A Baldur’s Gate 3 runner has resurrected the RPG’s ‘Sex%’ speedrun by swapping Lae’zel for Minthara, despite Larian nearly killing it.

After Larian tried to patch it out, the Baldur’s Gate 3 ‘Sex%’ speedrun category has been revived, though now the scene is working with a different partner.

Players in this somewhat niche category had to fall in love with one of the characters in the game as quickly as they could. Githyanki Fighter Lae’zel, who could be wooed at World Record speed thanks to a strategy that only required the player to also be a Githyanki, was the focus of speedrunners’ affections before Patch 4.

Leading speed runner Mae cut the time down to less than two minutes after Larian patched that, requiring players to have proven themselves to the character to get her hot under the armor.

Mae is back, and her latest run is pretty fast, though it may not be as fast as the official record. The new strategy is to get her to want Minthara instead of Lae’zel, who is easy to track down if you help her raid the Tiefling Grove.

Mae carefully makes her way through Act 1 using her speedrun strategy and the Enhanced Jump spell, which is a common tool in Baldur’s Gate 3 speedrunning scene. She makes sure not to stray from the best path and cause time-consuming cutscenes.

She steals the Idol of Sylvanus from the Druid Grove to weaken the Tieflings’ defenses once she finds Minthara in the Goblin Camp. Mae takes a Long Rest after finishing her task, which gives Minthara time to clean up the Grove.

The run ends at the four minute and seventeen-second mark at the party that follows. Even though it’s more than twice as long as the current record, it’s the best we can do for now since the first route is pretty much dead.

I also want to bring up the fact that Mae’s Tav was called “Justice for Sex%” during this run. This is something that I think could have been missed.

Mae is not only focused on getting Tav’s rocks off, but she also holds world records for speedrunning Baldur’s Gate 3. This includes a sub-20 minute run of the entire game that works by changing Shadowheart’s class to Druid and then Wild-Shaping her into a bear that can defeat bosses by jumping on top of them.

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