Who Does Kodaka Hasegawa End Up With in Haganai?

Haganai, also called Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, is a Japanese light novel, or light series. The author was Yomi Hirasaka.

The illustrations were drawn by Buriki and came out through Media Factory. Kodaka Hashigawa was the lead character in Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. 

The storey revolves around an unruly group of people who live and breathe their school’s campus. The storey follows the adventures of the group.

The social misfits chase each other and attempt to figure out the meaning of their lives as adolescents. The peace they seek is not easy to find, their campus is stunning, and their love lives are complex.

The storey starts shortly after Kodaka Hasegawa learns that he has been transferred to a new school and is required to start an entirely new life at school in a new way. 

It’s not simple, but he’s determined, but he hopes to make an impression on everyone and everyone, like the typical teenager that he is. 

He hopes to make new friends at school, but as with all high schools, it is full of stereotyped bullies who are out to make him feel intimidated and snarky. Continue going.

The Anime’s Main Story


Because of his blonde appearance and his blonde hair, he’s referred to as a “violent criminal” and cannot make friends with anyone. 

He has earned a negative reputation for himself due to no one else’s fault and is seeking to break the chains. 

His life is slowly changing within a month, and he discovers a lonely person in their empty class conversing with an imaginary friend. The loner is Yozora Mikazuki. He and Kodaka became close friends.

After that, a group of students meet to share their experiences of their high school experience, how school life has changed them, and the lessons they’ve learned thus far. 

They can make even more friends, including the eroge-loving Sena Kashiwazaki, as well as other students who are considered outcasts at their high school. 

The group also strives to make it into the social circle of their school and has even started with the Neighbor’s Club for loners who don’t have any peers like them.

Kodaka: Character description


Kodaka is a naturally blonde-haired boy who is considered an outcast and whose traits were inherited from his late English mother.

He is known for his gruesome, threatening stare. His unintentionally angry and frightening appearance makes students disperse, and he owes this to his look. 

The wrong impression is that he’s not a person to talk to and is looking for new friends. Contrary to how he appears, he has a calm and stable personality. 

Although Kodaka may appear to be an unintentionally Twit, in the end, he’s able to be a thorn in the side to help his pals. 

Even when he is at his most unpopular spot if you are with a friend, Kodaka’s personality constantly leads him into conflict, and instead of making new friends and attracting enemies, he creates them. 

To find new friends, Kodaka, with his companion Yozora Mikazuki, creates his own Neighbors Club.

The club was primarily focused on making friends and learning how to behave during social occasions. 

The most important people in the club included Rika and Yukimura. Then, added at the very minimum, were Sena, Yozora, and Kate. 

The club is what makes Kodaka happy. Being able to get along with everybody and enjoy himself is the most important thing for Kodaka. 

He prioritises the club over everything else and works hard to maintain positive relationships with everyone in the club. He does this by not denying their love for him. 

However, the exception is Rika. He admits to her feelings toward him. However, Rika begins to feel differently about him and decides to break up with him.

What happens to Kodaka?

What happens to Kodaka

In the final chapter, Kodaka gets his friend zone to finish his love story. Sena Kashiwazaki finds the love of his life and Kodaka finds the love of his girlfriend. 

They are “friends forever,” which transforms into “lovers forever” in a way, and they can stay together. 

Although Sena wasn’t interested in his company, he would have seen him more as a young boy at school.

Kodaka found herself attracted to her personality because Yozora always slammed Sena She loved having Kodaka as a friend to cushion the blow of Yozora’s death. 

Gradually, she also began to feel a connection with Kodaka. It’s just that Kodaka was drawn to her character, but was averse to the idea of them having a night out together.

When Pegasus Kashiwazaki, as Sena’s father and Kodaka’s dad, decided to marry them, Kodaka was angry again and resisted the decision. 

Sena isn’t averse to the request from her father, but she is unable to simultaneously recall the time she and Kodaka were playing together. 

Her father tells her that as children they were inseparable and that it would be the same for them in the future. 

Older adults can tell that their children are part of the same family. However, the kids aren’t yet.

The truth is that Kodaka was distracted from his work for a short period, and then he realised that they had always been a couple. 

In the last scenes of the anime, the audience realises that Kodaka always felt a part of Sena, and he utilised the moment and the location to draw her attention.

And when Sena also pays attention, both of them can kiss and hug.

Kodaka and Sena are It is believed that they enjoyed a happy life together, and people such as Rika and others had nothing to do with Kodaka. 

His heart always remained with Sena, and she also reacted the same way.

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