Dead by Daylight Players Discover Chilling Detail About The Unknown Killer

There are some interesting and unique interactions between Weakened survivors and Dead by Daylight’s new killer, The Unknown.

The appropriately named “Unknown” is not well known, but players of Dead by Daylight have already started to learn a lot about it during the most recent player test.

The killer in Dead by Daylight is a complete unknown test mystery. Like humans, it seems like this creature is trying to act like humans.

The creature can create husks of itself that it can move around with, but its species has not been revealed. In addition, The Unknown uses a poison that can kill you and give you the Weakened status.

When survivors are in this state, they will lose a health state if they are touched by a blast area. However, they can get better if they look into The Unknown.

However, in-depth player analysis may have also revealed something interesting about this red status effect.

The Unknown’s speech patterns differ when interacting with a healthy survivor versus a Weakened character, as shown in a clip shared by ToranMramor9 on Reddit.

Normal characters in the video can hear the killer’s mumbled lines. The sentences, however, become clear and audible when interacting with a Weakened survivor.

This may suggest that a survivor with the illness may be more painful and fall victim to Dead by Daylight’s The Unknown.

It’s scary to think that the Killer might be able to trick survivors during the match. If they’re not careful, The Unknown could take advantage of them.

Communication and Voice In Dead By Daylight

Too bad that not all of the characters in the game have voice lines. In a way, it would have been fantastic if The Unknown could mimic the survivors’ speech patterns to create confusion during the match and add a unique flavor not yet utilized by the game’s killers.

Because Dead by Daylight only uses emotes for communication, it does create a sense of loneliness and hopelessness.

To take advantage of this small, intricate detail, it does feel like a missed opportunity.

The Unknown is still one of the most interesting new killers that Behavior has come up with in a while. Many fans anticipate that a lot of new features, functions, and game modes will help create a new experience for gamers as the Dead by Daylight team works to update the game.

PTBs are, in every way, that. The development team has the opportunity to try new things, balance existing features, and create new game opportunities.

On January 2024, the Lights Out mode was meant to go with Alan Wake’s introduction, but it looks like it was based on The Dredge’s abilities. So there’s a chance these small details might play a role in upcoming updates.

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