12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

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Free strategy video game developed by Ironhide Games is called Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense. In this game, the player must defend the kingdom by facing enemies and coming up with different ways to win.

In the game, the player is in charge of the army and leads them to victory. You’ll be provided with 12 powerful heroes who will help you lead your army to victory.

The player can upgrade the army’s power by unlocking all eighteen abilities as the game progresses.

There is an in-game encyclopedia that helps players learn useful things about enemies and come up with great strategies.

You don’t even need to be connected to the internet to play this game; you can do it when you’re not online.

12. Heroes of the Banner

Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

The tower defense and role-playing video game Heroes of the Banner is based on online strategy. As a valiant warrior, The Heroes of the Banner gives you the ability to defend your village by gathering powerful warriors and placing them in specific locations to engage in battle with the enemy.

To improve the abilities and range of action of your warriors, you can always upgrade them. A lot of different game maps and enemies are available in Heroes of the Banner.

Every battle you have with the enemy awards you experience points, which you can then use to purchase new towers and position them in the enemy’s path.

Heroes of the Banner tells a story based on past events, unlike other tower defense games.

PvP encounters, quests, treasure hunts, and other amazing features are included in the game. In addition to a lot of other exciting things, you’ll experience the best graphics quality.

11. Garden Rescue

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Garden Rescue is another Strategy and Tower Defense video game that lets you defend your garden against an enormous variety of insects by arranging the towers in any order you choose.

The garden used to be serene, but now that pests are attacking from every angle, it looks like a battlefield.

You have to take out the threat with your “Garden Rescue Squad.” To protect the plants and resources, the green defenders must not allow the insects to live or roam freely in the garden.

The game lets you place various plants as your towers, and each tower acts with its own unique set of tower abilities.

It is imperative that the insects (Beetles, Ants, Bugs, and Ants) cannot reach your stored resources. The garden will become a wasteland if they reach down to the resources keep.

With great 3D graphics, a game with a lot of options, and a lot of levels, Garden Rescue lets you enjoy playing against a lot of different types of pests.

10. Rush Royale

Rush Royale Mini Tower Defense 12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

My.com B.V. developed the free strategy video game Rush Royale Mini Tower Defense. You need to protect your kingdom by coming up with good defenses in this game.

It gives players heroes they can use as a line of defense against a rush of enemies. Players will be provided with money as they defeat a wave of enemy attacks. Players could improve their castle with that money.

For added defense and faster movement, players can also “upgrade” their troops. If you want to play this game with your friends, you can do so. The player who finishes the castle defense first and safeguards its castle defenses will win.

9. Summoner’s Greed: Idle TD Hero

Summoners Greed Endless Idle TD Heroes Cover 12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

Crow Summoner’s Greed: Lazy PIXIO developed TD Hero, a free tower defense and strategy video game. In this game, the player takes on the role of a magnificent hero who has stolen the valuable treasure of the king.

It’s been reported that the king has told his army to catch the player and return his treasure. The player must come up with strategies to defend against the king’s army’s never-ending wave.

Also, in this game, the player can earn magical orbs that he can use to power up his monsters for defeating enemies. In addition to strategically placing towers for defeating enemies, the player can also upgrade these towers to increase their effectiveness.

8. Crazy Defense Heroes: TD Game

Crazy Defense Heroes Tower Defense Strategy TD 12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

Animoca Brands developed Crazy Defense Heroes: TD Game, a free video game and tower defense strategy. The goal of this game is to protect your kingdom by coming up with good defenses.

Over 400 cards can be collected by players, including Combine Hero, Spell, Equipment, and Tower, which are useful to win boss fights.

Players can win over 1000 levels by leading their army, but it’s not easy because the terrain is difficult.

For added defense and faster movement, players can also “upgrade” their troops. You can chat with the world players of Crazy Defense Heroes and create a powerful clan.

7. Tactical War: Tower Defense Game

Tactical War 12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

A free strategy video game developed by Binary Punch is called Tactical War: Tower Defense. To play this game, players need to plan and use quick thinking.

In this game, the player is in charge of a heavily fortified bunker, and his job is to protect the base. The players in this base protection game have to make tough choices and pay close attention.

In this game, defense towers are provided with 4 types of defense towers that can be upgraded. Tactical War also features 15 well-balanced levels and feature music and other effects that add to the atmosphere.

It provides text hints between levels that are useful for players to win this video tower defense game.

6. Hold The Castle: Tower Defense

Hold Castle 12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

The free strategy game Hold The Castle: Tower Defense has players come up with plans to keep the castle safe. The player in this game must defend the castle from waves of attacking enemies. It gives the player heroes to use in defense against a rush of enemies.

The player will be provided with money as he beats a wave of enemy attacks. That money could be used to buy improvements for the player’s castle.

You can also get more gold in this game by building colonies and hiring workers.

5. Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire

wild castle td grow empire cover 12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

Free arcade, tower defense, and strategy video game developed by Funovus is called Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire. The player has to build an army to defend the kingdom from enemies in this game.

There are real-time battles in this game, and the player wins by coming up with strategies. Players in Wild Castle TD can choose from a variety of soldiers, such as defenders and attackers.

The player’s army ranks improve on the leaderboard as they advance. But every soldier in the army loses power when they are hit by enemies.

4. Tower Defense King

Tower Defense King 1 1 12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

Developed by mobirix, Tower Defense King is a free single player strategy video game. Within this video game, mean monsters attack a kingdom.

The only person who can prevent monsters from destroying the kingdom is another player. Strategies help the player protect the kingdom and keep monsters out.

In this game, the player can navigate using one of the 25 maps available to them. In addition, five big bosses in the game try to stop and hurt the player.

Tower Defense King gives its players more than 12 towers that they can strategically place to fend off monsters in battle.

3. Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles 12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

Ninja Kiwi developed Bloons TD Battles, a free tower defense video game. Players in this game must lead a team of monkeys and fight off other players.

With 18 head-to-head tracks, this game is meant to be played in multiplayer. For earning points by stopping and defeating enemies, the players are provided with multiple towers.

In this game, there are multiple modes, including Card Battles, Assault, Battle Arena, and Defensive Mode. Players can join, create, and invite their Facebook friends to join their private matches. You cannot play this game offline; it requires an internet connection to be played.

2. Kingdom Guard

Kingdom Guard 12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

Developed by Tap4fun, Kingdom Guard is a free tower defense strategy video game. All of the player’s dragons have vanished in this game as a titan has invaded the kingdom.

The player has finally discovered the dragon’s final egg, which he must defend from enemies by hatching plans. Protecting the dragon’s egg will require the player to unite and train his army to save the kingdom.

By unlocking all eighteen abilities, the player can upgrade the army’s power as he advances. The position of a player’s army on the leaderboards improves when they succeed. When a soldier in the army takes damage from enemies, their power drops.

1. Grow Castle: Tower Defense

Grow Castle Tower Defense 12 Games Like Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

A free arcade and strategy video game for teenagers developed by RAON GAMES is called Grow Castle: Tower Defense.

The player’s goal in this defense game is to keep the enemy from attacking the castle. More than 120 heroes who use their skills to defend the castle are provided in this game.

Some of these enemies are cursed to create enemies, while others are cursed to be given to the town’s powerful archers.

Players are provided with money as they defeat a wave of enemy attacks. Players will be able to improve their castle with the money they earn.

In this game, you can also build colonies and hire workers to increase your gold earnings. A player can create or join an online guild in this game. You can play this game and interact with other players worldwide.

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