A Pokemon fan creates amazing Blastoise, Koffing, and Porygon Poke Balls.

Someone who really loves Pokemon built these amazing Poke Balls that look like Blastoise, Koffing, and Porygon with a 3D printer and their artistic skills.

The Pokemon’s famous looks are very well made, which has made some fans wonder what it would be like if the Poke Ball reflected the look of the Pokemon inside it.

Over twenty kinds of Poke Balls are now available. At first, there were only a few Pokemon.

Each type has advantages and traits. Some of these perk upgrades make it simpler to catch Pokemon, while others enhance the performance of the pocket monster they are carrying.

Usually, the Poke Ball changes Pokemon, not the other way around. You can see what the Poke Ball might look like if it changed to match the Pokemon’s traits in these three designs.

For Pokemon and 3D printing fans on Reddit, user threerobots showed off their three newest creations.

The Blastoise ball is very shiny and has chrome cannons and small blue pegs that look like the legs of a Blastoise.

The shell is dark brown. There are holes in the second Poke Ball, which makes it look like it was based on Koffing, even though it is a bit simpler. Poke Ball #18 is a Porygon.

This Poke Ball isn’t as shiny as the first two, and it’s not round like most of them are; it has sharp edges instead.

Making a Custom Poke Ball

Pokemon fans were quick to say how impressed they were, and some were even interested in purchasing them. Others wondered how they were made, and threerobots kindly answered a few questions.

The basic designs were sanded down using 400 grit sand paper, according to threerobots, after being printed out on a resin printer. The Poke Balls were then airbrushed with clear colors on top of a chrome base.

It was all done with an airbrush in the following order: • Tamiya liquid surface primer • Alclad gloss black base • Alclad chrome • Mr gx clear color • Alclad Aqua gloss

pokemon poke ball 1 1 A Pokemon fan creates amazing Blastoise, Koffing, and Porygon Poke Balls.

Fans who are interested in buying one of these three designs can do so on the user’s Etsy shop. At the time of writing, the prices range from $54.37 to $81.56.

The three designs shown in the post are the only ones in the shop right now, but more might come out in the future.

On Reddit, Threerobots made a lot of noise when they posted a video showing off their own Poke Ball designs.

Fans have expressed interest in a few of the designs they haven’t 3D printed yet, so maybe they’ll add more in the future.

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