a semi-open area ideal for use as a vantage point or a place to grab a bite.

With an abundance of vibrant foliage and a structure made entirely of wood and limestone, it’s the ideal lakeside location for gatherings and parties.

This structure’s half-ceiling, which is supported by sun-shaped wooden beams, gives it its name.

14. The alpaca

maxresdefault 1 1 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

I adore alpacas because of their goofy expression and highly practical hair fibers.

They’re my favorite South American camelid mammals, and they dwarf llamas in terms of cuteness.

With his Alpaca mod, NicholasLionRider introduces this cute household animal to our zoo.

They portray the aloof personality of these mountain-dwelling species with their endearing facial expressions and fine textures.

13. Golden Lion Tamarin 

243 1641589621 185610566 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

The golden lion tamarin, a bright orange monkey found predominantly in Brazil’s coastal forests, is one of the most striking primates in the entire world.

It also goes by the name of the golden marmoset because of its colorful fur, which is particularly long around the tamarin’s face and ears.

You can notice how strikingly similar it is to a lion’s mane.

Although I am aware that you would like to have one of these at home, they are a threatened species.

With this NicholasLionRider mod, it’s preferable to let them be in peace in their natural habitats and merely admire them in Planet Zoo.

12. Squirrel monkeys of Ecuador

New Species Ecuadorian Squirrel Monkey 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

This mod by LeafProductions will be your new favorite if you like squirrels, monkeys, and Ecuador.

It incorporates the Ecuadorian squirrel monkey into the game, as you have probably already guessed.

This Guianian squirrel monkey subspecies can be found in Ecuador’s jungles as well as the western Amazon of Brazil and southern Colombia.

It’s one of the world’s tiniest and cutest monkey species.

11. Zoo with bears

GrizzlyBear 0 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

This enormous bear-shaped entrance is the way to go if you want your visitors to remember the moment they entered your zoo for the rest of their lives.

And I think MissCritHit’s modification is very self-explanatory.

It’s a massive bear-shaped rock formation that will give your guests the impression that they are visiting the residence of a woodland bear deity.

In a zoo, you’d pay to see that, right?

10. Thylacine 

DOXT5swWAAElikS 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

The thylacine, sometimes referred to as the Tasmanian Tiger, was a rare species of mammal found only in the Tasmanian Islands.

The reason I say “was” is that European colonizers hunted the Tasmanian tiger to extinction in 1936.

This was the final straw for a population that had already been declining as a result of human activity on the islands.

The only places we can see thylacines today are in virtual environments like Planet Zoo.

9. Quagga

headshot original 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

If you go back much farther, you will find the Quagga, which was once again hunted to extinction by our colonizing ancestors in 1883.

A zebra subspecies known as quaggas resembles a hybrid between the striped animals and a common horse.

When European settlers first arrived in Africa, they were drawn to this distinctive appearance, and you can guess what occurred next.

I’m grateful to games like Planet Zoo (and mod makers like PureWinter) that allow me to awe at echoes of these magnificent creatures, even though it’s terrible that our species is responsible for the extinction of so many distinct lifeforms.

8. Maned Wolf

maxresdefault 5 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Although the maned wolf resembles a fox, it is neither a wolf nor a fox.

Only this magnificent creature belongs to the Chrysocon genus, which is Greek for “Golden Dog.”

It’s a big South American dog that lives in grasslands and low-lying mountainous terrain.

The Maned Wolf is an interesting omnivore that, if unable to find any small creatures to pursue, will gladly consume fruits. They are essential for wolf apple seed dispersal.

And NicholasLionRider’s mod includes them in your zoo. It contains a lot of interesting information, a Zoopedia entry, and even some interesting trivia.

7.  Eurasian Lynx

fee8hj9kato61 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

I like medium-sized cats because they combine the grandiosity of an ancestral wild beast with the cuteness of a domestic cat.

Few creatures are as proficient at that as the Eurasian Lynx.

These medium-sized wildcats, which can be found from China to Central Europe, are hardy and versatile.

They enjoy comfortable surroundings in the forest and mild weather.

Although their habitat has significantly diminished over the past few centuries, the species as a whole is doing well.

Our visitors will like the wonderful interpretation of the Eurasian lynx that creator Nicholas LionRider has given us.

It makes me think of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey a little bit. In that game, I won’t advance without first taming a lynx.

6. Exquisite Ice Cathedral for Penguins

cgamefotoPlanet Zoo Aquatic Pack Penguins 855x400 2 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

The Penguin Ice Cathedral is the ideal addition to your high-end zoo if you’ve ever longed to see Elsa’s snowy palace from the movie Frozen.

A massive three-story ice-sculpted building designed by Kaltrosebd can accommodate up to 500 penguins if you cut corners and up to 400 penguins at maximum happiness.

Large guest and employee amenities, including food, beverages, ATMs, and restrooms, are provided by The Cathedral.

Additionally, there is a veterinarian, a workshop, lodging for the zookeepers, and more.

5. More Melanistic and Albino Animals

05 more albino and melanistic animals mod 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Getting an animal with a desirable cosmetic mutation is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a breeder.

This held for the discovery of the LaPerm breed of curly-haired cats by Linda Koehl, as it does for the discovery of an albino or melanistic animal in one of our ecosystems.

The likelihood of this occurring in the real world is incredibly low, but thanks to ChallengeOfTheDark’s More Albino and Melanistic Animals patches, it can happen quite frequently in Planet Zoo.

Once in place, one of these exceptional characteristics will be present in one out of every four animals.

4. Nautilus Education Center

download 1 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

Syrrael’s Nautilus Education Center, one of Syrrael’s most inventive builds for Planet Zoo, aims to educate visitors about evolution and the animals who came before us.

This building was fashioned after a Nautilus Shell, as its name suggests.

Visitors enter from where the animal’s head would be and proceed inward in a spiral as the environment changes to match each of the nine exhibits, which range from the earliest snails to the more recent birds.

Behind the Education Center, there is a cool board with settings that allow you to give your building any color you like.

3. Circulars of Africa 

03 circles of africa planet zoo mod 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

With a total of 21 distinctive circular habitats, Circles of Africa by Ratwomancola is a comprehensive, large-scale zoo that includes everything your visitors could need, including restrooms, food, and beverages.

Pyramids, ziggurats, and even what appears to be the Colosseum are all part of the impressive building, which is surrounded by a variety of xerophytic plants.

When viewed from the air, the warm orange and brown hues give it a steampunk appearance. However, when you’re on the ground, it resembles walking through a long-gone African metropolis.

This mod is quite impressive.

2. Animal Redesign

02 animal overhaul mod planet zoo 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

PureWinter, the designer of the standalone Vegetation Tolerance mod, determined there were simply too many issues they wanted to address.

Since the game’s release, the prolific modder has added several little adjustments and enhancements, all of which are included in this Animal Overhaul mod.

These include, among other things, balancing feeding costs, making animals disregard the fact that there is too much vegetation, and raising albino odds in creative mode.

This will enable you to create supermassive zoos that were previously impossible, along with the addition of feeding stations and even petting zoo areas.

1. Zoo Atlantis

01 atlantis zoo mod planet zoo 30 Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Try

This would be the zoo Jeff Bezos would buy if he were to invest in one.

In essence, Syrrael’s The Atlantis Zoo is Zootopia with an updated ancient Greek design that evokes the lost city of Atlantis.

There are also the Temple Districts, the Harbor, the Farming District, the Quarry, the Shipyard, and the Cemetery, which together with the central city include a whopping 32 habitats and 22 displays for a truly enormous zoo.

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