15 Games Like Planet Zoo

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The adventure, management, and building video game Planet Zoo costs money and was made by Frontier Development plc.

The player must live in the zoo, take care of the animals, and manage various species of animals throughout the game. The game lets the player build and decorate a zoo in any place they want.

The player not only has to build and run the zoo, but also feed and arrange all the animals so they look good for visitors.

Some of the animals in this game are Elephants, Lions, Tigers, Deer, Wolves, and Horses. Since it’s an open world game, the player is free to move around and look around.

15. Virtual Town

Games Like Planet Zoo,

Final Day of Work, LLC made Virtual Town, a free casual and simulation video game. You can watch relationships change, watch seasons change, and learn how to manage the town in this game.

Players can build and decorate their cribs in addition to watching relationships develop and seasons change. The player can interact with other players and make new friends while playing the game.

Furthermore, the player can gather gems, plant species, and insects. Open-world games let players freely move around in the game world.

A single player mode is available in Virtual Town, which means that the player must play the game by themselves.

14. Gemini Lost

Gemini Lost 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

PlayFirst made Gemini Lost, a free role-playing, strategy, adventure, and simulation video game. The primary plot of the game is that the player and his friends are caught in a huge beam of light.

Each player takes on the role of a character who needs to find their way around the game world. Along with exploring the world of the game, the player has to build a civilization and solve a lot of difficult puzzles.

For playing the game, you can make your own character. To move forward in this game, the player must make tools and keep track of food. Brilliant gameplay, an exciting game world, and stunning visuals await the player in Gemini Lost.

13. Town City: Village Building Sim Paradise Game

Town City Village Building Sim Paradise Game 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

Village Construction in Town City Simulator Sparkling Society—Build a Town City Village made the free casual and simulation video game Paradise Game.

In this game, the player must play the role of a mayor or a town city management tycoon. The player’s job is to turn a small village into a town, then a city, and finally an island.

The player must show off his creativity by making villages, metropolis towns, and cities while playing the game.

In addition, this game has different quests that, when completed, give the player different rewards. Individual play is possible, meaning that the player must play this game by themselves.

12. Rimworld

rimworld 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

A paid simulation, management, and building video game called Rim World was created by Lindeon Studios. The game’s plot is that some characters crashed their spaceships and ended up on a strange planet.

The player’s main job is to gather resources, fix the ship, and build a local community. The player has to fight strange creatures as well as forming a community, fixing the ship, and gathering resources.

The player can easily explore the game’s world because it is an open-world game. Multiple rewards are given to players who complete different quests in this game. The visuals in Rim World are stunning, the game play is engaging, and the controls are simple.

11. My Tribe

My Tribe 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

Big Fish Games created the free simulation, role playing, and massive multiplayer online video game My Tribe.

The player has to figure out what’s going on in a paradise island where the game takes place. In this game, the player must build a settlement for their tribe members as well as develop learning tools. The player must identify real-time features and develop areas while playing the game.

Open-world games let players easily explore the whole world. This game also lets the player unlock new technologies by figuring out a lot of difficult puzzles. Amazing game play, beautiful visuals, and clever player mechanics are all present in My Tribe.

10. Home Street: Dream House Sim

Home Street Dream House Sim 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

Home Street: Dream House Sim is a free video game, simulation, and casual video game developed by Supersolid. The player has to build, fix up, or design their dream home in this game.

You can design and decorate your house in almost a thousand different ways in the game. The player can make their own sim characters as well as building and decorating homes.

In addition, the game lets the player change the character’s body, face, hair, makeup, and eye colour. The player can also change the character’s clothes in this game.

Make friends online, play with your neighbours, and invite people over to see how you’ve decorated your home. Home Street offers a single-player mode so that the player can enjoy the game by themselves.

9. LifeSim 2

LifeSim 2 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

Free simulation, adventure, and role playing video game developed by HyperGames is called LifeSim 2.

In this game, the player must play the role of a beautiful star who aspires to be the highest-grossing actor in the world.

The player can transform into a well-known brand, stage actor, performer, and ambassador while playing the game.

The player can select their favourite character from a selection of characters in this game. Because you can’t change your character while playing the game, you have to pick your character wisely.

The player can play this game by themselves in LifeSim 2’s single-player mode.

8. Virtual Families 3

Virtual Families 3 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

Last Day of Work, LLC developed Virtual Families 3, a free casual and sim video game. The player in this game must choose a husband or wife to start a virtual family.

The player must have children, raise generations, and oversee a lovely story while playing the game.

The player has to plan and design the virtual house, which includes adding a garden, a home theatre, bedrooms, and a game room.

In addition, this game gives you a variety of decorations that you can use to make the rooms look specific. So that the player can play this game alone, it supports single-player mode.

7. Toilet Empire Tycoon: Idle Management Game

Toilet Empire Tycoon Idle Management Game 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

Toilet Empire Tycoon: Idle Management Game is a free, stylized, management, and simulation video game that Mint Y Games developed. The player in this game must play the manager role. This game requires the player to build a toilet, write a toilet legend, and use the toilet. The player must upgrade the facilities, provide special services, and expand the toilet while playing the game.

The player also has to hire people to fix toilets and clean them. The player can open cafes, restaurants outside, tourist routes, and baseball and cricket fields. The player must play Toilet Empire Tycoon alone because it has a single-player mode.

6. My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

Pathea Games developed the paid video game My Time at Sandrock, which is an adventure and sim game. The player must play the role of a builder in this game.

It is up to the player to fix the economy, gather resources, and make machines. The tools for building are provided to the player in this game.

The player can pick their favourite character from almost 30 characters in My Time at Sandrock. It is an open world game in which the player can travel through ancient ruins and vast deserts. The player can improve their character’s skills to level them up in the game.

5. Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

Last Day of Work LLC developed the free video game Virtual Villagers Origins 2. It is a simulation, adventure, and strategy game.

The player in this game must survive as long as possible with the other villagers in a fantasy world.

The player of this game has to build a village, get people to live there, and turn it into a civilization.

Growing crops in the fields lets the player live like a villager while playing the game. In this game, the player can change the villagers’ names, looks, and clothes.

The game has many missions that, when completed, give the player rewards. Also, in the game, the player must deal with poisonous frogs, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

4. Virtual Villagers

virtual villagers 2502 1 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

Last Day of Work developed the paid role playing, simulation, and action video game Virtual Villagers.

A player in this game is in charge of a group of people called a tribe.

Along with leading a tribe, the player has to show them how to stay alive on a harsh island home.

Gathering resources is the main thing the player has to do to build a village and make a prosperous civilization.

When playing the game, the player has to look around the island and find out what its secrets are.

The player can select their preferred character for playing the game from among the many available.

Also, the player has to figure out a lot of difficult puzzles in this game.

3. Zoo Empire

zoo empire 76657 1 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

For Microsoft Windows, Enlight Software developed and released Zoo Empire, a construction and management simulation game.

The game takes place in a 3D world and offers the same sim experience as Zoo Tycoon and Wildlife Park. To make enough money in the game, the player has to build and run the zoo of their dreams.

As the player moves through the game, he will need objects to make it better. To make a lot of money by beating other players, the main goal is to build a zoo empire.

Huge updates have been made to the game, including better AI (artificial intelligence), major changes to the graphics, a new interface, and more. While it still includes all of the animals from the Zoo Empire, it offers new marine animals.

In the game, you can find more than sixty animals, more than twenty-one scenario scenes, and more than 150 buildings.

In order to make money, the player has to get as many visitors as possible and give them everything they need, such as a restaurant, café, and more.

It’s hard to put down Zoo Empire because it has great mechanics, cool graphics, and fun gameplay.

2. Theme Hospital

theme hospital 25493 1 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

In 1997, Bullfrog Entertainment made the popular business simulation game Theme Hospital. The game tasks the players with the design, construction, and management of a hospital.

Millions of people loved Theme Hospital because it was a thematic follow-up to “Theme Park,” which was another popular business simulation game at the time.

It sold over four million copies around the world. Theme Hospital’s game play is simple but entertaining for players of all ages.

According to the game play, Theme Hospital keeps moving the players from one hospital to another and gives them tasks like building, decorating, and managing it.

They also have to make environments that patients want to be in and install machines and other things that a hospital needs. The hospital that the players build must be able to treat all kinds of illnesses, emergencies, and diseases, as well as offer ambulance services and other services.

Theme Hospital offers a game play that resembles “Theme Park,” and as a result, the game draws even more players from around the world.

Theme Hospital offers different levels of the game, and each level requires a certain amount of experience to build more advanced Hospitals, treat patients with more complicated diseases, and make more money.

With a very impressive and immersive game play time, Theme Hospital offers great 3D graphics, easy controls, and lots of other fun things to enjoy.

1. SimCoaster

simcoaster 16339 1 15 Games Like Planet Zoo

You can create your own theme park with the help of SimCoaster, a fantastic new building and simulation video game.

It is your responsibility to develop it exactly according to your specifications and furnish it with all the comforts that are necessary for a Theme Park.

The park is divided into three distinct areas, the first of which represents inventions, the second of which represents a polar theme, and the third of which is inspired by Arabic culture.

In order to increase your revenue, you must develop new attractions according to the theme and draw in more and more visitors.

You can use the money you earn to buy more upgrades and other things that will help you get rich and famous.

As time goes on, you will need to make your park bigger, which will require you to discover more and more ways to make your dream come true.

To finish any new project at the theme park, you need to be very good at planning ahead and making plans. SimCoaster is a wonderful game to play and enjoy because it has a wonderful setting, beautiful visuals, and an addictive and immersive game.

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